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In the wake of several years of unsettled learning, with many schools operating in a distance learning model for years, Times 10 Publications has seen the culture of classrooms change drastically, and they believe there is one type of student who has been left particularly behind: the quiet student. As such, with ‘Quiet Kids Count: Unleashing the True Potential of Introverts’, author Chrissy Romano Arrabito is on a mission to help teachers support those naturally introverted students who may have become more withdrawn as a consequence of Covid and the remote learning model it enforced.

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Times 10 Publications is focusing on the introverts within the school system in the wake of the latest findings from Forbes, which stated that one-third to one-half of Americans are introverted. The publishers appreciate that while introverts don’t tend to demand a teacher’s attention in the way of their extroverted counterparts, they can add much to the classroom environment when they receive the right encouragement.

As Chrissy Romano Arrabito’s book makes clear, it is generally introverted students who fall through the cracks and who often feel unseen by their teachers and their peers, and thus introverted students often fail to live up to their academic and social potential.

As such, ‘Quiet Kids Count’ helps teachers to identify the traits of introverted students, to dispel myths about introversion, and to provide them with strategies they can employ in the classroom to meaningfully connect with quiet students.

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Even though the teaching profession increasingly recognizes that an individualized approach is required for all students in order to empower them, to improve student engagement, and to make the classroom fun, Chrissy Romano Arrabito advocates that there is still one category of student whose needs are forgotten.

That’s why Times 10 Publications are proud to be speaking up for those quiet students that have trouble making their needs known.

‘Quiet Kids Count: Unleashing the True Potential of Introverts’ is now available as a digital download or in paperback.

A spokesperson for the educational publishers said, “Chrissy Romano provides a guidebook to help you better understand the nature of all types of introverts and to provide some useful tips and strategies to help these students reach their full potential. Quiet Kids Count is a call to action for educators to step up and meet the needs of all learners-not just the ones that command the most attention in your schools.”

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