Consumer Hardware Startup Mentorship Program For Aspiring Entrepreneurs Launched

Frederick Cary, a professional business creator turned mentor, has announced mentoring opportunities to aspiring hardware startup founders through his online education platform, IdeaPros. The platform connects individuals with real-life entrepreneurs, who are now using their knowledge to give business aspirants an “unfair advantage” in their chosen segments.

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What sets IdeaPros apart is its low barrier to entry, according to a company spokesperson. “With us, you can get a solid grounding in important business concepts and invaluable advice from some of the country’s brightest minds in business for the price of a week’s worth of groceries.”

IdeaPros’ foundational course, The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur, retails for $299. The program is divided into 15 “masterclass” lessons and imparts Mr. Cary’s own approach to entrepreneurship. In addition to a systematic approach to starting a new business, The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur also teaches how to achieve “micro victories,” set goals, and create a legacy, among other concepts.

By taking this course, one will have the opportunity to brainstorm with one of the company’s mentors. These brainstorming sessions can be used to consult a mentor about a business idea or to obtain advice about a particular problem, such as finding investors.

“Fresh perspectives are invaluable during the idea stage of any enterprise, particularly businesses that develop consumer hardware, and you will get plenty of those with any of our mentors,” the representative said.

Consumer hardware refers to physical products marketed to individuals and households. While there is a wide array of consumer hardware, and some segments like consumer drones and wearables are poised for further growth this decade, the industry has seen some of the most catastrophic failures in the history of startups, with well-funded hardware businesses folding due to lack of demand.

“IdeaPros can help reduce your chances of adding to that list,” the spokesperson said, adding that the company has been instrumental in the successful launch of over 350 new startups, many of which are involved in consumer hardware.

To learn more, interested individuals are advised to watch a free webinar introducing the company’s offerings at

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