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Finnish people enjoying fast 5G mobile phone subscriptions regardless of the operator, study says

Although mobile subscriptions and low-cost subscriptions are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, in many European countries the price of telephone subscriptions does not meet the level required by consumers.

Especially in southern Europe and the United States, users have to pay for data according to usage, even though the connections are not top-notch. With the majority of the phone’s internet usage today being streaming and the use of video services like Amazon Prime and HBO or Netflix, surfing with mobile data alone, without fixed broadband can become really expensive.

However, Scandinavia, and especially Finland, is still being a wonderland where both home broadband and low cost phone subscriptions both work really fast in 5G and are affordable.

What makes the Finnish telephone subscriptions advantageous in particular is the fact that almost all, with the exception of prepaid subscriptions, have a fixed price. The most common 100 Mbit/s subscription costs around 10-15 euros per month (less than 20 USD), while super-fast 5G subscriptions today cost only 30-40 euros (approx. 50 USD), according to, a website that focuses on internet speed and also has an extensive telephone subscription comparison, or “puhelinliittymävertailu”, in Finnish. 

According to a report published by Omnite (Omnitele 5G Benchmark) in 2020, the average data transfer rate from a base station to a terminal [Mbit / s] in Finland was as follows by operator (DNA, Elisa, Telia):
DNA 5G network 313 Mbit / s
Elisa 5G online 267 Mbit / s
Telia 5G network 215 Mbit / s

The measurements used the mobile phone subscriptions with the fastest data connection for the consumer customers of each operator:
• DNA: DNA Rajaton 5G 1000M
• Elisa: Saunalahti Huoleton 5G 1000M
• Telia: Rajaton  5G 1000M

In this way, the Finnish mobile operators have a clear advantage in comparison to other countries in Europe, or the costly operators in the US. Finland could be easily stated to have one of the best mobile broadband coverages in the world, also in the remote areas outside of the main cities. 

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Airflowy Raises Seed Funding Round for Smart Health Solutions

MENLO PARK, CA — Airflowy, a tech company that creates innovative respiratory health solutions for people with chronic lung diseases, today announced that its pre-seed funding round has closed. Global Venture Capital Partners and angel investor Graham Newsome led the financing round.

The funds will be used to grow Airflowy’s workforce, to launch new product projects, and boost commercialization activities. The company will also expand its strategic relationships with research hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. In addition, the firm intends to expedite an FDA petition to enable the use of its portable spirometer for online screening and treatment of COVID-19 patient conditions.

Airflowy’s innovative pocket spirometer, launched in April 2019 by Rhiannon Black, enables parents and kids to better manage their respiratory wellbeing. Spirometry testing measures how much air you can intake and expel in a single forced breath to evaluate lung function. Exhaled air is converted into an acoustic signal by the company’s clever and attractive Bluetooth connected gadget. Its cutting-edge system collects spirometric values and analyses test data to create predictions that lead to improved patient care and results.

Airflowy founder and CEO Rhiannon Black stated, “We’re enthusiastic about creating smart technology that helps people and children with chronic lung diseases take greater control of their respiratory health. We’re excited to work with initial investors who share our passion for telehealth and remote testing solutions to help healthcare professionals and their patients manage lung diseases like COVID-19.”

The digital spirometer from Airflowy enables patients to conduct a lung function test at home that is as accurate as one performed in a doctor’s office. Patients may simply check their FEV1 percent scores to track changes and determine whether they fall within their healthcare provider’s recommended limits. To monitor lung health, the gadget links wirelessly to a smart app. The app monitors symptoms, tracks current prescription medicines, and sends the data straight to a patient’s primary care physician in addition to monitoring FEV1 and PEF.

Josh Beckham, a partner at Global VC Partners, stated of the seed financing round, “Airflowy, we believe, has created a smart, portable spirometer with a stylish design that has the potential to monitor and treat respiratory diseases such as COVID-19. At Global VC Partners, we believe that combining the resources of a bigger, more experienced VC with the agility of a small business may be very beneficial. We are excited to be a part of the company’s future product development efforts.”

Airflowy is a company that creates smart spirometry equipment for healthcare professionals and individuals with chronic respiratory illnesses. Remote lung function testing is made simpler and more accurate by the respiratory health company, assisting in the early identification of a decrease in lung health and giving physicians with important data to better manage a patient’s treatment. Asthma and chronic lung illness affect an estimated 500 million individuals across the globe (COPD).

Through the use of an intuitive LED display, haptic vibration, and its mobile app, Airflowy’s clever and elegant Bluetooth enabled spirometer offers live feedback during a lung function test. Test findings may be given remotely and shared with the patient’s primary care physician in real time. The smart solution developed by the firm may assist decrease the demand for skilled healthcare personnel, improve testing accuracy, and improve patient outcomes. More information is available at:

Contact Information:

Name: Olivia Zhu

Company: Airflowy, Inc.



Phone: (408) 883-4566

SOURCE: Airflowy, Inc.

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Having a Personal Mobile Space as a Custom 10×10 Tent

Ever wondered how it would feel to have a small place to yourself anywhere you go? On a hill, by a beach, on the shore, in a forest, in a park, anywhere. If you wonder how that is possible, you haven’t heard of the custom 10×10 tent, which canopies tent and can be mounted anywhere easily. These tents have a room and optional walls as well. Now having peace and serenity is easy in your self-made safe bubble.

All you need to do is secure the legs of this custom canopy tent into the ground and enjoy the rest of the day; it is not as complicated as the conventional tents. The custom 10×10 tent is a copious amount of space for you and your friends also.

Custom canopy tent: frame and a canopy

When you hear the word custom canopy tent, your mind might think it is a hall with a fabric roof. You are correct then; the custom canopy tent means you can have a four-corner place that is not like a tent, as a tent is a triangle but with a blend or canopy with a fabric roof. You can have the roof popped up as well. The customized part about this hybrid is that you can get it in plenty of sizes, such as the custom 10×10 tent, and even in different colors.

Salient features of custom 10×10 tent

Coming to the main point of owning a custom 10×10 tent, while the meaning of a custom canopy tent has been explained, the need for this hybrid is pretty much self-explanatory.  This hybrid is very lightweight and can be adjusted just about anywhere.

If you want to have a different roof when there is a chance of rain or if you want to have a shade in the heat, this hybrid serves as a tent but only has a roof. If you want to add extra fabric to your 10x 10 tent, then you can ask Signleader to design you one with it.

Customized design

1. Apart from sizes, you can have the roof popped, giving it a more carnival look that calls for a funfair or a party.

2. You can have a background banner added to the customized canopy tent in any color and edit it with anything written on it.

3. For a more stall-like look, you can add three walls and a backdrop banner.

4. For a room-like display, you can ask for four walls; one will contain the entrance.

Ordering your custom 10×10 tent

Signleader Display is a printing company that prints different banners, custom canopy tents, and even other pop-up tents. When you want a good enough space that can accommodate a few friends and be easily taken to a different place, you should consider ordering the custom 10×10 tent.


Thanks to the wonderful innovation of custom canopy tents, traveling and relaxing on a beautiful spot has become an ideal getaway spot. Having a custom 10×10 tent all folded on your shoulders is a whole room in one hand. Now you can get it customized by coloring and printing it however you like, with a Signleader display.

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Differentiate how to IG download Reels videos on Android and iPhone

Instagram Reels is a new Instagram feature (not a standalone app) created to replace TikTok. With Instagram Reels users can create 15-second video clips with music and share them to Reels on Instagram, the Discovery Feed, and the new Stories tab on their profile.

When compared to TikTok, Reels’ algorithm is a bit different. The For you page is algorithmically generated based on how TikTok users interact with videos, and this is great for pushing content to users based on their interests and activity in the app.

For Reels, Instagram’s algorithm is a bit different, Instagram prioritizes content depending on which accounts you follow and interact with the most.

But in this post I am not discussing the above issue, this time I am discussing how to IG download Reels on Android and iPhone.

How to download IG Reels videos on Android

For those of you who are using an Android phone and want to IG download Reels videos on your device. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Play and download an app called SnapX on your phone.
  • Once the app is installed, open the app and set it up.
  • Once the app is set up, go back to Instagram and select the Story video you want to download and open it.
  • Now tap on the three dots icon and tap on the Copy link.
  • Open the SnapX app you just downloaded and the URL you just copied will automatically be pasted into it.
  • Then select download to download IG Reels to your device.

Now go to your phone gallery and you will find Reels videos. You can then edit or even share it with others through third-party apps.

How to download IG Reels videos on iPhone

  • Open the App Store and download the Downloader app for Instagram.
  • Once the app is installed, open the app and set up the settings.
  • Once the app is set up, go back to Instagram and select the Reels video you want to download and open it.
  • Now tap on the three dots icon and tap on the Copy link.
  • Open Downloader for the Instagram app you just downloaded and the link you copied will be pasted automatically.
  • Tap View, tap Options, and then tap Share and Save Video to save the IG Reels to the Photos app.

How to download Reels videos on Instagram without the app

Here are the steps on how to IG download Reels videos without the app:

  • Open Instagram then open the Reels video you want to download.
  • Alternatively, you can also go to the user’s profile, tap the Reels tab next to the IGTV tab, select the Story video you want to download, and open it.
  • After finding the video, tap the three-dot icon, select “Copy link”.
  • Then access an Instagram video downloader like SnapInsta and paste the URL into it and choose Download to Instagram video download.

You will find the video you just saved on your device.


That is a guide on how to IG download Reels videos on Android and iPhone. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share with your friends if you find this article useful. Wish you success downloading IG Reels.

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Gold and Silver Solidify After Strong Growth on Wednesday

Wednesday 13th October saw a surge in gold price, up to $1800/oz, trading at $1792/oz. Silver also broke the $23.00/oz level with a positive cash open for the future in Europe predicted.

Risk sentiment was improved just overnight in the Asia-Pacific area with the Nikkei 225 (1.15%), ASX (0.54%) and Shanghai Composite (0.08%) all closing higher. Within the FX market, the U.S dollar index was horizontal throughout the night following a decline on Wednesday. We’ve seen huge movement in the NZD/USD which has risen 0.29%.

With both metals hitting four-week highs this week, we were bound to see a consolidation between gold and silver. The marketplace sees a focus mid-week on the U.S consumer price index report for September which was up 0.4% from August and up 5.4% YoY, hitting expected targets.

Inflation rates are being closely monitored by investors this month following the surge in energy costs and supply-chain tailbacks. With a hedge against inflation, gold and silver have become a more favourable investment in times of economic uncertainty, and we are predicting positive investment outcomes from the price hike this week.

Gold bullion has gained the advantage with prices moving in an upward trend on the daily bar chart. Objectives moving forward were to produce a solid resistance at $1,800 which we have seen solidify in the Asia-Pacific market. With a neutral market rating of 5.5, gold saw a September low of $1721.10, with first resistance as of Wednesday 13th October seeing a high of $1797.40, followed by $1,800.

December silver future still has a technical advantage. More gains this week would start the uptrend in price on the daily chart. At $24.00 an ounce, silver bullion sees a price objective of closing prices above the solid technical resistance. With a bearable market rating of 3.5, silver is remaining well priced, with lows this week of $21.40 and highs of $23.50.

According to Sharps Pixley, looking into inflation, recent data suggests inflation is strengthening, only enhanced by the supply chain shortages and failure to catch up to itself following COVID-related restrictions ending. Not to mention, port congestion, labour shortfalls, transportation, and goods handling problems, largely due to unemployment where the levels remain high.

It is noted by Lawrence Williams at Sharps Pixley, that according to the WGC (World Gold Council), we know gold and commodities tend to do best in times of economic uncertainty. Which is evident following Wednesday’s inflation increases, seeing gold rising to the $1,800 mark.

Following a period of weakness this is a significant milestone, along with a rise in the price of copper with equities remaining flat or in decline across Europe and Asia. External market factors such as the slip in dollar prices are another additional contribution towards commodity and gold price advantages, however oil is still declining.

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How do electric bikes work?


From the outside, ebikes seem to work like regular bicycles. They have similar parts with very slight differences. However, these differences are the things that make electric bikes stand out. Their electric component helps in improving the biker’s effort, not replacing it. These bikes make it easy to scale obstacles like hills and travel for long distances without getting tired.

Choosing the right electric bike

It is important to only make use of electric bike components that are top-notch. These include:

The Motor

Ebike motors are made with different power ratings, ranging from 200W to 1000W. However, the regulated power limit is 500W, though it varies in different states. Electric bikes with higher power ratings can easily pull more weight with less strain, but this impacts their battery life greatly. Therefore, although a 500W motor is more powerful than the 250W one, it drains the battery much faster. The 750W electric cargo bike KBO Ranger can go up to 24 mile per hour.

Another important factor is how the motor is designed and where it is located. Hub motors are one of the commonest types of electric bike motors and are usually installed into the rear or front wheel. The motor propels the ebike as the wheels turn. However, this system is not as efficient because it is not directly connected to the gears.

The Battery

The battery of an ebike is another crucial part of how it works. The commonest types of batteries are the following:

  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

These used to be the best batteries for electric scooters and bikes in times past. But while only scooters have seemingly retained the SLA batteries, ebikes now make use of the latest battery technologies. These batteries are more efficient and keep your bike as light as possible.

  • Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are currently the best batteries for electric bikes, with a span of almost 2-3 times that of SLA batteries. They are very light and do not necessarily require frequent maintenance. The KBO Breeze Step-thru commuter e-bike from KBO electric bike has a 48V 16Ah Samsung Li-ion battery, which can go up to 55 miles on a single charge.

The Controller

There are different types of controllers for electronic bikes. These tools help in operating the bike’s electric assistance and are essential to their effective functioning. It is usually located in the handlebar for ease of use. The two main types of controllers are pedal-activated and throttle-based controllers.

  • Pedal-activated Controllers

The pedal-activated systems work by offering the biker electric assistance as soon as the pedals are pressed. They are not activated by a throttle. Instead, pedaling is enough to do the trick. The pedal-activated systems have their controllers mounted on the handlebar, so you can adjust the level of assistance you use while riding. The assistance level ranges from no assistance to a great deal of assistance, so opt for that which suits you best.

  • Throttle-based Controllers

These controllers work by a simple throttle mechanism which can either be a twist-grip or thumb-press type. However, with a throttle, you are allowed to pull back and press the throttle for electric assistance. There are even electric bicycles that do not require having the throttle activated, so you can ride without pedaling.

Therefore, it is important to understand that electric bikes are very easy to use and maintain. Despite all their amazing benefits over regular bikes, they only require a little maintenance because of the battery and motor.

How Are Electric bikes Operated?

Electric bikes are really easy to operate. So as a rider, there are three modes of operation you can access:

  • Pedal Only

Every biker has the option of pedaling their ebike as they do regular bikes. In this type, there is no extra assistance from the motor, so it works exactly like a regular bike. However, this is only one of the variety of pedaling options available for e-bikes.

  • Pedal-Assist

For pedal assists, it is a smooth blend of human and electric power. Therefore, as soon as the mode is turned on from the handlebars, the motors provide electric power as the pedals are pushed. Also, the pedal-assist gives you the freedom to switch gears on different terrains and increase how much help the ebike provides.

The pedal-assist mode gives you an amazing feeling because it makes riding effortless, helps you scale obstacles with ease, and moves with more speed while enjoying the scenery. This mode provides three levels of assistance, which are: low(30%), medium(60%), and high(100%). The percentages show how much additional power is provided by the motor while pedaling. With a simple push of a button, you can change your biking story forever.

  • Electric-Only

The electric-only mode completely eases you of all pedaling stress, so the bike is in full control. If you want to take a break while riding, this is perfect for you. To activate this, you simply have to twist the throttle on the handlebar, and almost immediately, the motor kicks in and propels the bike forward. The electric-only option is only available for as long as you keep the throttle twisted. As soon as you release it, you resume full control of your bike’s functions. Endeavor to not exceed a speed limit of 20 miles per hour while riding.

How do Ebikes Work?

The electronic bike has sensors that measure the torque input, cadence, and speed. Therefore, when a biker turns on the pedal-assistance, it is detected by the electric bike’s sensors, which then prompt the release of power from the battery to energize the motor’s electromagnets.

In the ebike’s made these days, the throttle no longer accentuates the motor’s input. Instead, this is done by the motor itself, providing you with a smooth and convenient ride. The e-bike’s mid-drive motor is made up of both permanent- and electromagnets, which are energized by the power supplied from the battery.


The workings of an ebike are all geared towards improving your biking experience and making it less stressful. This is actualized by the sensors, motors, pedal assists, and all the other parts that contribute to the uniqueness of ebikes. Once a biker pushes the button for help, all involved parts synergistically combine to reduce the effort exerted by the biker to move the ebike.

Having a good understanding of how ebikes work is important for any biker. This boosts your knowledge and gives you insight into making small-scale repairs that do not require the expertise of a technician. Choose an electric bike with amazing pedal-assist functions and enjoy a life of ease.

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Metaverse Thailand, The first chapter of the secondary world

14th October 2021, Bangkok, Thailand – ‘Metaverse Thailand’ launched the new Decentraland where you can buy it in the virtual world. Own land in the Ekamai area , for only a few dollars (BUSD), buy land from a real map in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand!

This platform itself often highlights the main feature is ‘Play to Earn’ or playing and earning money back, that coveraging many points to keep an eyes on,

  1. Decentralization
  2. The use of blockchain in asset management is now land trading.
  3. The use of Self-governing Digital ID
  4. Using cryptocurrency instead of  fiat currency
  5. The use of NFT
  6. The use of spatial from the real Thailand map

Through the project piloted by land in the Ekamai area for us to choose from. The development team said this platform has given us a layer 2 world (compare the real world to Layer 1), which the Layer 2 itself, at this time, still has enough space left to occupy at the moment. But in the future, it’s not certain. and one day it may become a Golden location. The value has soared several folds. ‘Demand-supply’ like real-world land is possible.

In terms of credibility, ‘Metaverse Thailand’ is one of the projects of ‘A-Plus Fintech Pte. LTD. marketed by a Singapore company. Those interested in Metaverse Thailand can join in

on the fun using coin BUSD or MVP Coin to buy the virtual land and build your own way.

The development team stated that in the future it will be developed to be able to ‘Can put the building on the land’ or is it to enter the details Like putting a link that connects to our storefront in the real world, which is also under development. Including there will be a Creator system open to designers to design various buildings. This may be done in conjunction with universities or other places in the future to promote careers for Thai people as well. Or, as the development team gave as an example, it may be connected to a ‘Virtual office’ like to meet the needs of today’s Work from home. At present, it opens into the ‘Metaverse’, a second world that is parallel to the real world. And buying land in ‘Metaverse Thailand’ would be just the beginning.

That said, it’s just a preliminary, the developer has outlined above. In the future, the development team still has a lot of space for further development. by simply having the basis of ‘Purchasing land’ in the Blockchain world only, it would be good, right? If we have started to buy early. before the price soared and more is needed!

The land will be sold in small ‘blocks’, 40×40 meters per block, with prices starting at 3 BUSD per block or 300 MVP Coin (+ a small amount of gas in BNB), with purchases ranging from 1-100 blocks per transaction or starting around 3 dollars only and will be open for sale in 3 rounds per day at 12.00 pm. / 05.00 pm./ 09.00 pm.(GMT+7),Bangkok Time.

Available only 15 minutes each round

It operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Trading is an NFT feature where transaction details can be viewed from BscScan after purchase. that land will connect to our Wallet (you can use a wallet that supports BSC like MetaMask) as well as connect to our “Facebook” to show your friends as well.

Core Project to keep an eyes on

– The next chapter of Live & Earn on Defi platform & Real business use case –

Road map

Metaverse Thailand Roadmap

2021 – Launch

– Open Beta Launch

– Buy & Sell Feature

-Only Ekamai and Thonglor

– Support MVP Coin and BUSD

– Audited tax and advisory service in Singapore


– Merge / Split Land Feature

– Purchase Offer Function

– 2D/3D Model on Maps

– Governance Token Announcement

– Stable Coin Announcement 

– User Profile

– New Partnership

– Listing on CEX

– Corpxervice Business Virtual Office


DeFi on Land Plot Feature

– Update 2D/3D Model

– New Partnership

– Use case Governance Token

– New Listing on CEX

– Listing on Coingecko, CMC

– Business Forum Function


– Audited by Certik

– New Listing on CEX

– New update Feature

– New Partnership

– Morison Global Business Partnership


– New Partnership

– Major Update 3D Game Engine

– Offshore Incorporation Service


– Metaverse Global

For more information



Contact person : Shanya Linn

E-mail :

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Hospital bed – Can A bed Improve Our Health?

Nowadays, the place certainly the whole lot has turn out to be ergonomic, we can find hospital bed rental that helps our physique hold its perfect posture and helps the circulation of our blood as well. First off, right here are the traits of what your hospital bed has to be.

1. A hospital bed that is too gentle will no longer do you any true either. A smooth mattress can seem to be attractive and sense comfy at first – that is, till you honestly sleep on it. It without problems sags and makes it difficult for you to move. It does no longer assist with your posture both due to the fact it does no longer make your backbone hold its appropriate alignment.

You will comprehend if your hospital bed helps your posture when you do no longer have to discover a at ease role whilst you sleep. Also, a right mattress will no longer go away you feeling worn-out and achy the subsequent day. 

2. It must distribute your weight evenly Your hospital bed ought to be in a position to distribute your stress factors evenly throughout your physique and throughout the bed. This decreases soreness which effects in much less physique motion and better, sound sleep. This will additionally assist enhance your blood circulation.

You must select a hospital bed, simply like what is cited above, that is neither too gentle nor too firm. The best mattress ought to conform to your herbal physique form and will no longer put too a good deal pressure, specifically on your heavier parts. In addition, if you select a hospital bed that helps distribute your weight evenly, you will now not experience worn-out the subsequent morning. Contrary to that, there have been many memories of human beings pronouncing that the use of these ergonomic beds leaves them feeling refreshed and energized in the morning. 

3. There have to be support on your lower back The backbone is possibly the most essential section of the physique that ergonomic fixtures targets to take care of. The hospital bed you must pick is one that will conform to the herbal alignment of your spine.

There must no longer be any stress, tension, or strain in the spinal place of the physique to relieve again pains and even to assist these with scoliosis. Before you sleep, lie down on your mattress and pay interest to how your returned is doing. You need to neither be a stick- straight nor slouching.

4. Transfer of motion have to be minimal This is mainly actual for couples who sleep collectively each night. Sometimes, you strive to get a correct night’s sleep on your very own however discover it challenging to do so due to the fact your accomplice maintains on tossing and turning. While you can’t pressure your accomplice to reduce his/her movements, you can pick then again to skip the disturbance.

Many hospital bed in the market are now greater with a function that makes it feasible to reduce the switch of motion from one napping man or woman to another. This capacity that no count how frequently your accomplice tosses and turns, you would now not experience it on your facet due to the fact little or no motion is transferred. 

5. If you have the price range for it, go for an adjustable hospital bed is vital for your returned issues however if you have some spare money mendacity around, why now not go one step in addition and purchase an adjustable bed? For humans with excessive again pain, mendacity on a flat floor is no longer usually the most blissful function in the world. This is the place the adjustment phase comes in.

Adjustable beds permit the customers (or sleepers for that matter) to alter the bed’s perspective of inclination. Many fashions permit the head phase of the mattress to be adjusted whilst some recently-emerged fashions now have the characteristic to trade the perspective of the foot section as well. A moderate trade in the head’s inclination can assist limit ache from the legs and the returned and can even alleviate ache in sufferers struggling from spinal stenosis and herniated discs.

Adjustable beds are additionally the reply to people, mainly these who are obese, who have difficulties in the morning standing up from their mendacity position.


The hospital bed aspects two rows of heavy gauge pocket coil springs round the whole edge. Many human beings who have bought one of these mattresses record that they wake in the morning feeling plenty greater rested and refreshed than they did whilst slumbering on their ancient spring coil bed. Take time to weigh towards a wide variety of aspects of unique hospital bed and you may be capable to discover the product that suits your wants the best.

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Get The Best Business Name Card Printing Services With Kiasuprint

Business cards are an easy and fast way to bring recognition to your business and your brand. No matter whether you are a teacher, accountant, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, or anything else, you can market your skills and services through your business card and provide people with all of your valid contact details.

Similarly, if you have employees to work in your company, you need to have visiting cards for every major employee. With professional visiting cards, you can send a message to your potential clients that your company and your employees are worth looking into.

But, the worst thing you can experience after meeting a prospective client or during a meeting with a new partner is not to have your visiting cards and have to give your company name and email on a scrap of paper. It has been observed that people every so often thrust something like this aside without even understanding it.  However, they will not do this with a sturdy business card. They will keep this, particularly if it is of a peculiar size. The best size for your business card is something that is small but not something that can throw under a stack of papers on a desk or get lost under a car seat.

Business cards need to be easily found and noticeable through brand/business name, logo, a catching picture, and color scheme. All of these things can be created with a custom business name card printing service provided by, a leading yet trusted printing platform.

Hiring quality business card printing services is essential if you desire to have impressive visiting cards for your business or job. It makes sure that you get quality-made final products that will serve the role that you need them to play efficiently. Professional business cards are imperative for any modern business. They create the first impression in the minds of people who visit your business. Therefore, it is also important to ensure that they have the best look possible. This is where Kiasuprint helps you out in the best possible way.

Aiming to bring ultimate convenience to its customers, Kiasuprint offers 24/7 business card printing services online. There is no need to go outside from your house; you can place your order via the website. All you need to do is to explore card designs and choose your favorite one. Customize it with your specific contact information and do confirm your order. At Kiasuprint, we offer a wide range of business card designs that can be customized depending on your needs and preferences. This is not enough of what we offer. We also offer you the opportunity to create your own design or even provide us with your already-made business design. So, it is up to you how you want to design your business card.

After designing the card, you have to share all of your wanted printing details (such as card quantity, size, material, and print type) with us so that we can print your business cards in the appropriate manner. You can also place your order via WhatsApp. We don’t offer walk-in-order. You can only pick up your order from the store. Otherwise, we will deliver it to your doorstep.   

Hence, speaking about the prices, does not disturb your budget and offers pocket-friendly rates for its top-quality business card printing services. You can also calculate the estimated price for your business card printing before placing your order. Moreover, we accept different payment modes, such as Paypal and debit/credit cards to provide ultimate convenience to our valued customers. So, what do you want more? Start browsing our website right now!      

Contact Details:

Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Address: 101 Upper Cross Street #05-38 People’s Park Centre Singapore 058357

Telephone: 6100 0938


Whatsapp Order: 81820938 

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How to Interview a Realtor When Selling a Home

If you are selling your home in the Garden State, you may be stuck in a dilemma on how to pick the best realtor. There are many real estate agents in new jersey, but they are not created equal. With so many options to pick from, it can indeed be overwhelming to sign up with just one. You may even be tempted to try selling solo.

But hold your horses because though realtors are not required to sell a home, you cannot deny their value. Those who choose to sell their property with a real estate agent can command more and expect a faster turnaround. Definitely, the positive results of working with a realtor outweigh the costs. Hence, it’s no wonder why many sellers choose to sell their homes with a real estate agent.

If you are ready to sell your home, looking for reputable real estate agents in New Jersey should be your priority. After researching different websites and reading reviews, you may have narrowed your prospect list. Don’t commit yourself to one too early but arrange for an in-person meeting first. This will help you get the right candidate. Here’s how you can interview a realtor to find the best selling agent:

Find Out About the Realtor’s Training and Background

With so many real estate agents in New Jersey, the goal is to find one that proves trustworthy and provides an amazing experience. You can do that by researching their background. Find out the following information:

  • Do you possess a license in New Jersey?
  • Can you share your education and training?
  • What tests have you passed?
  • Do you have any industry affiliations?
  • Do you work as an independent contractor, or are you part of a brokerage firm?

Association with the NAR or National Real Estate Association plus other credentials offers peace of mind that you’re working with a serious professional. Besides, if you meet someone who is a real estate broker, this means you have access to someone with a higher level of training. Brokers are the leaders who have the power to supervise ordinary real estate agents.

Discuss Details on the Agent’s Professional Experience

You will find many real estate agents in New Jersey, but they all handle their business differently. Thus, getting to know the person matters because you want your home to sell fast and at the best price. Now is the time to verify the data you’ve gathered from researching their website and other places on the net. You can ask for the following info:

  • How long have you been working in residential real estate?
  • Can you state your track record in selling a home that looks like mine?
  • Do you have a good grasp of my home’s geographic area?
  • Can you show me data on the homes you’ve sold for the past six months?
  • How familiar are you with my area?

Find someone with at least three years in the industry. Most of all, you want to work with an agent that can deliver results with the kind of property you own. To illustrate, an agent who has sold ten contemporary homes in a new subdivision may not be the best match for your old turn-of-the-century Tudor house.

Verify the Agent’s Suggested Price for Your House

Professional real estate agents in New Jersey will come to your meeting armed with proof. After all, their selling prowess will only be visible in terms of their actual sales. Apart from impressing you with their actual results, they will come to your meeting armed with a CMA. This comparable market analysis will compare homes similar to yours in terms of:

  • Size
  • House location
  • Amenities
  • Recent upgrades

These homes have either been sold within the past three months or those still on the market. This report should also include comparable houses that were listed but did not sell. The listing could have expired because no one bought the house for the aesthetics or the price. The realtor can offer you the most competitive pricing to get a list price that converts into a sale with all this data.

Find Out Details About the Agent’s Planned Marketing Campaigns

How do you plan to market my home? This is one of the most important questions you ask your prospective real estate agents in New Jersey. After all, as the wise adage says: failing to plan is planning to fail. Thus, you must find out what the realtor plans to make your house shine in a competitive market.

It is vital to show off your house well and get the attention of buyers who are actively seeking a new home. Ask about past strategies and how successful they were. For example, the agent can perform the following:

  • Open houses
  • Ads in local newspapers
  • Online listings
  • Virtual tours
  • Online bookings
  • Social media organic postings
  • Paid or sponsored posts

Ask the agent which among these strategies will work for you. Find out the rationale behind each move and why the agent believes it will work in selling your house fast.

Seek a List of References that You Can Contact

Ask the agent how many other clients he or she is working with right now. This matters immensely because you don’t want an overloaded agent who’s spread too thin. But, on the other hand, you want ample attention and time to ensure your property gets promoted well.

Most of all, ask for referrals from current and past clients who don’t mind talking to you. Then, take the time to actually call the people to determine how well they enjoyed working with the agent. Ask about issues and other relevant things you want to be clarified. This is the best way to get to know the agent.

Stay Forthright About the Commission

Finally, speak frankly about the commission, which generally falls between 5% to 5% of the selling price. This is then split between the seller’s and buyer’s agent. This could also vary depending on factors you spoke about beforehand.

Be sure to get things in black and white before signing up with any realtor in New Jersey. You must consider the above factors before making a final decision. After speaking with several agents, your gut will usually kick in. If you feel that the agent fails in communicating and looks distracted with calls during the meeting, it would be best to look elsewhere. You want a responsive, organized, trustworthy, and detail-oriented person as your ally.

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