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The recent update comes with Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration aiming to help communities within its service region through the usage of the latest HVAC cleaning technology. By providing germicidal UV light photolysis services for disinfection, the company improves access across Amherst, N.Y and Buffalo, N.Y to modern and effective system cleaning options.

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Its expanded disinfection services are offered to local Amherst homeowners alongside a range of suitable residential HVAC maintenance solutions. Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration carries out services including air duct, dryer vent, and furnace cleaning as part of a broader effort to help tackle the longstanding issues of indoor pollution and poor air quality.

As explained by its technicians, certain pollutants distributed by HVAC equipment, such as bacteria, dust, and mold, can contribute to or even worsen symptoms ranging from headaches to sore throats and asthma. Accordingly, their air duct and other HVAC cleaning services are intended to provide Amherst families with much-needed solutions – potentially protecting their health and wellbeing.

“Indoor pollutants can affect us all,” warns a company representative. “They can especially threaten the health and comfort of young children, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, and the millions of us who suffer from allergies and respiratory ailments.”

In direct response, Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration now brings forward an updated array of high-tech cleaning programs in Amherst. Among other methods, these extend to its new germicidal UV light photolysis services – noted as an environmentally-friendly means of disinfecting home HVAC systems.

With the latest announcement, Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration moves to provide added HVAC support for residents of Anherst and nearby areas. It also offers an ongoing selection of resources dedicated to providing HVAC cleaning

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One client commented: “We had our air ducts cleaned by Cleanway Cleaning & Restoration. They listened to my concerns and made me feel comfortable that this was going to help. My house smells amazing and they even took before and after pictures. The gentleman explained everything they were doing and why – I was able to see first hand what came out of my ducts.”

Available for contact on a daily basis, the company offers service scheduling capabilities via its over-the-phone listings.

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