Charlotte Hendrickx Talks Producing Movies in Tinsel Town

Charlotte Hendrickx Talks Producing Movies in Tinsel Town

Los Angeles– Charlotte Hendrickx is an ambitious film and television producer. A performance driven entrepreneur with sharp attention to detail and outstanding people skills. Her journey starts in Antwerp in Belgium where she was born and raised. The film industry fascinated her from an early age, so it was no surprise that, after completing her studies in human and behavioral sciences, she ventured off to pursue a career in acting and producing.

Honing Her Craft

 Arriving in the US, at the young age of 20, Charlotte attended the renowned American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She was trained by some of the best teachers to become an actress. And things went fast. She starred as the lead in the award winning film ‘Here Lies Lauren,’ had some wonderful commercial collaborations with international fashion brands and became eligible to join the prestigious actors guild, SAG-AFTRA in record breaking time.

Producing Award Winning Films

 During her time on stage in Los Angeles she discovered a love and a knack for producing. Eager to learn, she followed the producer path and success was not far away. Since leaving the academy Charlotte has been linked to multiple projects such as ‘Skit Row’ (2019), the award winning ‘Enough’ (2020) and ‘The Spell That Backfired’ (2022).  She even made her directorial debut with the movie ‘Heated’ in 2020.

Film Production Management Tools

With all these projects on the agenda, it is essential to keep a good planning, “There is so much planning in producing films and TV shows, I have decided to partner with the company DzjinTonic – Dzjinius. Their multifunctional software is well known in big production companies in Europe and will surely be making its way across the Atlantic soon.  It’s the undeniable perfect tool for the full production management process from pre to post production.”

The Next Story

We asked her what’s next in store for her, “At the moment I’m in pre-production for several upcoming international projects including ‘Ten Why’s’, a story about a white cop confessing to murdering forty-five black men over the course of his career and a young black lawyer tasked with finding out why, unveiling strange connections in both of their pasts. This is a remarkable story, written by Juma Emedi and production is set to start filming in June.”

Charlotte will also be back on set with her good friend and colleague Rayna Campbell, known for her role in Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction franchise, in the upcoming film ‘All the Women In My Family are Mad’ which will start shooting in August. “The film follows a dysfunctional family struggling to overcome numerous setbacks as they unwillingly gather together at a family dinner.” explained Charlotte.

Charlotte is a remarkable millennial from whom we will undoubtedly hear a lot more in the entertainment business.

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