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Colorado EFC College Planning For High Net Worth HS Junior Students Launched

College Planning Experts has expanded its service area to Colorado, offering its trademark approach to college planning to cities such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and many others. It specializes in assisting underprivileged families accomplish the FAFSA form, but it can also help students who may believe that their family income disqualifies them from receiving federal college aid.

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According to the company, many believe that high-net-worth families, such as those whose income exceeds $100,000, are not eligible for federal aid. It explained that this is not the case, as income is just one of the many factors examined by the Federal Student Aid in determining eligibility.

However, College Planning Experts recognizes the complexity of the FAFSA form, stating that it has caused many families to commit costly mistakes. This is why one of its core services is form preparation, where it shows applicants how to fill out the form properly, report their expected family contribution in a way that is not overstated, and ensure that the forms meet the strict deadlines.

Further, the company can also identify grants and scholarships from public and private sources while making sure that applicants get the maximum possible amount. “You would think that the hard part of getting financial aid would be the applications, essays, and other qualifying elements. However, sometimes the real challenge comes in getting all of the money you deserve from a scholarship, grant, or award that you have received,” the company explained on its website.

Funding is just one of the many topics covered in the workshops and analysis sessions provided by the company. These consults, which are offered to families at no cost, also explore the student’s academic strengths, career goals, interests, and preferred school, among others, to arrive at a personalized strategy.

Those who decide to work with the company will be handled by one of the company’s college counselors. Each of these professionals either holds a counseling certification or a master’s degree in a relevant field.

The team is led by Brian Safdari, a leading authority in college admissions counseling whose efforts have earned him accolades from some members of the US Congress.

To learn more, attend a free college planning workshop now:

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