ClickAgencyAI?? Abhi Dwivedi 2023 Video Lead Page Automation Software Launched

The new AI lead generation solution can create fully congruent marketing campaigns and automatically send them to Ads managers to connect with prospects across Facebook and Google. It is suitable for any niche, and requires no coding experience.

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ClickAgencyAI is an all-in-one solution that can turn prompts into marketing materials, landing pages, videos, and more. Designed to meet the increasing demand for leads from businesses of all sizes and industries, ClickAgencyAI fully automates the creation of high-converting marketing content.

Abhi Dwivedi explains that the AI tool provides everything a business needs to run lead generation campaigns successfully. It creates engaging and effective marketing content that can be sold to existing customers or used to build and manage an email list.

The software automatically runs campaigns for any niche and provides clients with built-in agency portal technology to manage their leads effectively. The platform’s drag-and-drop templates allow users to fully customize their campaigns to suit their needs, ensuring that each advertisement matches their desired brand. All videos can also be edited through cloud technology.

Abhi Dwivedi says users no longer have to spend hours creating marketing content manually. The AI tool is programmed to create high-quality content that converts, freeing up time for users to focus on other aspects of their business.

For startups, the platform provides an affordable and efficient way to launch successful lead-generation campaigns without hiring a team of experts. For established businesses, ClickAgencyAI streamlines the lead generation process, allowing them to reach their target audience quickly and efficiently.

A spokesperson states: “Finally, we’ve built a real AI lead assistant that makes video lead pages with matching ads, matching VSLs and video ads, lead magnets, articles, emails, and more in seconds. You can get ready to generate leads for any business, including your own agency.”

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