Chonk Finance Brings Virtual Capsule Machines to Manga and NFT Fans

Gachapon machines in Asia, like other toy machines around the world, partner with famous production studios and animation companies to make limited edition collectibles. Gachapons became a way for anime creators and studios to have memorabilia from their most successful shows and comics accessible to fans. Chonker Finance is bringing that experience online for the first time, by offering collector’s limited edition NFTs from famous manga artists with one of the first ever functional virtual gachapons, ‘GachaCHONK!’ that is now live on CHONK’s site.

Traditional gachapon machines have not just found themselves throughout Asia, but also all over North America as of late; increasingly making their way into popular culture around the world. The companies that own gachapons historically tend to collaborate with anime production powerhouses and manga studios that create Japanese graphic novels (anime). As a result of these licensing deals, gashapons have much more of an artistic cult following than most other standard toy machines. This is more than likely because the market size of anime was measured to be around a whopping $24.3 billion at the end of 2020. Now anime is increasingly making its way into art investors’ portfolios and being taken more seriously as an art form. Last year, even the largest financial brokerage, Sotheby’s, began cashing in on anime with their “Manga” showcase that grossed millions in sales with just a handful of paintings in a matter of hours.

Many experts feel that this is just the beginning of the growth cycle; considering how in recent years anime has virally made its way into the most unexpected places across the world, like the United States. To put the magnitude of this into perspective: in Los Angeles alone, Yelp lists over a hundred stores solely selling anime merchandise. Meaning that you don’t need to wait around for an anime convention if you’re looking for good art, new collectibles, or cosplay at that. You will soon find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of options on just about anything a manga enthusiast might possibly crave.

Other US cities may not have a manga shop on every corner, but the demand is still high with shop owners in surrounding cities and towns constantly reporting that people travel tens, if not hundreds, of miles to pick up their beloved memorabilia and feel a sense of their growing community. For manga fans who’d traditionally have to journey around the world (or to downtown Los Angeles) to get their hands on their prized collectibles that often inflate in value; Chonker Finance’s GachaCHONK! is a savvy way to get involved in the convergence of three booming markets: decentralized finance, NFT and anime.

CHONK finally bridges the gap between manga artists, and their fans in the metaverse, using new NFT technology on their website that was just released to the public this past week. Their team consists of not only famous artists but cryptocurrency professionals, as well as and experts specializing in the NFT space like the highly acclaimed 23 year old co-founder of NFTLootBox and EARN$ Network, Phil Kody. CHONK’s efforts in obtaining licensing deals with famous anime artists and production companies, has made anime fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike excited about CHONK’s growing success in the world of NFTs, anime and trading card games. Their OpenSea marketplace offers a glimpse of what is to come with CHONK.

On several public auction sites like OpenSea you will find a plethora of work from reputable anime and NFT artists, with some auctioning for as much as $820,000 USD. These figures are refreshing considering reports of how badly artists are being paid in Japan and other places. Decentralization and blockchain firms all tackle bigger problems like the separation of capital from laborers, or in the art world, creators… which is the driving force behind CHONK’s disruptive movement in the world of anime. CHONK combines the worlds of decentralized finance, NFTs, and anime to reward artists record high payouts; and their model is mutually beneficial to both the artists and their respective collectors. Apart from this, by utilizing  GachaCHONK!, artists that were once struggling can even make additional side income from the 60% revenue they earn leveraging CHONK’s platform and brand. The best part is, that it’s actually working. CHONK’s growth this year reflects the communities enthusiasm in their model that is focused on rewarding artists and fans instead of their brokers and financial investors. Their success is groundbreaking for the art world.

CHONK and Taiyaki have seen quadruple digit growth since they are limited supply coins backed by a growing community and real life utility. $CHONK was trading for $3.19 cents back in January of this year. Today it is trading for a staggering $231. These coins are not only stakable on CHONK’s website for long term investors, but also interchangeable for NFT artwork from various distinguished artists, with their latest coin being Taiyaki that has already exponentially grown in only about one week from its release. CHONK collectors and community members are now getting a piece of the action and fun of the anime art collecting world coupled with NFT card games, all without leaving the comfort of their own home.