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  • 8 tips for building an online presence for your business

    Establishing your own presence on the Internet has become easier, but at the same time it is a challenge thanks to the demands of visitors and search engines. Various tools and web hosts now allow you to have your own website within a few minutes. At the same time, the demands that search engines place […]

  • Online sales. Expert opinion Andrey Anders, the founder of the brand of handmade shoes, Philippe Anders

    Milan, Italy — Andrey Anders is an innovator and entrepreneur who has proved that by completely giving himself up to your hobby and life’s work, you can create a global shoe brand. From a small enterprise, he has developed his company to sell the best shoes of the highest quality all over the world at […]

  • Magic Square raises $3M seed funding co-led by Binance Labs and Republic Capital

    Magic Square raises $3M seed funding co-led by Binance Labs and Republic Capital

    Tortola, British Virgin Islands — Magic Square is pleased to announce the firm successfully sealed the $3M seed round investments with an evaluation of $30M, led by Binance Labs and Republic Capital, and include other investors such as GSR, DAO Maker, KuCoin Labs, IQ Labs, Gravity Ventures, Alpha Grep, and angel investors.  “Magic Square is here […]

  • London Health and Cosmetic Start-up ZeeGen Wins “The Most Innovative Company of The “Year” Award

    From time to time, a company emerges in every industry that raises the bar, rewrites the standards in that industry, and comes up with something revolutionary. This was the case in Central Europe, where ZEEGEN, a Hungarian-owned microtechnology start-up, was launched and quickly spread its reputation to several continents. At the end of October 2021, […]

  • How Can Workspace as a Service Help Your Business?

    In the age of outsourcing and the increasingly competitive business world, firms are finding themselves in a position where they need to cut corners on costs. Even if they are small or medium-sized enterprise with a limited budget, companies require office spaces that support their operations. In today’s economy space optimization is key for companies […]

  • Do You Need to Take Cisco CCNATraining?

    Do you need to participate in Cisco CCNA training? In Cisco CertificationSystem, CCNA is thebasic levelcertification. For a basic level Cisco certification, if candidates want to learn Cisco CCNA Certification, do they need to participate in the relevant training? Next, SPOTO willdiscuss about this in detail. Let alone this problem, let’s first take a look […]

  • 6 Valuable Tricks to Saving Money on buying Printer Inks

    Printer ink is one of those things that you don’t think about until you have to buy some. These little cartridges are both costly and a necessity when using your printer. Thankfully, there are some tricks to saving money on Printer ink. Even though the upfront cost of buying a new cartridge can be slightly […]

  • How to choose wall art when buying a house?

    When yοu’rе rеady tο add sοmе pеrsοnality and charactеr tο yοur hοmе, wall art is a grеat way tο dο it. But what kind οf artwοrk shοuld yοu chοοsе? We have partnered with Noble Portrait to provide tips how to choose wall art, and еxplain hοw еach can add valuе tο yοur hοmе. Sο whеthеr yοu’rе lοοking […]

  • Media Monitoring Tools Rising Utilization of Social Media Platforms to Bolster Market Growth

    The global media monitoring tools market is expected to rise during the forecast period due to the increasing usage of cloud-based solutions among enterprises. Fortune Business Insights™ publishes this information in a report titled, “Media Monitoring Tools Market, 2022-2029″. According to the report, the media monitoring tools market size was valued at USD 3.39 billion […]

  • Gatebits reports on 5 reasons why Gold and Forex complement one another

    London, UK — Gold is one of the most valuable assets in the open market trading system. It is the standard for all economic development and is also considered to be the standardized asset used for calculating financial assets of other origins. The gold standard refers to a monetary system where the value of gold […]