CoinW Makes a Splash at Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Paving the Way for European Web3 Ecosystem Development

United Arab Emirates, 24th Mar 2023 – Welcome to the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, a two-day event held at the iconic Louvre Carrousel on March 22nd and 23rd. CoinW made a remarkable entrance with a distinctive coffee station, making its second appearance at a major European blockchain industry summit after TOKEN2049 London. As industry leaders discussed the potential of blockchain technology, CoinW demonstrated its aspiration to expand its services into the European Web3 space.


Paris Blockchain Week 2023 is set to be the most influential blockchain event in the world, with leading institutions in attendance. This conference will provide a platform for business leaders, investment institutions, and entrepreneurs to learn, share, and make valuable connections and partnerships. Over 10,000 professionals from top industry institutions have already registered to attend this event, including 400+ speakers, 400+ media reporters, and senior managers from various organizations.

CoinW, a global blockchain company, made its debut at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week, to explore the latest developments in blockchain technology and its potential applications across a range of industries. Speakers from world-renowned blockchain and Web3 companies shared their stories and insights on the market and its prospects. CoinW used the summit as an opportunity to expand its presence in the European market and actively explore opportunities to establish partnerships with local businesses and institutions. The company’s strategic focus on Europe is driven by its vision to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and Web3 innovation worldwide and to create value for its global community of users and investors.

To demonstrate appreciation for the audience, CoinW set up a creative coffee station at the summit, providing free coffee and brand souvenirs. The company also hosted a lucky draw, offering an iPhone 14 Pro to one lucky winner. The presentation venue was filled with people listening intently to the speeches from big names in the industry, while outside the coffee station provided a relaxed atmosphere where participants could discuss WEB3 over coffee.

Europe is rapidly becoming the dominant player in the global Web3 field. Among the top 20 digital currency centers in the world, six are in Europe, according to the multinational cryptocurrency tax company recap. CoinW deeply agrees with the view that Europe will continue to lead the development of global Web3, and opened the legal currency transactions of Euro (EUR) and British Pound (GBP) as early as 2021, aiming to promote the wide application of cryptocurrency on a global scale. Presenting at top European exhibitions and actively deploying in the European market will help to develop the digital economy in Europe.

CoinW has been firmly committed to compliance and has made great strides in increasing its brand recognition in the Web3 space. By engaging with the European market and taking part in leading blockchain events such as Paris Blockchain Week, CoinW has been able to showcase its capabilities and gain user support. Going forward, CoinW aims to deepen its presence in Europe and build a healthier cryptocurrency ecosystem, leveraging the region’s leading position in the regulation of digital assets.

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