Co Founder of “my mixtapez” Danny Duenas shares Why Music Apps Must Promote Lesser-Known Artists

Music is the one language that all of the creation understands. All through history, music has journeyed through times of peace and war, prosperity and desolation, and joy and sadness. As music traverses time, it evolves and takes forms to project our inner landscapes of thoughts, desires, and hopes. Danny Duenas states, “In times past, music has been the balm that heals the weary soul, the torch the leads through darkness, and even a stirring call for revolution.” He adds, “as the music moves along its path of evolution, it picks the curious and creative minds of composers to discover its various magical aspects. Today, with the aid of technology, many talented musicians are choosing music as their career.”

Danny Duenas, the co founder of the My MixTapez app, is recognized as the voice for emerging musicians. He shares three reasons why lesser-known artists and their music need to be promoted on more comprehensive platforms.

Music is the pulse of society

According to Danny Duenas, music reflects the environment we live in. From the R&B to the techno-pop of the digital era, music has informed us of the various struggles, revolutions, and victories of the oppressed, says Danny Duenas. When we ignore lesser-known artists, we automatically distort reality and present a fake picture to society, he says.

There is no growth without the New

Music plays a huge role in the evolution of our consciousness, says Danny Duenas. If we keep on promoting only established artists, we will create a stalemate, not just in the industry but also in the people’s minds. According to him, music stirs the spirit and brings vibrancy to our lives. When listening to music, even the most mundane of tasks become bearable. When Music plays such a key role in our everyday life, it is important to keep it fresh and new.

Build a healthy society

With more and more youngsters getting disengaged with the old world ideas of work and career, they are driven to explore and express themselves in creative ways. If they are given a chance to share their work with a wider audience, society can create more resourceful, purposeful, and responsible individuals, concludes Danny Duenas.