CNPS Offers Top-Tier Alloy OCTG to Improve Operations in the Oil and Gas Companies Worldwide

Dongying City, Shandong, 6th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Studies suggest nearly 45% of operational costs in the oil and gas sector result from non-productive time. Approximately 38% of the invisible lost time was associated with formation pressure and wellbore stability issues. This totaled an estimated $27 billion per annum.

Almost all well drilling operations result in unexpected hazards that can damage the equipment, increase cost, damage the environment, and impact the safety of workers. Both onshore and offshore environments require proactive measures to ensure nothing impedes the ROI or reputation of a company. The challenges concerning complex well paths, formation pressure, structural stress, reservoir depletion, and wellbore stability can be countered through proper pre-planning, surveillance, communication, and the right equipment to empower analysts to provide answers and recommendations,” shared a retired mud logger.

A China-based company, CNPS, is offering sustainable solutions to help companies get out of such passive situations. Their range of non-metallic composite pipelines, casing, and tanks, as well as mud logging equipment and EOR technology, help reduce losses in risky drilling operations that require hundreds of millions of dollars.

Their equipment meets OSHA, PHA, ISO, API, and other compliance regulatory authorities and effectively reduces costs and improves the efficiency of hydrocarbon extraction, exploration, and production processes. “Our mud logging solutions help improve surface logging practice and yields with a quantitative data collection approach. All our equipment is durable and can withstand heat, corrosion, abrasion, and harsh environmental conditions. Mud loggers use them to identify marker or co-relatable geological formations to make operations safe and economically optimized,” shared a representative from CNPS.

Workers and operators rave about their cost-effective fiberglass piping systems, GRE casing, and tanks. The pipeline systems offered at CNPS include FRP, GRE, GRP, and many other options, catering to diverse industries’ various applications and requirements. The company has helped organizations in the O&G, marine & offshore, petrochemical, industrial, and water sector improve productivity and reduce downtime.

CNPS has helped many companies worldwide achieve net-zero commitments through emissions reductions and de-carbonization efforts. The company has been offering specialized sustainable solutions since 2008 with the assurance of equipment that can withstand the test of time, along with pressure, torque, and axial tension. Their manufacturing plant also produces renewable energy equipment, electronic solutions, and television and phone accessories.

About CNPS

CNPS, launched in 2008, offers a range of solutions and products to make operations safer and more efficient in various industries. This includes non-metallic solutions, such as fiberglass piping systems, tanks, and casing solutions. The company is well-known for alloy oil country tubular goods, among other solutions.

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