Clifton Sports Accident Personal Injury Attorney: Recovery For Teens Update

NJ Injury Guys bring together a team of legal professionals specializing in personal injury law to help clients file their sports injury lawsuit. With the updated service, the Clifton, NJ personal injury lawyer guides clients through every stage of the sports injury claim process to maximize their compensation.

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The New Jersey law firm explains that clients may be eligible for compensation if they were injured by another party while participating in a sporting event. As part of the new service, its team offers a 24/7 hotline, complimentary case reviews, and no-win, no-fee representation.

Over 3.5 million children sustain injuries every year while playing sports and taking part in recreational activities, according to Stanford Children’s Health Hospital. These injuries can be as minor as a fractured bone or as severe as a traumatic brain injury.

While not all sports injuries lead to a sports injury lawsuit, following a consultation, the Clifton personal injury lawyers can help clients determine if they have that option. During the consultation, the team will determine whether the injury was a result of someone else’s negligence during a sporting activity and whether that party, or anyone else, can be held accountable.

NJ Injury Guys will also help clients determine whether the injury is covered by liability insurance.

About NJ Injury Guys

NJ Injury Guys is a leading personal injury firm in New Jersey with offices in 20 locations within the state. In addition to sports injury, the law firm also represents clients in a variety of lawsuits, including car accident, slip-and-fall accidents, workers’ compensation, sexual abuse, and medical malpractice cases. Its team speaks English and Spanish.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “Sports and recreational activities should never be underestimated in the types of injuries they can cause because no matter the sport, there’s bound to be an accident of some sort.”

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