CMCBits Broker Discusses: What is the next step for Twitter?

London, UK – Twitter has been in the headlines these past few weeks as the billionaire founder and CEO of TESLA and SpaceX has been rabbling about trying to buy out Twitter for months. Just a few weeks ago, the billionaire philanthropist decided to go all in and buy a majority share in Twitter. Many people thought this was the last straw, and Musk wouldn’t think to go any further. As it turns out, there is no specific thing as a predictable action when it comes to the richest man on the planet.

Elon Musk has been eyeing Twitter for years, and it was only recently when he let his opinion on the matter be known to the general public. He announced his decision on Twitter, of all places, when he had made up his mind and continued to take over the company to get a controlling share of the company’s actions. He essentially bought out Twitter and took it out of the public domain, and decided to take it private. The deal still has some elements that need to be finalized. Still, Musk seems to have taken over the social media platform from the looks of things. CMCBits broker Phillip Cook  analyzes the Twitter buy-out. She looks at the details of the deal that led up to this deal being finalized even after the backlash it received.

Twitter and its PR problem

Twitter has always had a bit of a PR problem. The social media giant is often accused of being too politically correct or censoring users for controversial opinions. However, Twitter’s PR problems reached new heights in the wake of the events of January 6th, 2021. Twitter went on a banning spree, cutting loose any user who it deemed even remotely responsible for the violence.

This included high-profile figures such as Donald Trump and more obscure users who simply shared controversial opinions. Twitter’s actions effectively halted the concept of free speech on the platform and caused many users to lose trust in the company. Twitter has since tried to repair its image, but the damage may already be done. Only time will tell if Twitter can recover from its latest PR disaster.

Shifting Policies

Twitter has long been considered a platform for free speech and open dialogue. Still, recent shifts in its policies have led many to believe that Twitter is hampering free speech and compromising its credibility among its users. This has resulted in a significant consumer decline and a marked decrease in overall Twitter usage.

As more and more users abandon Twitter in favor of other platforms, Twitter’s reputation as a social media powerhouse is quickly eroding. Twitter must take immediate action to address the concerns of its users and reevaluate its approach to upholding free speech on the platform. Only by listening to its users can Twitter hope to reverse the trend of user decline and stay relevant in today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape.

Going Forward

When Twitter first launched nearly two decades ago, it was hailed as a revolutionary platform that promoted free speech and open dialogue among users. Over the years, however, Twitter’s policies have shifted, resulting in a significant decline in user trust and engagement. Now, entrepreneur Elon Musk has stepped in to turn things around for Twitter. Through a consortium of investors backed by over 44 billion dollars in cash, Musk has managed to buy out Twitter and begin implementing his vision for the platform.

Musk’s strategy is a commitment to restoring Twitter as a place where free speech is prized and valued. To this end, he plans to roll back the recent changes that led to such negative user experiences, emphasizing transparency and giving control back to the people who make Twitter such a vital community hub. In addition, he is exploring new revenue streams to ensure the long-term sustainability of Twitter as an open forum for discussion and debate.

While some are skeptical about Musk’s ability to turn things around for Twitter after so many years of mismanagement and decline, there is no doubt that his bold actions are already beginning to revitalize user trust and engagement on the platform. Whether or not Twitter will achieve its former glory remains to be seen. In the end, Twitter has gone through a lot these past few months and hopefully, the platform will undergo a complete overhaul to appeal to all users.

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