Commercient SYNC For Salesforce & Genius ERP Data Synchronization Tool

This updated integration allows bi-directional data synchronization between Genius ERP and Salesforce, providing protection against duplicated orders and inaccurate or incomplete database entries. The integration functions as a self-contained, pre-built solution with implementation capabilities significantly faster than manual entry equivalents.

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This updated integration adds support for the latest version of Genius ERP along with improvements to the responsiveness of the system. It allows users to control when data is synchronized and which databases take priority, ensuring redundancies are avoided and efficiency is preserved.

The SYNC data integration platform can maximize the potential of Salesforce software by un-siloing the data hosted on the app and allowing free flow of customer and supply chain information in either direction. Specifically, this integration allows custom manufacturers using Genius ERP to manage hyper-specific aspects of their operations to host their relevant customer-related resources on Salesforce without making that data inaccessible to other teams.

A company spokesperson stated, “Commercient creates apps that sync your ERP system with Salesforce and brings your empty CRM skeleton to life. Unlike a toolset, our data integration apps keep you up to date with changes made to your ERP and CRM system simultaneously.”

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By allowing businesses to edit information across the platforms simultaneously, this application keeps the sales and resource management teams of a given business on the same page when it comes to the status of specific orders and the availability of resources. In this way, miscommunication is prevented and customer satisfaction can be more easily achieved.

This integration, like all Commercient SYNC integrations, allows adaptive data entry to take place as a business grows without interrupting the sync process. It also makes all data imported from the Genius ERP platform Salesforce-native, meaning that all Genius ERP data can be manipulated using the analytical and visualization tools that Salesforce provides.

Commercient’s SYNC platform provides the most reactive and adaptable supplement to the Salesforce suite of products across a wide range of industries. It is constantly being expanded with new integrations, with over 110 popular ERP software packages included in their catalog to date.

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