Chandler Song on How NFTs Are Breaking the ‘Forever Broke’ Stereotype for Artists

Chandler Song on How NFTs Are Breaking the ‘Forever Broke’ Stereotype for Artists

Wellington, Florida — Artists are often stereotyped as broke, hungry, and homeless. However, there’s something that’s changing this perception and the ground reality. With the rise of non-fungible tokens, aka NFTs, creative artists across the globe can brace for a boom attached to their artwork. “Each piece of art is registered on a blockchain giving artists a place they can call their own in the digital art world,” says crypto expert Chandler Song.

Lifetime Credit, Verified Ownership

Artists have come a long way from selling artworks on the high street or, better still, in art galleries. The metaverse has empowered creators to create and sell their masterpieces in a technologically advanced environment. “Artists get to keep the credit for their artwork for a lifetime while they can sell it to fans and art collectors for a handsome price worldwide,” explains Chandler Song. NFTs also ensure that digital artwork is not copied and ownership is confirmed and verified.

Pulling Art Outside the Black Box

Artists have long been marginalized with little or no details of how much their artwork is sold for. However, NFTs have changed that. “Every transaction is recorded on a blockchain ledger, and NFT certificates are issued with complete details of the buyer, price, and number of times an artwork has exchanged hands,” explains Chandler Song. Non-fungible tokens have pulled art out of the black box and introduced absolute transparency in transactions.

Recurrent Royalties

The beauty of NFTs for creators is that they get a share of the sale proceeds every time their artwork is sold. The decentralized market of non-fungible tokens rewards artists like never before. Most NFT marketplaces let artists choose their royalty share. Secondary sales proceeds make for passive incomes and have made millions in sales for NFT creators across the globe.

 With no middlemen, a wider reach, recurrent royalties, and complete transparency, now is the time to be an Artist!

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