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The need to have the best pool should come first when homeowners want to invest in a pool. Swimming pools come in different types, and each type has its pros and cons. Regardless of the type of pool installed, there would be a need to maintain and clean them.

At Stagsheadpub website, pool owners can get the best advice on pool maintenance services in Peoria. Below are some of the types of in-ground pools that are available 


The good thing about installing a fiberglass pool is its gel coat surface. The gel coat surface prevents algae growth, reducing the number of chemicals used during cleaning and maintenance. 

It also has a very smooth surface and a shell that may never have to be replaced. Anyone looking for a pool that would be installed within a few weeks, a fiberglass pool is their best bet. Installation only takes about three weeks and a few days.

But then, note that this type of pool also comes with some disadvantages. For instance, there are no shapes of shapes to choose from because mold is used to build the pool. Also, they’re quite expensive, and they can only go 16 feet long.


Users can also try Vinyl pools if they are working on a budget. This type of pool also prevents the growth of algae, and they have smooth surfaces. So, getting the desired results is always guaranteed.

Unlike fiberglass pool, this type has different sizes and shapes. However, if anyone going for this option should be ready to spend more money for replacement or maintenance, it only lasts for seven to fifteen years. 

The pool’s lining is also relatively thin, and it may tear off. So, users must be very careful and prevent objects like toys, tree branches, or any sharp objects from getting in the pool.  

Another significant disadvantage is that this pool’s value diminishes over time, and future buyers may require you to change the liner before paying. 


A concrete pool is the best choice for people who want a pool customized to their taste. It comes with different shapes, designs, or sizes, a masterpiece pool of luxury for every home.

Owners can also choose to include additional features like slides, waterfalls, vanishing edges, beach entries, and more!

Although, they’ll need to renovate this type of pool every ten to twenty years and may spend tens of thousands on this.

For maintenance, they also need different chemicals to keep this pool running as the pool shell increases the water’s pH.

Installing concrete pools takes between 2 to 4 months, which is longer than the time required to build other types of pools.

Regardless of the type of pool you want to install, save time and energy using a reliable service. Hire the best hands to maintain the pool in Peoria, and you will not regret doing so.

Go for reliable and dependable companies that have been in the pool maintenance business for many years as they have the right experience to deliver an excellent job and at the right time.

Before settling for any swimming pool maintenance company, ensure that they’re able to meet standards. Also, be sure that they are also licensed and insured for users’ protection. Contact them as soon as any fault is detected. Want to learn more about the swimming pool? Visit StagsHead website today.

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