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Consulting Firm Helps Business Owners Get Over the Credit Crunch

Tamara is a successful nurse practitioner. She’s looking to transition out of the frontline grind. She earns a good, steady salary and has great credit. It’s time, she thinks, to fulfill her dream of becoming a business owner. She strides confidently into the bank and presents her documents.

She gets turned down for a loan.

Darren, a Navy veteran, has a successful retail business and is looking to grow. He needs to hire more employees and buy more inventory. He’s got impeccable personal and business credit. He’s got the receipts for three successful years in a row of strong revenue growth. He strides confidently into the bank, armful of documents at the ready.

He gets turned down, too.

Why? Because a business needs more than just good credit to get a loan, whether it’s a startup or a successful standing business. Many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know all the details they need for the next step on their financial journey.

That’s where QT Business Solutions can help. QT is based in Southfield, Michigan, but has served satisfied, successful clients from across the United States. Their experienced consultants can help with all the details, including the most important: a business plan.

Even an established business with years of success needs to have a plan of action that’s documented in a fully researched business plan with financial projections showing evidence-based potential earnings. Lenders want to see that they’re investing in a business – and a business owner – that’s fully prepared to meet its market’s demands.

QT offers full business plans, but also so much more. Entrepreneurs, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience, can find the information they need to be prepared for success and growth. Even those with less-than-stellar credit can get credit education from experts who’ve been there and are a product of the product. QT has deep, established relationships with community-based banks that know and specialize in assisting those from disadvantaged communities. They can help many times when the big, commercial banks cannot.

QT can also provide business services and referrals through trusted partners, ranging from SEO and website development and maintenance to legal advisors to human resources through national leader ADP. It truly is the small business owner’s one-stop shop for success. Visit the website at:

QT Business Solutions
[email protected]
24901 Northwestern Highway

United States

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