Coinmaxis Announces New Encryption Standards to Trades Conducted on Its Platform

London, UK – The past year has seen a dramatic rise in cybercrime activity, mainly due to the fact that a major fraction of worldwide commerce shifted to the online sphere. For that reason, Coinmaxis has recently announced that it is implementing a new encryption standard to all financial activities taking place in its cryptocurrency trading platform. This measure has already gone into effect, and users currently executing orders on the company’s platform can rest assured that these orders are being carried out at utmost security.

“We can’t promise a 100% safe cyber environment, because that doesn’t exist,” said Franz Morgen, spokesperson for Coinmaxis, “but we can promise that our encryption today is the highest level available. This means that traders can operate with the knowledge that there’s someone ensuring their funds’ safety, around the clock. The trust our traders put in us is the base for our success, there’s no other way to look at it.”

A shield from the cyber storm

While cryptocurrencies have become a popular trading venue, they still enjoy a bad reputation of being connected to crimes committed online such as money laundering, extortion, etc. That’s why it is especially important for people interested in joining the world of crypto trade to know that their environment is as protected as possible from cyber crime and malware. Encryption technology comes at a cost, and judging by the level of security of Coinmaxis’ infrastructure, the brand has spared no effort to ensure top-notch encryption.

“For us, this is a standard,” added Morgen, “but not only when it comes to encryption. We also guarantee the highest level of support, the most professional brokers and advisors, the most convenient user experience, and more. This is our belief as a company, it’s in the core of every step we take. If you’re not the top at what you do, your clients will find someone else to do business with, and the fact that our clients choose to keep doing business with us is certainly proof that we’re doing something right.’

About Coinmaxis

Founded in 2020, as part of the recent cryptocurrency revolution, Coinmaxis has managed to stand out above its competitors, mainly thanks to the professional employees assisting and guiding traders through the process of cryptocurrency trade. All clients enjoy the most competitive rates on the market, with no need for a minimum deposit on their side. The Coinmaxis support team is available around the clock, six days a week, through the company’s email and an onsite chat feature. No downloading is required in order to use Coinmaxis’ platform, and it is accessible via all types of devices.