Concord, CA Energy Efficient Gas Furnace, Residential Heating Systems Launched

Sold under its Semper Air brand, the firm’s latest gas heaters include the Semper Elite unit, featuring modulating variable speeds and noise reducing insultation. All units in the range are made in America, and include a lifetime warranty for improved return-on-investment.

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Semper Solaris states that its Semper Air line of gas heaters and air conditioning systems are ideal for use in conjunction with solar panels. The company’s goal is to provide an end-to-end solution for homeowners who wish to reduce their energy bills, as well as those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

According to consumer advice website, electricity bills for Californian homes are now 17% higher than the national average. With the recent introduction of the 30% federal tax credit, the website also suggests that a home solar installation could be paid off in less than 6 years.

As one of the state’s leading solar installers, Semper Solaris strongly advocates the benefits of switching to solar. However, heating and cooling of homes can account for more than 50% of a home’s energy consumption, and the company’s latest HVAC systems are designed to further reduce electricity bills for homeowners.

The company states that combining its Semper Air systems with a solar installation has several distinct benefits. The durability and reliability of the units have allowed the firm to offer a lifetime warranty. When combined with the potential lower energy bills, Semper Solaris believes that this constitutes unparalleled value-for-money.

About Semper Solaris

Now operating across 15 locations in California, as well as Arizona, Texas, and Florida, Semper Solaris is a leading installer of solar panels, battery storage, HVAC, and roofing solutions. As a veteran-owned and operated firm, the company has been built on military values of loyalty, duty, honor, and integrity.

One homeowner recently stated: “I recently had solar panels and Tesla batteries installed, along with electrical services upgrades. The quality of the work and customer service was outstanding. Navigating the permits and PG&E process is complicated and Semper Solaris handled all of this, ensuring a great outcome. I am entirely off the grid now and don’t have to worry about planned or unplanned outages.”

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