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Colorado College Admission & Scholarship Advice For Class Of 2023/2024 Updated

As part of its enhanced service, the consultancy offers guidance in a variety of areas, including selecting the most appropriate college, completing admissions documents, financial planning, and applying for funding assistance programs. A series of introductory workshops and webinars are also now available.

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The agency’s updated services collate some of the most up-to-date information, with the aim of making clients more aware of their options. College Planning Experts recognizes that many prospective students may be unfamiliar with the admissions and/or financial aid application processes and now offers tips and strategies in each of these areas.

The rising cost of college education has been widely reported for many years. However, a recent CNBC report highlights that inflation and other pressures have led to greater increases in 2022. In some cases, the price of tuition has risen by as much as 5% this year.

With its expanded admissions advice service, College Planning Experts intends to make more families aware of funding options. As an example, the consultancy states that the order in which colleges are listed on financial aid applications can impact the package that an individual is offered. By sharing such tips with clients, the company aims to increase clients’ chances of being awarded financial aid.

Consultants tailor their advice to the financial situation of each client – they can come from both low-income and high-income families. While the consultancy has considerable experience with scholarship and financial aid programs, it also states that numerous cost-reduction strategies exist for those who make over $250,000 per year.

About College Planning Experts

Recognized by the Californian State Assembly, the California State Senate, and the County of Los Angeles, College Planning Experts is regarded as one of the most reputable college planning firms in the greater Los Angeles area. Since its founding in 2004, the company has expanded to provide advisory services in many parts of the US.

A company representative recently stated: “We offer a full service program unlike any other college planning company. We’ll help you get in, reduce costs, and afford college. We are a group of innovative and passionate professionals who are committed to help you reach your college dreams without going broke or owing thousands in student loans.”

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