Compact & Lightweight 60W Cordless Car Vacuum With Washable Filter Launched

The new cordless vacuum is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas of car and truck interiors quickly and efficiently. However, Comfort High explains that it is also effective when used in the home, office, or around sofas. While the vacuum is not made for heavy-duty cleaning, it has many applications.

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The new store aims to provide customers with affordable, cost-effective solutions, gift ideas, and products. Featured on the store’s homepage, the cordless vacuum leads the lineup of new items as Comfort High establishes itself in e-commerce.

The innovative device offers 4000PA cyclonic suction in a compact, easy-to-store form. Measuring only 14.88 inches in length and weighing 1.45 pounds, it is designed to make it easy to keep vehicle interiors clean without the need for a larger, more cumbersome household vacuum.

The Cordless Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a washable HEPA filter and a 600ML large-capacity dust cup, making it easy to remove dust, crumbs, pet hair, and allergens from vehicles.

The HEPA filter is a central feature of the vacuum cleaner, as it is designed to reduce the possibility of recycling debris back into the air while customers use it. This filter can be washed with water and reused multiple times.

In addition to its powerful suction and HEPA filter, the Cordless Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner is also designed for convenience, with a completely wireless model with a micro USB charging cable. The vacuum provides stable, powerful 4000PA cyclonic suction for efficient cleaning.

The Cordless Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner is also relatively quiet, with a noise level of 70 to 75 dB. Additionally, the device is equipped with a built-in power-level indicator that uses red and blue light to signal when the device is charging, low on battery, in use, or fully charged.

A recent customer said: “I’m glad to have such a great product in my car. At the end of October, my husband and I went to the ocean, and as we tried to be neat – the sand was still in the car. This vacuum helped me get rid of all of it.”

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