Centuro Global Aims To Change The Way Businesses Expand

Scaling, expansion, growth. Whatever name it is known by, the process by which a business broadens its customer base and the realms in which it trades can be one of the biggest challenges faced by start-ups. It’s a problem eminent in domestic expansion, where local competition can threaten the prosperity of an organization, let alone where companies target opportunities from across national borders. But, in any challenge lies the possibility of change. And when it comes to the challenge of profound growth, innovating a solution to circumvent the issue can bring greater equality to commerce and redesign the international order.

The obstacles erected in the path of boundless commercial success are two-fold for current players. Most lucid and pressing is the issue of cost. Many presume that the only boundary to transnational expansion is the scalability of a business model. Still, the funds required to attempt to implement such a transition can act as an immediate deterrent for smaller businesses. Inextricably linked to cost but a vital component of the problem, the issue of practicability also prevents business leaders from gaining the understanding and insight to control their expansion. In short, international law and accounting firms are inevitable due to the perceived complexity of expansion. @centuroglobal, one exciting new piece of technology, has aspirations to be both for every business owner worldwide.

Aided by the educated oversight of CEO Zain Ali, Centuro is a platform that essentially aims to democratize international expansion for the majority of businesses. Traditionally the exclusive domain of the globe’s giant firms, Ali sees great opportunity in the future of professional services and identifies the rut that the industry appears to be stuck in despite 21st Century innovation.

Principally, Centuro acts as a knowledge base for the specific expansion aims of any business. Kitted out with the likes of market assessments, law, and taxation insights from a host of countries across the world, the platform responds to the business owner’s precise plans and ambitions. It allows them access to relevant information previously situated behind a paywall of private consultation. More than that, teams spanning companies large and small can work simultaneously on preparation for an expansion and track the progress of key aspects such as trademark applications. Ease of communication between departments means the expertise of each individual in a company can be committed to its future, streamlining the process and creating greater mobility between directors and employees.

However, it would be a mistake to characterize Centuro as purely a passive tool. Beyond the supply of knowledge and understanding, Zain Ali and the team aim to create a groundbreaking community of professionals empowered to provide advice and guidance through the platform. At present, users are provided with a dedicated account manager to respond to any queries they may have about the expansion and the preparation required to comply with foreign regulations. By providing the perfect balance between human and technological assistance, Centuro can streamline time-consuming processes. At the same time, real experts ensure that complex issues are not simplified at the expense of accuracy. The combination could be a killer blow for conventional one-size-fits-all firms.

All well and good is the theory that industry stalwarts such as the ‘Big Four’ could be disrupted by technology, but of course, the new service must be as good or better than the status quo for entrepreneurs to trust it as a long term solution. Fortunately, as a result of the dynamic nature of Centuro, businesses are afforded assured, up to date and ongoing information, which sidesteps the lengthy, convoluted, and soon outdated reports provided by large firms. Ali believes such documents are often inaccessible to the average business owner, another facet of Centuro Global’s ‘level playing field’ ethos.

The overt benefits of utilizing the futureproof platform became more and more evident to Ali as he worked with clients on complex expansions. “We had a large corporate engineering client who bid for a project in Saudi Arabia,” he illustrates. “Their commercial team used our platform to understand the bid requirements and how they could deliver the project in a compliant way, while the HR team was quickly able to see all of the immigration requirements for their international workers.”

The ultimate objective for Centuro is an ambitious one, namely to entirely overhaul the entrepreneur’s conceptualizations of professional services. Zain Ali aspires to create a network of experts and business owners around his platform while removing the financial threshold for smaller organizations to achieve compliant expansion. By lowering the barriers to entry into the international space for professionals and business people alike, Centuro Global has the once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring commerce into the new age.