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CCHR: October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

Before celebrating “National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month” this October, the Florida chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) urges people to investigate the liabilities of psychiatric screening for depression, ADHD, or other potentially normal behaviors labeled as disorders, especially in schools. [1]

Without an ethical framework to reference, history tells us that any practice or treatment can venture outside the boundaries of right and wrong and descend into moral privation. Just as psychiatry‘s lack of a correct moral foundation allowed for Nazi atrocities, today, over 70 years later, psychiatry still lacks, even within its own profession, consensus on an optimal framework for ethical decision making. [2]

The history of psychiatry can easily be summed up with one statement made by Brock Chisolm, founder of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMN).

Chisolm, an acknowledged communist, stated during World War II, after the psychiatric led atrocities of the Nazi Regime, “If the race is to be freed from the crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility.’ [3]

According to Diane Stein, president for CCHR in Florida, this deconstructing of good and evil is not only the moral framework upon which psychiatry was founded, but it continues to be the operating basis into the present, as evidenced by the fact that 1 in 12 children in the United States are on psychiatric drugs. [4]

“Psychiatry’s push to screen children is just a continuation of their harmful incursion into society. Garner a patient when they are young, and you will likely have them as a patient for life is their unspoken motto,” says Stein. “With psychiatry’s unscientific methods, almost anything can be labeled a mental disorder, never allowing those children to experience the inevitable ups and downs of life that prepare them to be an adult.” [5]

Stein cites school shootings as an example of psychiatry’s moral ineptitude. “On one hand they sell schools on implementing mental health screenings as necessary to counteract violence in schools, on the other hand these screenings then regularly result in the child being prescribed with a drug that has side effects which may include violence.” [6]

“Psychiatric admission and screenings have not been able to correctly identify those that may become violent, and worse yet, often those that are violent are already under psychiatric care,” states Stein. [7,8]

Citizens Commission on Human Rights points out that “Mental Depression and National Screening Month” is a marketing ploy to gather more customers. “People should be beware of these screenings,” Stein warns, “and at the same time realize that CCHR has lists of alternative resources to help both children and adults that do not involve labeling or mind-altering drugs.” CCHR invites you to their offices at 109 fort Harrison Ave. in Clearwater to view a more complete history of psychiatry’s effect on society. You can also pick up a form for your child to exclude them from any sort of mental health screening against your wishes. [9]

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,'” he wrote in March 1969.


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