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Choose Your Favourite Shower Filters in 2021

Shower filters are a bathroom accessory used to filter out contaminants from water while making it less damaging to both body and showerhead. It also eliminates any build-up due to cleaning agents, usually brought upon by calcium and magnesium in hard water.

Buying Shower Filters can be slightly stressful when presented with tens of choices but possess little to no background knowledge. So we have compiled a shortlist of information on shower filters you must be aware of before buying a water filterTypes of Shower Filters

There are several types of shower filters, each with its set of functions:

  1. Vitamin C Filter: neutralizes chemicals in water, thus removing chlorine and chloramines. 
  2. Carbon Filters: remove impurities like dirt, viruses, bacteria, and chlorine from water.
  3. KDF Filters: remove pollutants like bacteria, algae, lead, arsenic and chlorine.

Benefits of using a shower filter

Truncate chemicals:

When water containing pesticides and insecticides is drained in fresh water resources it gets an opportunity to enter our homes. This polluted water can damage the health of skin, hair and nails.

Softens hard water:

Shower filters remove impurities like calcium and magnesium from hard water and turn it soft; this has an anti-aging effect on the skin. It also reduces limescale build-up on bathroom walls and bathtubs.

Banishes pathogens:

Bacteria and viruses grow best in places like showerheads which are constantly damp and warm. These pathogens can harm your health. But, using a shower filter can eliminate the excess of such organisms and protect you from harm.

Removes chlorine:

By removing chlorine from water, the shower filter makes your water less damaging to your hair and skin. Research has shown that chlorine strips the natural oils from our skin, hair, and nails, turning them dry and more vulnerable to external damage.

Key features of a shower filter

Quality of Filter:

Some shower filters are more efficient in removing contaminants than others. If you live in a place that has heavier water, go for more robust filters. The strength of filters depends on their cartridge capacity and product quality. Gdaily has some of the best shower filters on the shelves right now.


A regular filter lasts up to 6-8 months, depending on the use it gets. After the specified period, your filter might become too clogged with pollutants to perform its job effectively.


Good companies offer product warranty up to several months; this is more relieving than one could imagine, as no one wants to deal with a freshly purchased broken or damaged filter.

Producer support:

Good manufacturing companies offer 24/7 customer support. You can consult them for any query you have, whether it is related to installation or maintenance.


Purchasing a shower filter can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Be aware of your requirements before purchasing a filter. Moreover, it would be best if you treated shower filters like a necessity. Good water filters can protect you from a lot of harm, including skin problems, hair loss, limescale build-up, etc.