Community-Based Mental Health Services in Rosemead and Across the San Gabriel Valley Area

Community-based mental health services encompasses a wide range of programs and services designed to meet local needs. These programs are mostly provided by community agencies as well as hospitals and health clinics. Community-based mental health care agencies are designed to serve the most vulnerable and most severely mentally ill. Community based mental health services are not only more accessible to people with severe mental disabilities. Wrapped around mental health services, people can also meet their needs more effectively than mental hospitals.  Community-based mental health services are less vulnerable to acts of violence, neglect or violation of human rights that we still often find in psychiatric hospitals.

People who receive community-based mental health services are diagnosed with schizophrenia, chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorder. Many have been ill for a long time and have suffered from various life problems, such as poverty, homelessness, involvement in violent relationships, child abuse, sexual or physical abuse in adulthood, institutionalizations in several places, physical illnesses, and, sometimes, problems with the law.

Almost 54 million people on our planet suffer from serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In addition, 154 million people suffer from depression. People in developing countries are disproportionately affected. Mental disorders are on the increase in many areas, where they are the result of persistent conditions created by poverty, demographic transition, conflict in fragile states and natural disasters. At the same time, more than 50% of countries do not provide any care for people with mental disorders in the community. These disorders weigh heavily not only on those who suffer from them but also on those who care for them, often the family given the lack of mental health resources. As a result, 90% of people with epilepsy and over 75% of people with severe depression are not being treated as they should.

Everyone should be concerned about this problem, because far too many people with mental disorders are not receiving care. The immediate challenge for low-income people is to take advantage of the primary health care framework, but in Rosemead low income people use community-based mental health services,

In Rosemead The Maryvale Story (Community based mental health care service) allowed for the exchange of information and fostered mutual aid, while giving a feeling of belonging to users, families and providers, as well as to all those who are committed to promoting mental health, long-term institutions to effective community-based health care. Community-based mental health services provide technical assistance to people to help them take steps to make mental health care accessible in their territory are :

  • Integration of mental health care into the primary health care system.
  • The reintegration of patients who have been in a psychiatric hospital for a long time.
  • The implementation of a program to combat stigma in the communities.
  • Triggering effective preventive interventions among the population.
  • Full participation in the community of people with mental disorders.