Concord, CA Solar Panel Installers: Federal Tax Credits For Homeowners Updated

The newly updated service at Semper Solaris gives Concord homeowners committed to supporting American-made products access to some of the nation’s best solar panel and battery storage units.

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Recent statistics reveal residential electricity prices in Concord, CA in August 2022 were over 70 percent higher than the national average. Over the next 25 years, residents of Concord should expect to pay well over $100,000 in electricity charges. With their recent updates, Semper Solaris ensures homeowners that switch to a solar system can, on average, expect to eliminate their electricity charges in approximately five years.

Solar panel technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, the cost of installing solar panels is decreasing thanks to incentives issued by the Federal government which now reward homeowners with a 30 percent tax credit. Solar panel manufacturer warranties add to the savings by protecting a homeowner’s investment.

Although it’s a good time to switch to solar, many residents are unsure about which products are best suited to their home’s roof design and their annual energy needs.

The experts at Semper Solaris say details that include choosing the right manufacturing company, safe installation processes, trusted product recommendations, battery storage systems, and more, can make the difference between a smooth transition to solar energy, and one that’s rife with costly obstacles.

The company recommends residents look at available financing, manufacturer warranties, and installation company warranties when assessing long-term cost/benefit goals.

Named 2022’s Top Solar and Storage Residential Installer, and the winner of eight other industry awards, Semper Solaris is a solar energy expert available to help homeowners in Concord learn more about the crucial difference a safe and certified team of installers can make to their investment.

With experienced service trusted among clients and industry experts alike, Semper Solaris helps those in the Bay Area optimize their investment.

A company representative says, “The Semper Solaris brand was inspired by the Marine Corp’s motto Semper Fidelis, which means always faithful.’ We built our company on military values that include duty, respect, honor, and integrity. And for homeowners committed to buying American, we are their one-stop-shop.”

With their recently updated services, Semper Solaris ensures Concord homeowners reduce both their utility bills and their carbon footprint while facilitating informed panel installation decisions.

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