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Cheeklift Dangers Clarified by Qualified Expert, Awareness Campaign Launched

With social events and in-person gatherings becoming more common again, there has been a recent rise in demand for cheeklifts, also known as mid-face lifts. To help patients make informed decisions about their operations, Dr. Harvey “Chip” Cole III, MD, FACS, Quadruple Board Certified Surgeon has launched a new awareness campaign focused on mid-face lifts.

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Though cheeklift operations are well understood and relatively safe, Dr. Cole’s new awareness campaign explains they are often performed at the same time as other similar operations, to provide more dramatic results. This combination of procedures can produce striking changes, but also increases the potential hazards of the operation.

The awareness campaign explains cheeklifts are often paired with blepharoplasty or laser resurfacing procedures to provide a full-face rejuvenation effect instead of a localized one. Though this increases the risk, a qualified professional can help to minimize the potential hazards and personalize the results with thorough medical reviews and patient consultations.

Potential complications mentioned in the awareness campaign include infection, numbness, or hair loss along incision lines. Qualified surgeons can reduce the risks of these complications, but patients should still expect to experience swelling, bruising, and some numbness in the weeks following the procedure, as part of the normal recovery process.

To improve the natural look of mid-lift operations, the campaign explains how a qualified professional will reshape cheekbone and jawline contours to match the patients’ newly lifted appearance. The campaign also explores potential non-surgical alternatives to cheeklifts, although these options are only temporary and require regular follow-up treatments to retain the effects.

Dr. Cole had completed over 33,000 operations before launching the new awareness campaign, over the course of 33 years as a surgeon. His specialty in oculoplastic rejuvenation and reconstruction has led to him being known as “The Eye Guy,” at his national and international teaching lectures.

A recently published study on mid-face lift patient satisfaction that provided a 5-year follow-up found that nearly all surveyed patients of qualified professionals were satisfied with their results both immediately after the procedure, and 5 years later.

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