Charleston Staffing for Outdoor and Active Apparel Brands Launched

The announcement serves to inform Charleston outerwear brands of the multiple staffing solutions now available in the area, with Emerging Blue aiming to make hiring significantly easier. According to the agency, it does this by combining its team’s fashion industry experience with a unique understanding of modern recruitment strategies.

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As such, its upgraded services allow Charleston companies to fill positions in vital fashion-relevant posts ranging from marketing and creative sectors to eCommerce, logistics, and leadership roles.

Emerging Blue brings to Charleston a process that has yielded successful results for such apparel brands as Free Fly, Minnow Swim, Kenny Flowers, and other established teams. It points to its philosophy of striving to attain an accurate grasp of its clients’ working model, brand values, and preferred character traits as a key part of its ability to deliver suitable applicants.

In the words of an Emerging Blue spokesperson: “We are a brand-focused staffing agency and Human Resources partner with expertise in fashion, home, and beauty. Let our team be your strength.”

With an expansive network of potential candidates reaching across the United States, Emerging Blue looks to connect rising talent with brands in need of dynamic manpower. Its EB 360 program, noted as its most comprehensive service, allows its staffing specialists to partner with employers and provide professional guidance throughout the hiring journey.

Specifically, the program is set up to facilitate a one-to-one operating relationship between Emerging Blue and its clients. Over the course of proceedings, the agency offers much-needed advice on Human Resources and talent acquisition while working on behalf of Charleston brands – steering staffing plans toward satisfactory conclusions.

Charleston outdoor apparel brands and other companies are now able to begin personalized recruitment searches for candidates in line with their contract requirements, spanning temporary staff to full-time personnel. Emerging Blue works to find optimal matches from its always-growing talent pool, ultimately presenting brands with worthy, qualified names.

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“What stands out in my experience is the integrity in which Emerging Blue’s team works,” said one prior client. “They make it their mission to understand your brand values and culture in order to taper their search – that’s what makes them a great partner.”

Interested parties in and around Charleston can access additional information regarding Emerging Blue’s EB 360 program and other services at

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