Chips & Fries Potato Slicer With Stainless Steel Blades & Safety Guard Launched

The new potato slicer from Sammy Champ Store allows customers to get precisely-cut potatoes without fearing accidents. The slicer comes with multiple holes, so the potatoes can be cut into different shapes, widths, and thicknesses.

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Sammy Champ Store’s new potato slicer lets customers create their own uniquely-shaped fries and crisps quickly and safely. The Multi-Slicing Outcome Potato Slicer is lightweight, easy to maintain, and simple to use. The device is effectively a mandoline, with a durable wooden frame, an interchangeable stainless steel blade, and a firm handle. It also comes with a grip assistant to protect the fingers while slicing.

To use the slicer, customers simply elevate one end of the frame and slide the potatoes back and forth over the blade using the grip assistant. The fries and crisps are deposited underneath the frame and ready for immediate use. The potatoes can be peeled or not peeled–the slicer will still provide a consistent cut.

In addition to producing evenly cut fries and crisps, the slicer it can also be used to slice and shred other foods, such as carrots, lettuce, and cucumber. It’s also easy to clean and keep sharp.

“There are other potato slicers out there in the market, but none of them come close to providing the tested benefits that our slicer offers,” said a spokesperson for the company. “Our potato slicer is lightweight, easy to maintain, and very affordable. Additionally, the accompanying grip assistant is a game changer when it comes to quickly slicing potatoes without accidentally cutting your fingers. You’ll never want to stop slicing potatoes once you start.”

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