CNC Intelligence Inc. Helps Investors Recover Their Lost Crypto Currencies

In the last few years, investors have invested a lot of money in crypto coins, including Bitcoins, Ethereum, and others. All such investments take place on electronic platforms powered by highly-secured blockchain technology. But rising cases of cryptocurrency-related scams and frauds have seriously scared crypto enthusiasts.

According to Bitcoin.Com News, around $1.35-billion worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen by online frauds and hackers in 2018. But this is only an estimate. The actual figure may be much more than that. Since most of these online frauds take place on crypto platforms, investors can’t do much about it.

However, once they lose their Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, they should at least inform CNC Intelligence Inc for further help.

CNC Intelligence has a team of legal and technology experts who understand the gravity of the situation and work in the best interest of the investors.

They work in close cooperation with the government and law enforcement agencies to recover lost or stolen bitcoins. CNC Intelligence has its offices scattered across the US, UAE, and Israel.

According to CNC Intelligence Inc’s Seth A Gordon, “Law enforcement agencies can deal with cryptocurrency recovery in various ways. We are always ready to assist them with our expertise and professional acumen regarding technical finesse and expertise required for the job.”

Interpol is asked to handle such issues, which involve cyber crime-fighting operations across several countries. The organization has the necessary infrastructure, resources, and database to launch investigations into cases relating to various cyber crimes, including cryptocoin-related theft and fraud.

However, as an individual, you can’t directly approach Interpol for help. You can only get your lost coin back through proper channels.

Cryptocoin investors should immediately inform CNC intelligence if they have been cheated, scammed, or theft. The earlier you bring the same to the notice of CNC intelligence the easier it will be for them to track your lost cryptocurrency. The company makes use of its in-house cryptocurrency recovery solutions and legal expertise to help the investigative agencies with their investigations.

The very first step to recover lost or scammed Bitcoins is by identifying the source from where such a case is reported. Usually, such thefts take place on cryptocurrency wallets. Once the wallet is traced out, the next step is to nab the culprits.

It is necessary for law enforcement agencies to get disclosure orders from civil courts to proceed with their investigation. The court can also order freezing injunctions to hold stolen or lost crypto coins.

CNC Intelligence plays a crucial role throughout the process. Starting from tracing the movement of funds to identifying the wallets from where misappropriation of the said funds took place, CNC Intelligence Inc assists the law enforcement team with all necessary data and information that may be necessary to recover lost Bitcoins.

It’s only because of CNC’s technical expertise and years of experience in the Bitcoin recovery process, that it makes the entire Bitcoin recovery process smoother and hassle-free for the law enforcement agencies and the authorities.

The company utilizes a wide range of tools, including open-source information, blockchain data analysis, financial data analysis, and also dark-web research on several aspects to analyze how such cybercrime took place and how to retrieve the lost currencies back.

As an investor, you must take all precautions to keep your cryptocurrency and other invested-related data safe and confidential. However, even after following all safety guidelines, if your cryptocurrency wallet security is compromised or hacked, then you must consider hiring CNC Intelligence to get your lost cryptocurrency back. You can contact for more details and assistance.