Chicago Branded Content Marketing For B2B Logistics Company Growth Report Launch

The new case study explains that Tideworks is a B2B logistics company that wanted to dramatically improve visibility and website clickthrough. Its systems are used by over 300,000 logistics professionals around the world.

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Because the company works in a dense, competitive space, the right content approach was required to help them stand out. In the new release, Behind the Work underscores that this required a partner who could operate as an extension of the team.

Behind the Work specializes in this particular type of marketing work, and developed a unique branded content strategy that used multi-faceted assets to address the primary pain points of customers. The goal of the project was to improve global SEO, rank higher on Google, and establish Tideworks as the prominent thought leader in the industry.

The marketing effort was based on building specific campaigns grounded in high-value products offered by Tideworks. This narrow approach allowed the agency to better emphasize the way the products function and solve everyday problems.

Tideworks wanted to secure 24 new qualified leads across nine months, but Behind the Work provided 253. In addition to this, the agency generated 38,139 website sessions, which beat the target of a 30% increase.

Behind the Work has an experienced team of marketing and advertising professionals who can assist clients across sectors to achieve their growth goals. It offers strategy and consulting services, digital paid advertising, SEO, and a varied range of content creation solutions.

This encompasses keyword-optimized article creation, brand development, videography, graphic design, and professional website development. By utilizing these approaches, clients in any field can capture audience attention more effectively.

A spokesperson for Behind the Work states: “That’s the magic of inbound marketing. It’s not rocket science. Those who succeed are not merely lucky or in the right place at the right time. It’s all about human connection. It simply understands your audience’s pain points and research habits, so you can make their buying journey as painless to navigate as possible.”

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