Ceramic Waterless Car Wash Products

Waterless car wash products have been around for a while but there’s still a lot of speculation and uncertainty if they’re safe to use on your car or truck’s surfaces and if they’ll cause any damage to the vehicle’s paint or clear coat. A waterless wash should be formulated with chemicals that specifically help remove dirt and contaminants from paint’s surface with little to no micro-scratching or swirling caused. The overall condition of your vehicle and just how dirty it is can effect this but as long as you use proper judgement than a waterless car wash is safe for use.

Providing an eco-friendly and streamline way of detailing your car without the need of rinsing, prewashing and waxing. Every single time you wash your vehicle you are using on average anywhere from 50-100 gallons and most of the soaps and chemicals soak into the ground, potentially damaging the area and wildlife surrounding. A waterless wash cuts down on the time it takes to clean your vehicle and can offer extraordinary results with some formulas being an all-in-one solution for cleaning and polishing that is much friendlier to the consumer’s pockets rather than needing to spend a considerable load on equipment and products. As with a waterless wash all that is needed the waterless car wash product and some microfiber towels which have the need to be washed but use a drastically less amount of water in your washing machine as compared to a hose and pressure washer.

These types of products have grown popular among car enthusiasts who like to attend Cars & Coffee events and other car shows/meetups because of the convenience these type products can bring you essentially having a full car wash and detail wherever you go and whenever you need it. Even while on-site at these events. Offering some touch-up cleaning once you get to your destination or a full car wipe down and cleaning.

A great example of this is a product that has shown superior results is the ceramic waterless car wash & quick detailer by Detail Medic which has grown very popular among car enthusiasts. A product that not only has cleaning polymers that encapsulate dirt and debris, making them wipe off of the surface of the vehicle safely and easily. This product also has shining and polishing properties to improve the depth and quality of shine, removing another step you would need to make when washing and detailing your car normally.

With this product being a three-in-one. A waterless wash, quick detailer and a sealant being infused with ceramic. It creates a layer of ceramic coating which offers paint protection, So once the product is applied and the surface is cleaned a layer of silicon dioxide is applied and bonds to the vehicle’s paint which will protect against dirt, dust, bird poop, acid rain and other contaminants and road debris. Protecting the paint from any potential damage and further reducing the risk of damage when washing your vehicle in the future. It creates a very slick and glossy surface that has hydrophobic properties.

A lot of testing and science goes into the creation of detailing products and every single day new things are being created and people are finding ways to make detailing easier and cheaper so everybody can detail their car with ease, without having to go to and pay a professional. As long as proper judgement and technique is used when using a waterless wash style product, There are little to no risks involved and they offer a very convenient and cheap method of washing and polishing your automobile!

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