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Precise Software Solutions, Inc. receives US patent for Drug Anomaly Detection device

Rockville, Maryland Sep 20, 2022 ( – Precise Software Solutions, Inc. (Precise), a small 8(a) company providing strategic and innovative information technology services to federal, state, and local government customers, received its first official patent US Patent no. 11,416,989 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent, titled “Drug Anomaly Detection,” advances quick and reliable methods to detect anomalies in drug composition, and ultimately, to detect counterfeit drug products. Precise’s patent deploys multiple wavelength lights and an all-spectrum high-definition camera in a portable device. The Precise team of data scientists and engineers developed machine learning algorithms for multi-spectrum image recognition and counterfeit drug identification. The algorithms are deployed in a minicomputer and use novel edge computing technologies to achieve near real-time results.

Experts estimate that 10% of the worldwide drug supply fails to meet regulatory standards. These counterfeit and substandard drugs have an estimated $200 billion annual economic impact, adversely impact consumers and disease treatment, and at times can result in patient death. Precise’s Drug Anomaly Detection device offers the promise of a tool to fight a growing influx of counterfeit drugs.

Precise CEO Zhensen Huang expressed excitement about receiving the official patent for the Drug Anomaly Detection device, as well as high praise for the Precise Innovation team, led by Precise’s Chief Technology Officer, Ben Duan, and Vice President of Engineering Xu Yang, and their work. In sharing news with the Precise team about the approved patent, Huang commented, “Receiving our first patent is a huge milestone for Precise as we seek to provide innovative products and services to promote safe and reliable medical care across the country.” Huang added, “I couldn’t be prouder of our Innovation team. Their expertise, creativity, and dedication have already been the source of numerous innovation awards, including winning one of the top eight positions at the highly competitive ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Conference in 2020, being named one of 12 winners in the Food Traceability Challenge in 2021, and is a winner in 2022 FedHealthIT Innovation Awards.”

For more information, please visit Precise Software Solutions, Inc. ( or follow the company on LinkedIn.

About Precise

Precise Software Solutions, Inc. (Precise), an SBA 8(a) program participant, is an innovative small business with a proven record of success delivering quality services and solutions to government organizations. A CMMI Level 3 company, Precise serves as a trusted advisor to senior technology executives and helps government agencies enhance and expand their information technology capabilities. Precise helps its customers capitalize on the efficiencies offered by technological advancements and ensures the integrity of its IT systems and programs so it can perform its public mission more effectively. The company is known for delivering agile and innovative solutions and specializes in strategic consulting, system modernization and integration, digital transformation and experience, infrastructure and cloud implementation, and data management and analytics. Visit Precise at

Media Contact

Precise Softeware Solutions, Inc.

[email protected]


1445 Research Blv., Suite 500

Source :Precise Softeware Solutions, Inc.

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LevelUp the Leading Spanish Video Game News Publisher Launches Worldwide English Version

Levelup Brand

La Jolla, California Sep 20, 2022 ( – LevelUp, a leading video game community and video game content publisher based in Mexico and Latin America, is taking the stage on September 20th, 2022 in the United States. The video game entertainment company has grown over the past decade, aspiring to be an international brand first, now reaching global markets.

Rigo Dominguez, editor in chief of LevelUp USA., expressed his projection of the brand in a recent interview, “LeveUp has always been conceived as an international brand with presence in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. Now we are going global with the launch of LU in the United States. We are as excited as we can be since the LU brand has gained fast recognition within the gaming community. We are certain that LeveUp will be widely adopted and loved by all users.”

The hard work, determination, and efforts put into the success of LevelUp have grown the company exponentially. The team responsible for establishing this widely known name has set an internal inspiration for the upcoming years with efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction in mind.

“The Level Up US team is very grateful, committed, and excited for the opportunity to start this adventure, with the support of Level Up. I couldn’t ask for better colleagues, all with years of experience, lots of talent, and passion for the video game industry.” mentioned Rigo Dominguez.

The United States will soon set sights on the top-notch company as Roberto Jimenez, editor in chief and director of LevelUp, confidently says, “After spending more than a decade building up the LevelUp name, and working hard to make it the #1 video game outlet and video game brand in Latin America, we are excited to start our incursion towards the U.S. market.”

A little bit more about LevelUp: Current users write positive reviews regularly which can be found directly on the LevelUp website. Most games have a ranking of 7 or higher, with 10 being the A+ goal. For more details on a specific game, check out the review and commentary before playing.

LevelUp also covers areas outside of the gaming community, including but not limited to sports, news, and informational articles. Snip bits, updates, and reminders can be found on LevelUp’s Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels.

After the presentation of all of this information, the question therein remains: What’s in store for American citizens in the gaming community upon launch? Come mid-August, you’ll get a taste of what LevelUp is all about. According to the international market, people of all ages will easily take a liking to Latin America’s #1 leading video game community and video game content publisher. In just a few short weeks, we’ll see how the global jump turns out.

Media Contact


[email protected]

(858) 454-5111

Source :LevelUp

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Indie Rock band, Pistol for Ringo, announce sixth studio release, “AUDIO SURRENDER.”

Pistol for Ringo Audio Surrender Cover

Los Angeles, California Sep 20, 2022 ( – Los Angeles/Philadelphia indie rock band, Pistol for Ringo, is set to release their sixth record, “AUDIO SURRENDER,” later this month. The document contains a cover of Pixie’s “WAVE OF MUTILATION,” which they recorded for an upcoming 2023 Horror/Thriller feature film written by Allisyn Snyder, directed by Dylan Snyder, and produced by Watch The Footage Productions.

“Audio Surrender,” sets the 20-year mark for the indie collective, whose members include: LA-based, Steve Arm, Brian Murphy, and Shane Smith and Philadelphia-based singer, songwriter, and musician Ben Arnold and drummer Matty Muir.

“Audio Surrender” was recorded in Philadelphia, PA at Retro City Studios, mixed in Los Angeles at Hetson Sound, and mastered at Chicago Mastering.

Pistol for Ringo has played almost everywhere on the West Coast, from hipster’s joints in the 213 area code to San Francisco, and even Vegas, as the opening act for an S&M show (no joke). Just one of many reasons they have endeared themselves to indie rock fans as well as garnered musical contributions and support from the likes of Dave Catching, Rob Barbato, and Greg Hetson.

Pistol for Ringo – YouTube

Pistol for Ringo – SPOTIFY

Pistol for Ringo 2022Pistol for Ringo Band 2022

Source :Pistol for Ringo

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An Online Ecommerce Business Start-up opportunity with Growcify

New Delhi, India — Growcify is a SaaS-based company providing platforms for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses online. Founded in 2020 by Meghraj Suthar and Shivam Mishra, is based in Jaipur, and is having clients from across India.

“The platform is enabling business owners to digitize themselves and also go online with their own brand’s ecom app and website and start accepting orders from their end-to-end integrated app instead of paying commissions to big players,” said, an online business website reviewer started in 2008. “The IT product company running on a B2B model of business aims to help businesses go online at affordable and reasonable prices and that too within 24 hours,” the company added further.

Business owners can curate their personalized business website or a single vendor or multi-vendor IOS and android mobile application with Growcify, along with managing their offline store billing / POS software and an end-to-end integrated dashboard. Launched in a single day, the customers can start making transactions on their online website and mobile application within a week.

Point of Sale (POS) software ensures that the businesses having an offline store or presence can keep their inventory and customer data in sync with their online orders. In addition to which, it automatically saves the invoice of every sale and purchase made through it.

The Co-founders of the company, Shivam Mishra and Meghraj Suthar have to say, “Growcify brings you the fastest and easiest way to go digital (Android app, iOS app, and Admin Portal) within 24 hours of your purchase. No hidden charges.” Launched within a week, the platforms provided by Growcify do not require their customer to perform even a single line of code and render unlimited inventory and sales. With advanced analytics the customers get to recover their abandoned carts, download or generate invoices and even assign the delivery consignments to delivery boys.

Growcify ensures that business owners can focus on their business and forget about the need to know a coding language in order to go online. The company has helped its customers to generate millions of sales pan India, and the numbers grow with each coming day. Its official website processes innumerable requests and queries daily, all being catered to within a short period.

To know more about the company, kindly visit

Media Contact:

Company: Growcify

Contact Person Name: Shivam

Email Address:  [email protected]

Phone Numbers:

+91 8861218101

+91 8005771838


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Dextara announces the launch of 100% Salesforce native “No-Code Dextara CPQ”

Dextara CPQCatalog

The industry’s first Attribute-Based Configure, Price, Quote platform

Dover, Delaware Sep 20, 2022 ( – Dextara Digital, the renowned US-based Digital Transformation, and Premiere Salesforce consulting company, is announcing the launch of Dextara CPQ. It is the industry’s first 100% Lightning and Salesforce native Attribute-Based Configurator.

The attribute-based configurator caters to the modern need of buyers on how they can configure their product, unlike the Product-based configurations, which assume the buyer has a good knowledge of what product they are looking to buy.

Also, the Product-Based configurators limit the scalability with growing product complexity, making it an urgent necessity for enterprises to move to Attribute-Based configurators to scale the business.

With over years of expertise in implementing CPQ solutions for diversified businesses, Dextara has developed this product intending to fill the unmet and evolving needs of CPQ. The key product features that make Dextara CPQ stand out are:-

  • Usability-First mindset: One simple and highly intuitive flow to Create Catalogs, Products, Attributes, Assign Attributes to Products, Create Bundles, Rules Management, etc. without the need for any technical help
  • Delivering Commerce Experience: Dextara CPQ has the best-in-class usability and performance and can operate seamlessly, even with many products and complex rules. Dextara CPQ also has a recommendation engine to aid in Up-sell/Cross-sell
  • Complex Bundles support a Highly intuitive and well-designed configurator to handle complex bundles. The configurator provides the ability also to configure attributes and supports dynamic pricing based on attribute selection

“We are committed to innovating continuously, and #Build>Great>. Dextara CPQ is fully equipped to help businesses reduce sales complexity and accelerate sales. We commit a 2-week implementation cycle which is best-in-class and differentiates Dextara CPQ from any other existing CPQ software,” says Sreekanth Lapala, the CEO of Dextara Digital.

To install the Dextara CPQ product now, click here-

About Dextara:

Dextara Digital, a renowned US-based Digital Transformation, Premiere Salesforce Consulting, and ISV partner. Dextara has 150+ certified Salesforce experts supporting clients in their digital transformation journey on multiple clouds such as Sales, Service, and Experience clouds. Dextara assists businesses in exploring untapped opportunities with innovation and guides companies to deliver their products and services globally across any platform or device with a unified Digital Xperience (DX).

With a right-first-time mindset, Dextara helps clients stay ahead in an ever-changing world by reinventing technology, reconnecting people, recreating processes, and reconstructing digital experiences.

For Dextara CPQ demo and further info, connect with our CPQ experts at [email protected] or visit for more information.

Dextara CPQProductsDextara CPQAddProductsDextara CPQCartDextara CPQCartConfigurator

Media Contact

Dextara Digital Private Limited

[email protected]

+1 862 684 1337

Dextara Digital, 8 THE GREEN, STE B DOVER, KENT, DE 19901

Source :Dextara Digital Pvt. Limited

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Houston, TX — Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Moneé Thomas is re-imagining medical care for your skin, hair, and nails by focusing on high-quality and customized care for all skin types and hair textures. Dr. Thomas, also known as Drglowgetter on social media, is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. Throughout her career in dermatology, she became frustrated with the lack of quality dermatologic care and advice for people of color. Only 3% of dermatologists in the U.S. identify as black, according to a 2016 study by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Although all dermatologists should be equipped to take care of all skin and hair types, people of color often feel unheard, not understood, and dismissed by doctors that don’t quite understand the nuances of life with darker skin or kinkier/ curlier hair.

Dr. Thomas took this frustration and decided to take action to improve this disparity. She describes herself as a visionary passionate about dreaming up solutions for communities that can often feel forgotten in the beauty and skincare industry.

Dr. Thomas has created a patent-pending hair tool called the Silk Edge Stick, which is a compact double-edged tool with a brush/comb combo on the end to smooth flyaway hairs along the hairline (a common issue with curly/kinky hair) and a compartment to house your favorite hair gel/ product on the other end. Her business Slik Hair Solutions focuses on convenient hair products and accessories to keep curly/kinky hair looking its best while on the go. She is also co-founder of the company Coco Leveaux. Coco Leveaux is a skincare company developed by Dr. Thomas and her colleague Dr. Lauren Payne that addresses skin care issues of the body. Their signature product is the Coco Leveaux Smoothing Aftercare Créme. Their Smoothing Aftercare Créme was developed when Dr. Thomas and Dr. Payne recognized that there was a gap in the skincare market for products that effectively improve issues arising from hair removals like ingrown hairs, irritation, and discoloration. They utilized their extensive knowledge of active ingredients that they often prescribe for these issues to create an over-the-counter product that outperforms competitors.

In May 2022, she took her passion for improving the healthcare disparity of quality skin care for people of color to another level by starting her own dermatology practice, Glow Dermatology. Glow Dermatology is a direct care dermatology practice that provides a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments for all skin and hair types. She decided to take on a direct-care model for her practice after feeling like she didn’t have enough time to spend with each patient in a typical high-volume, insurance-accepting medical practice. Dr. Thomas states that for the majority of her career as a dermatologist, she stressed about seeing 30-40 patients a day. This volume is common in dermatology practices that accept insurance since doctors only receive about 30% of what is billed to the insurance.

This often creates stress for the physician as they try to ensure that their patients get the quality care/time they deserve. While at the same time, they have to please practice owners that may care more about the money coming in than quality patient care.

Glow Dermatology utilizes a Direct Care model for payment to advocate for its patients in the best way possible. Glow offers competitive pricing at much lower rates than that billed to insurance, typically between $100-250 for an appointment; depending on appointment reason and treatment needed, this price will vary but will be fully explained at the time of the appointment before any procedures if needed. This allows for longer appointments, customized care, and transparent pricing with no unexpected bills. Payment is collected in full for services rendered and you never have to worry about any hidden fees or non-covered services. She also offers virtual visits to accommodate patients in the U.S. that may not have access to a dermatologist with expertise in the skin of color. Dr. Thomas believes that any dermatologist can offer evaluations and treatment, but Glow Dermatology plans to revolutionize Dermatology by offering customized treatments for each patient and their personal needs. She believes “there is a difference between knowing and understanding,” and she’s here to help you understand.

Dr. Moneé Thomas has a passion for sharing her knowledge and will not stop until every person of every skin and hair type has access to the high-quality dermatologic care that they deserve.

For more equerries visit her practice website



Media Contact:

Company Name: Glow Dermatology

Contact Person Name: Dr. Moneé Thomas

Phone Number: 281-968-8856

Email Address: [email protected]


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IMiSES Video Conference Camera Brings Wonderful Experience to User

Webcams are widely used for conferencing, streaming, video calls or just working from home. Choosing the right webcam for work can greatly improve efficiency. Among various brands that produce webcams, iMiSES is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality technological products to users around the world. Recently, their webcam has received a good response on Amazon. They have various models of webcams, of which the 1016 Model with Microphone and Speaker has a higher resolution than other models. For people who have a higher requirement of image quality and would like to use a webcam for video conference and live streaming, the 1016 Model is a good choice that offers great value for the money.

4K UHD Camera with Microphone and Speakers

1016 Model is equipped with an omnidirectional microphone and a professional speaker, providing an efficient audio and video solution for remote collaborations and communications. It has a 4K UHD resolution, which maintains the sharp detail of the image. It is an ideal choice for personal and midsize businesses.


Excellent Audio Experience

With a built-in high-sensitivity omnidirectional microphone, iMiSES 1016 4K Webcam has an up to 16ft pickup distance, which makes every attendee heard in the meeting room. Equipped with a unique noise suppression algorithm, this iMiSES 3-in-1 webcam at the meantime filters background noise, greatly improving overall work efficiency.

AI powered Auto-Framing and 90° Wide Field of View

iMiSES 1016 4K UHD webcam supports the AI-powered group framing feature, by detecting the participants, this webcam can work well as a conference room camera. It will automatically zoom in to keep all the attendees centralized, ensuring the best visual effect. In addition, this video conference camera supports 90° FoV to enable teams and the whiteboard to be captured with ease. The 360° rotary axis coming with it provides a flexible shoot angle.


Autofocus and White Balance

The iMiSES webcam will intelligently detect things appearing in front of the lens and process autofocus to present them better. In addition, iMiSES 1016 4K webcam can correct all the color casts and deliver the right and natural color, providing the best conditions during live streaming or conferencing.

USB-C Plug and Play

With its USB-C cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter included, the USB-C webcam with a speaker is practical for any USB port. No driver is required. Just plug the cable, and the webcam is ready to go.


For more about iMiSES webcam, please click on the following link:

Media Contact
Company Name: IMiSES
Contact Person: Trinity
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 18665879862
Country: United States

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Latest Stellar Coin Price Technical Analysis Report Released by StellarPony

An article covering the subject of ‘Stellar coin price technical analysis ‘ entitled ‘Stellar Lumen Price Technical Analysis | Increase Expected to Above $0.12 Past Resistance Zone’ has now been released and published by StellarPony, an authority website in the cryptocurrency niche. The article brings to light fascinating information, especially because it covers the technical indicators that describe the performance of the Stellar coin. Stellar coin buyers and enthusiasts and anybody else who’s interested in Stellar coin price technical analysis can read the entire article at

Because it helps the investors and coin enthusiasts understand how the Stellar coin is performing, perhaps one of the most interesting, or relevant pieces of information to Stellar coin buyers and enthusiasts, which is included within the article, is that it provides the technical analysis on the price performance of the Stellar coin.

The article has been written by Jim Martzall, who wanted to use this article to bring particular attention to the subject of Stellar coin price technical analysis. They feel they may have done this best in the following extract:

‘Stellar coin is expected to leave the resistance and enter a positive zone on price increase’

StellarPony now welcomes comments and questions from readers, about the article. Jim Martzall, Editor-in-Chief at StellarPony at StellarPony has made a point of saying regular interaction with the readers is so critical to running the site because it is important to give the latest news and updated information about Stellar coin as it happens.

In discussing the article itself and its development, Jim Martzall said: “Stellar coin has shown a good base and improvement in its performance can be expected..”

Anyone who has a specific question or comment about this article, or any article previously published on the site, is welcome to contact StellarPony via their website at

Once again, the complete article is available in full at


Chicago, Illinois, 60018, United States

United States

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Miami Helpdesk & Cyber Security | Managed IT Expert Services Launched

The business’ updated service range includes data center management, cloud storage solutions, malware protection, and more. For many years, the company has been providing high-quality IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in the South Florida area, including Hialeah, Hollywood, Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, and Fort Lauderdale.

More information can be found at

The services were introduced to provide local business owners with affordable and effective outsourced information technology (IT) systems services. The company allows clients to save time and money, reduce downtime, and scale their businesses by taking the arduous task of managing their IT operations off their hands.

An integral part of business infrastructure, IT management has become vital to commercial success. It allows businesses to adapt to the complex and fast-changing digital climate. A company spokesperson says, “We incorporate proven solutions that streamline operations and continuously improve our clients’ services.”

Tier 1 Techs, Inc. provides customers with a comprehensive portfolio of IT services, including helpdesk and desktop services to data center monitoring, storage, and disaster recovery. They specialize in cloud backup solutions that provide businesses with data confidentiality and protection. Their services deliver safe collection, storage, and restoration of vital customer information. Furthermore, they help owners comply with new rules and regulations to keep their businesses operating legitimately.

The first line of defense against hacks, data breaches, and other IT emergencies, the company’s cyber security services provide protection and mitigation of network systems vulnerabilities. These susceptibilities may include unauthorized access, use, disclosure, interception, or destruction of data. Failure to protect systems from cyber-related threats may cause irreparable damage, such as financial losses, loss of intellectual property, and damage to reputation.

Customers can also benefit from hotel IT solutions, VoIP, internet, cabling, CCTV camera installation, and business continuity services.

According to a spokesperson from Tier 1 Techs, Inc., “We want to make IT easy for you and your business so you can focus on the continued growth of your company. We do things as they should be done–no shortcuts, no compromises, and always with extreme efficiency. As your managed service provider in Miami, we understand that IT is something you need but don’t necessarily want to deal with. That’s what we do!”

Interested parties may call +1-305-501-4755 or visit

Tier 1 Techs, Inc.

11077 Biscayne Blvd Suite 301

United States

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CFI Finance Announces Launch into New Zealand – September 2022

CFI Finance will be working together with the business community in New Zealand as a result of their recent launch in the country for starting September 2022. CFI brings its extensive experience over twenty years to the NZ community. It’s founder James’ experience as a franchisee however that helps to ensure CFI Finance meets its customers needs better than any other similar company in the industry, and through CFI’s competitive range of products they help business owners to fund new store fitouts, store refurbishments, business acquisitions, equipment purchases, motor vehicles, and more.

Interested parties can view information about the launch on the following page:

With the launch of CFI Finance into New Zealand the company will be providing the following benefits to NZ business owners:

> Provision of flexible finance solutions to the NZ SME sector – CFI is a fast, flexible, and independent finance company, providing a range of commercial products to small and medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand

> Through years of experience CFI have designed their products and services specifically around the needs of SME business owners and to allow their clients to start a new business, buy an existing business, or improve their current business – They are specialists in lending for the franchise, fitness, and accommodation sectors, as well as in lending for new businesses.

> Finance for the pharmacy, fitness, accommodation, franchise, and hospitality sectors – Years of experience to match the best product for your business’ needs

> Instruments have been created specifically for Business and franchise owners with multiple features.

> Flexible financial products for New Zealand businesses – A wide range of financial solutions for business purchases, expansions, equipment purchases, etc.

> Fast, friendly customer service. Often approvals occur within 24 hours – CFI internal systems are refined to make SME owners’ experience as easy and hassle free as possible!

> Avoid the expense and time of working through a broker – talk to the actual financiers! That way you cut out one of the middle-men! – and get a faster and easier loan application experience.

Dan, Director of Sales of CFI Finance had this to say about the new NZ launch for CFI:

“This is a very exciting opportunity to provide our tried and tested financial services and products for businesses and franchises, to the business community in New Zealand”

For more information about CFI in New Zealand please visit:

CFI Finance
[email protected]
Level 3/5 Cribb St,

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