C+Charge Announces Partnership With Recharge.io to Provide Staking

C+Charge (https://c-charge.io/), a crypto fueled electric vehicle (EV) charging network and utility token announces it has entered a partnership with The Recharge, a decentralized incentive solution that connects electric-charging platforms. The partnership with The Recharge will focus on their innovative cross chain staking program, allowing C+Charge token holders the ability to stake their tokens with carbon credits swaps across The Recharge’s innovative staking platform. The partnership will also give C+Charge significant exposure to Korea’s electric charging infrastructure, one that has a significant footprint outside of EV’s, allowing for new potential market segments for C+Charge to enter.

The Recharge is a multi-platform token that is supported by ethereum, Binance, Solana, Kucoin Smartchain, and HuobiEco system. The Recharge $RCG token currently trades on Bitmart, Digifinex, MEXC, and KuSwap. The Recharge also has minted a number of NFTs to support it’s mission of promoting the reduction of carbon emissions; its Neon Car collection has future collaboration potential with C+Charge related to EV’s and promotion of sustainable mobility.

The C+Charge founding team commented “C+Charge’s partnership with The Recharge is very strategic for the platform, as it achieves our goal of supporting at staking before our launch on March 31st. The added benefit and one that is synergistic for C+Charge is that The Recharge incorporates carbon credit earnings into its staking program, aligning with our vision and providing token holders the opportunity to earn extra sustainable rewards. The Recharge vast network around Korea will be very strategic for us as we focus on building out our platform globally. With this partnership, C+Charge is planting its flag in another continent (Asia) as we continue to build a worldwide network that will be able to provide sustainable mobility payment solutions globally. With about 1 month to go before launch, the C+Charge team is working overtime towards securing as many partnerships as possible, and we look forward to sharing more updates in the coming weeks before the big day on the 31st!”

About C+Charge

C+Charge is a crypto fueled EV charging network and utility token aiming to unify the EV charging sector by utilizing blockchain technology to create an all inclusive payment and management solution for EV owners and EV charging station owners and operators. C+Charge aims to help build a sustainable future and be a part of the adaptation of EVs; its innovative carbon credits program allows token holders to accumulate carbon credits to be used towards their own EV purchase, further enabling environmental sustainability to be within reach of more people.


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