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Ceramic Japanese Tea Cups/Mugs – Rustic Vintage Wood Handle Teaware Range Update

In the updated range, customers can find two different mugs with a 16 oz capacity, and one with a 12 oz capacity. The latter offers two different color schemes, slate and clay. It is designed in the shape of a conical frustum, and its pottery is patterned for additional aesthetic effect.

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Of the updated range’s two 16 oz Japanese-style, wooden-handled ceramic mugs, one offers the option of red coloring, the other of clay, and both have the option of slate. The 16 oz Vintage model is designed in a cylindrical shape, while the Rustic model features an inwardly curving base.

Japanese products and the ideas and ethos behind them are increasingly popular across the western world. Celebrated through films, animations, books, comics, and folktales, Japanese culture is adored around the globe for its emphasis on calmness and simplicity, and its frequent retaining of a traditional character. A culture of tea drinking and ritual serving and preparation is often depicted as being a part of this.

With Luv Muggs’ products, consumers have access to elegant and affordable designs embodying the simplicity of Japanese aesthetic style and culture. Their wooden handles suggest a reverence for the incorporation of nature into social life, while the ceramic mugs offer the famous practicality of Japanese makes.

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The company’s other drinking vessels include the minimal, luxury log-handle mugs, porcelain espresso cups, and ceremony teaware mugs.

Luv Muggs is an online store offering a wide range of products related to the storage, preparation, and serving of tea and coffee. In addition to mugs, it offers storage containers, kettles, Moka pots, cold brewers, and pour-over coffee makers, all made from high-quality stainless steel, glass, and ceramics.

A satisfied customer said: “The wooden handmade handle is such a lively warm touch to the whole piece, and I was amazed at how well it was packed! Thank you for my new favorite mug.”

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