Chrome Alternative Windows Browser | Free Speech News For US Patriots Launched

The new application has been crowdsourced and crowdfunded by a passionate collective of US patriots who believe that the current browsing platforms have become corrupted by liberal bias. As such, they offer TUSK as an alternative browser that is built upon the principle of free speech.

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The application has recently been launched and is expanding into greater user functionality in 2023, with the app’s founders now proudly stating that the browser is available on Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, Android mobile and iOS mobile.

Just a few days after Elon Musk tweeted the iconic line from the film The Matrix–about escaping The Matrix by “unlearning everything you’ve been taught and rebuilding your entire belief system based on critical thought and analysis”–TUSK has launched their platform. They have done so with the conviction that they can give conservative and moderate Americans a way out of a world media controlled by the vested interests of the left.

TUSK’s patriotic founders believe that the internet is increasingly a place of censorship and control and they want to offer their users something radically different.

As such, their new browser offers private and fully encrypted browsing, an in-built search engine which isn’t controlled by algorithms and a customizable breaking news feed. This news feed allows users to select the content they want to receive from the sources they trust.

TUSK hopes that by combining these three key elements they can foster critical thought and analysis and allow their users to view news, information and the internet itself differently.

TUSK is a newly launched alternative browser on a mission to replace Chrome, DuckDuckGo and Brave. They plan on expanding the functionality and scale of the app throughout 2023.

A spokesperson for the new platform and web browser said, “TUSK, the first of its kind, is focused on defending and supporting free speech on the web. We are fighting the censorship found in search results and news feeds by giving you new ways to access the internet. TUSK has been built by an all-American team with the goal of promoting the idea that America is indeed the land of the Free and Brave.”

More details can be found at

[email protected]

5383 Hollister Ave., Suite 120

United States

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