Chapel Hill Dental Implants Surgeon Expands Smile Makeover Consultations In 2023

With the launch of smile makeovers at the Chapel Hill implant dentistry, Dr. Swann, a leading expert in restorative dentistry, is now providing patients with new options to achieve their desired smile. The offer on smile makeovers is for 30 days.

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As part of this special offer, patients can consult with Dr. Swann about their individual dental goals and receive a personalized plan for achieving them.

The range of services offered by Dr. Swann includes the latest advancements in oral implant methods. These provide an efficient and accurate way to replace missing teeth and give patients natural-looking smiles with minimal risks, eliminating any concerns over imperfections or complications.

The new implant methods offered by Dr. Swann include the All-on-4 technique, which allows for the placement of an entire arch of teeth on just four implants, and the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, which enables patients to leave the office with a fully functioning set of teeth on the same day as the surgery. In addition, these procedures are minimally invasive and allow for faster recovery compared to traditional implant methods.

Dr. Swann is a leading dental educator dedicated to exploring new, advanced treatments to improve her patients’ experience. She pushes the boundaries of modern dentistry by researching and developing innovative techniques, ensuring everyone has access to the latest methods for achieving oral health. Dr. Swann is a distinguished invited speaker who has addressed audiences around the world about restorative dentistry, including oral surgery, implants, crowns, and dental CAD/CAM techniques.

With practices in Apex, Cary, and Chapel Hill, Dorion and Associates are committed to providing their patients with the highest standard of care. In addition to the latest implant methods, the company offers a wide range of services, including bone grafting, oral surgery, and teeth whitening.

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One satisfied client of Dr. Swann’s said: “Dr. Swann is friendly and put me at ease by explaining the procedure beforehand. The procedure was quick and easy, and I am delighted with the results.”

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