Concord, CA Tesla Powerwall Go-Green Incentive For Real Estate Investors Updated

While the move toward solar energy is a wise first step for homeowners wanting to lower their carbon footprint and reduce utility expenses, a Powerwall or battery system is always recommended to optimize benefits. Newly updated battery options at Semper Solaris give homeowners and real estate investors in Concord access to one of the top products in North America – the Tesla Powerwall – with the introduction of a pricing program that makes going green more achievable.

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Industry research reveals homes with solar panels connected to their own battery system increase solar installation values by 30 percent. With a newly updated battery value strategy at Semper Solaris, those investing in real estate in Concord can reduce or eliminate home utility bills, making their properties more attractive to buyers and renters willing to pay more for environmentally responsible upgrades.

Solar panels operating without a Tesla Powerwall require a DC to DC converter to stabilize voltage and frequency and optimize energy storage. Panels alone also default back to the grid overnight.

A Tesla Powerwall gives homeowners a built-in battery backup solution that continuously powers the home, offsets the extra fees that come with peak energy demand, and protects the home from rolling blackouts or surprise power outages. Excess power can be sold back to the utility companies for extra credit.

A recent study confirms solar installations increase a home’s market value by close to $6,000 for each kilowatt of panel installed. A second study says solar power increases the value of a home by 4.1 percent or higher and helps the home sell 20 percent faster than conventional properties that draw from the power grid.

Veteran-owned Semper Solaris has been awarded 2021’s Top Solar + Storage Installer Award, and the 2022 Top Solar + Storage Residential Installer Award.

A company representative says, “Battery storage is a fantastic technical innovation. Our incentive program along with the tax credit you get from the government for installing solar panels means you can save thousands per year.”

With a recent update in Tesla Powerwall affordability, Semper Solaris helps Concord homeowners and real estate investors optimize asset values for reliable long-term benefits.

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