Celebrities Drop By Savor Wynwood – Their New Favorite Spot In Miami

Dozzy Ross With His Afro-Caribbean Cuisine in Savor Wynwood Brings A New Food Experience To The World

Guess who is visiting the Miami neighborhood in Savor Wynwood. The lounge has witnessed some celebrities dropping by, during their leisure time. Some of them include Davido – the Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and record producer; Usman – the #2 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings and UFC Champion; Rotimi –  the Nigerian-American actor, singer, and model who is known for his role as Darius Morrison on the Starz series Boss; Tyson Beckford – American model & actors known to be the host of both seasons of the Bravo program Make Me a Supermodel; and none other than Gyptian – Singer & Celebrity who appears with roots reggae songs within the reggae subgenre dancehall. They are all regular there.

Dozzy Ross – founder and owner of Savor Wynwood shares his about his new venture in the restaurant industry, ‘The best part about Savor is the level of networking that goes on within the black community, which is hard to notice elsewhere. Our guests enjoy the magnetic and energetic ambience right from the time they step in. From the live DJ to the food, our guests call Savor a “Hidden Gem”.’

Caribbean cuisine is historically known to have been the very casual beachside shacks to local dives’ favourite taste spot. Now Savor Wynwood is elevating their dining experience and offering the amazing fruits, vegetables, spices and seafood that have made the Afro-Caribbean cuisine so flavorful and unique!

The New Afro Tint Trend

Dozzy Ross realized the gap the black community had when it came to networking and just having some chill time. This realization helped him see what his people lacked and built an upscale, Nigerian restaurant & lounge with great Afrobeat music & a perfect atmosphere – Savor Wynwood. The ambience in Savor Wynwood reminds most of the Afro-ethnic people of their motherland.

Dozzy hopes to inspire others by encouraging them not to give up on their dreams. Success doesnʼt happen overnight. Patience is a crucial ingredient in every business. It took him 4 years of hard work, perseverance and patience to open Savor. Collaboration, Networking & Online Presence is an important essence as well.’

Dozzy is set apart from his peers and competitors as he is not focused on what anyone or everyone else is doing. He is doing what he loves and continues to grow on the path he chose for himself. He believes in this, ‘Stay focused. The fewer people you have around you, the better it is most of the time. Be Family oriented. Family is what drives me, you and most of us – to stay inspired. We’re raising kings. The goal is generational wealth.’

Enjoy the vibe and the perfect blend of international cultures right in the forefront of Miami. Dozzy Ross shares, ‘We’re offering quite a few off-the-menu specials periodically that allows our customers to be surprised when they visit our space. This could also result in demand for a specific dish once it is liked by most people. We try to keep it weekly once if not at least a few times in a month. This also gives some excitement to our staff when they see how the customers react to the different styles of cooking the same food.’

While it is true that the proper functioning of restaurant operations is crucial and mandatory to the success of a restaurant, it is not the only thing that determines restaurant success. Savor Wynwood stands as testimony – hard and strong today.

If you wish to connect with Dozzy Ross and understand his entrepreneurial journey better, check out Savor Wynwood’s Instagram.