Coin Jump Partners Up with Hundreds of New Crypto Miners

Tallinn, Estonia, – The market for Bitcoin and Ether is showing increased volatility, on a daily and hourly basis. For that reason, world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange provider Coin Jump has announced that it is partnering up with a large number of new miners, thus increasing its ability to provide the best buying and selling rates on the market. This measure is part of the brand’s plan to enhance its customer base through high satisfaction levels and positive feedback.

“We know and trust each miner we work with,” commented Coin Jump’s spokesperson, “and we’re sure that they are all doing everything in their hands to ensure our clients enjoy the best rates and conditions on the market. Having said that, we see great potential in enhancing our miner database, all for the sake of our clients. We want to maintain the high level of trust we currently enjoy for the long term, and this is one measure we’re taking in that direction.”

Fast, simple, secure – the future of crypto trade

Cryptocurrency trade has only become common in the past year, mainly due to the financial crisis which hit the world, despite the fact that several crypto tokens have been around for over a decade. Subsequently, many exchange platforms have found themselves unable to keep up with the pace of the rise in demand for exchange services. In that sense, this step taken by Coin Jump is proof that the brand plans on staying relevant for years to come.

“Unlike some of our competitors, we did not wait for the big bang to come, but have rather been preparing ourselves for it a long time in advance – and our customers can feel it in the quality of the service we are able to provide,” added the spokesperson. “We take pride in our strategy, and the thousands of customers choosing daily to do business with us is the best proof that we are doing something right. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for that, and to promise them that we are going to keep doing everything in our power to give them a reason to choose us as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform.”

About Coin Jump

Established with a purpose of making cryptocurrency exchange more accessible to different crowds around the world, Coin Jump now boasts one of the fastest and most reliable exchange platforms online today. Customers can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ether instantly online, and with no need to download any software. The company also provides support from its professional staff of analysts and brokers, available via direct messaging service, chat function and email at all times.