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QRONI launches robust ecosystem allowing its users seamless crypto transactions

Berlin, Germany, 23rd Sep 2022, (King NewsWire)Qroniswap is a DeFi protocol and ecosystem which is audited twice and based at Germany and Singapore. Qroni is covering cross-chain crypto trading and swapping, NFT ticketing, and fiat on-ramp payments.

Qroni will be listed in TIER 2 CEX EXCHANGE – AZBIT and further in COIN MARKET CAP. Qroni has undergone certain partnerships with RUBIC SWAP DEX and ONRAMPER.

Qroniswap’s robust ecosystem is such that allows deep liquidity and seamless crypto transactions, all spiced up with incentivized earning models which allow users’ assets to create passive streams of income while they engage in other activities on the protocol.

Users can mint, buy, sell, resell, and stake NFT tickets. Event planners and companies can, on a broader scale, create unlimited tickets which are unique and use a peer-to-peer encrypted format that requires the private keys of the holders to decode and access. This helps to eliminate fraudulent NFT transactions and ensure that every ticket is genuine and from the right source. Qroni enables all users to buy any coin directly from their DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.

Another important sector of the Qroniswap ecosystem is the multi-chain DEX protocol which comprises an AMM, farm, and liquidity pool. The multi-chain DEX allows for cross-chain transactions; this is to facilitate liquidity provision across multiple blockchains. The farm and liquidity pool for staking and yield farming run smart contracts that encourage constant liquidity on Qroniswap. These pools come with huge incentives to keep users and investors supporting not just the protocol with liquidity, but the underlying network with transaction validation.



Qroni Token trading on

Media Contact

Organization: Qroni

Contact Person: Emmanuel

Email: [email protected]


City: Berlin

Country: Germany

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Reviewed a best VPS Server Hosting Provider with Philippines and Manila based IP – TheServerHost

How to choose best Philippines’ VPS Cloud Server Hosting Provider in terms of Managed Services Linux, Windows, RDP, SSD, KVM, Unmanaged & Unlimited Bandwidth?

Delhi, Delhi, India, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, Philippines Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer a number of advantages over shared hosting. As the name suggests, they give each user dedicated server resources in a secure and isolated environment. Virtual private servers can scale easily, allowing for additional resources as your website grows. This means you can easily upgrade RAM, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth when necessary.

VPS servers also offer a wide variety of options, such as dedicated IP addresses, performance-enhancing software, and root access. This allows you to have more control over the functionality of your website and ensure its security. This type of hosting is also scalable, enabling you to easily add more resources and features as your site grows.

A VPS is also ideal for those who don’t want to share their server with others. This server offers the same functionality as a dedicated server but is cheaper. It also offers better stability and has fewer limits than a shared server. Unlike shared hosting, you’ll have no one else’s IP address or phishing history. Plus, VPS providers offer 24/7 technical support.

If you’re a web developer and want to host a website on your own, VPS hosting is the way to go. It provides you with complete control over your server, allowing you to run custom apps and other software that require a dedicated machine. In addition to this, you can control your server from a remote location.

VPS server hosting also offers several security benefits. It gives you more control over your server, and you can choose additional security layers that protect your site from other websites. You’ll also have more control of your server and can easily scale as your needs grow. For those who need a unique website and want to keep it secure, VPS is the way to go. It allows you to customize your website to fit your exact needs. Unlike shared hosting, you’ll have complete control over your server, including making backups and restoring them when necessary.

When choosing a VPS hosting server, it’s important to decide on the operating system. You’ll also need to decide which coding language you’ll use to create your website. You can choose a Windows host if it’s compatible with your needs. You’ll need to specify a license for it if you’re using an open-source OS.

You’ll be able to run your projects more efficiently and quickly with VPS hosting. It also offers unparalleled stability. Because you’ll have dedicated resources for your site, your visitors won’t have to worry about downtime. Moreover, your files and data will always be safe. With VPS hosting, you’ll be able to control everything on your server remotely.

About Best Philippines VPS Server Hosting Provider – TheServerHost

If you’re looking for a reliable VPS server hosting provider in the Philippines, there are several things to look for when selecting a provider. These include 24 hour customer support, root access, and flexible plans. Listed below are some of the features of TheServerHost hosting plans.

Root access

While all VPS hosting solutions are not created equal, TheServerHost offers full root access and extensive documentation. You can install any software you want and even customize the operating system. Their support is available round-the-clock, so you don’t have to worry about issues.

VPS is a type of private hosting that is highly secure and scalable. People who don’t want to pay for a dedicated server but need enhanced reliability, security, and backup resources can opt for a VPS server in the Philippines. VPS servers use virtualization technology, which provides enterprise-grade resources and allows users to use intense resources.

Root access gives you total control of the server. Having root access means you can install any software, customize operating system settings, and add more resources to your account. Root access also lets you manage multiple users with different levels of access. Root access is essential if you’re running a website that handles financial transactions.

TheServerHost Best Philippines VPS Server Hosting Provider is backed by enterprise-grade hardware and offers excellent support. Moreover, you can expect unmetered bandwidth, disk space, and SSL certificates, along with dedicated email accounts. TheServerHost offers affordable prices for a variety of plans. In addition, their servers are dependable and have a good uptime.

Flexible plans

With VPS hosting in the Philippines, you get complete control over your servers and can enjoy high performance and reliability. It is one of the most affordable types of hosting, and it comes with a variety of features. Moreover, it comes with a guarantee of uptime. Its flexibility allows you to choose from a variety of different plans, and you can customize them as per your needs.

VPS servers can be managed remotely through a dedicated admin. These admins can monitor and secure the server, ensuring that it is always in optimal condition. Moreover, these servers can be updated easily, with minimal downtime. Moreover, they are equipped with a control panel that provides easy access to server configurations.

You can choose from a number of server plans from TheServerHost. For example, you can opt for unlimited bandwidth and disk space, which is perfect for businesses that require a lot of space. They also provide high-speed network interfaces and free technical support for all VPS servers.

TheServerHost is a premier VPS server hosting provider in the Philippines. They are renowned for their high-quality hosting services, security, and reliability. They also have a great range of control panels, high-quality software, and excellent customer service. Their virtual servers are highly functional and feature-rich, and their cost is affordable.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS servers give you total control over your operating system, which means you can install and uninstall any software you want. But make sure to check whether the operating system you choose works with your server. This is important, as you might need to make changes to your system.

24 hour support

There are several benefits of using Philippines VPS server hosting. The best one is that these services are very affordable and come with guaranteed uptime and high performance. In addition, these services offer total isolation from other hosts and servers. You can also control the configuration of your server using the control panel.

If you’re looking for a top quality virtual private server hosting provider in the Philippines, TheServerHost is the best choice. The company’s servers are managed by experienced technicians. Their control panel allows you to customize your server settings and have round-the-clock technical support. You can choose from unmetered and capped VPS plans to meet your specific needs. This way, you’ll be able to use as much bandwidth as you need without worrying about running out. Moreover, you can always upgrade to a higher plan if you need more resources.

TheServerHost offers full-root access, which allows you to customize your server’s settings. With full-root access, you can install and uninstall any software and hardware, as well as customize your website settings. This is especially beneficial for websites with high traffic and need to be viewed by visitors without experiencing lags. You can also benefit from dedicated IP addresses, which can improve your website’s SEO. TheServerHost also offers free technical consultations, so you can ask questions and get help in a timely manner. You can also get assistance from technical experts in different languages, which is a great feature to have when you’re having trouble with your website.

KVM and More info about TheServerHost 

Philippines VPS hosting servers offer several benefits to users, including enhanced performance, security, and uptime. They are also available at an affordable price. With this type of hosting, users have complete control over the computer, which means they can make changes to the server’s configuration without affecting other applications.

TheServerHost offers Linux and Windows operating systems, which offer unmatched performance and reliability. These operating systems enable multiple servers to be run on the same hardware, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. Plus, they offer server maintenance and support to help users make the most of their dedicated servers.

TheServerHost offers a wide range of virtual private server hosting plans, with both KVM and dedicated server configurations available. These plans allow users to install their own operating systems, reboot and suspend virtual machines, and create templates. This type of hosting is ideal for those who need to create several different websites, such as a business blog, a portfolio of products, or an eCommerce website.

VPS servers are ideal for large-scale websites, with multiple IP addresses and unmetered bandwidth. Additionally, clients can choose their CPU cores and RAM, as well as add email accounts. In addition to unlimited bandwidth and space, VPS servers also offer outstanding security and live technical support.

Another important feature of VPS hosting is root access. With this, you can modify the settings and make necessary modifications to your website to make it secure and run fast. However, you should be careful not to misuse this privilege. Root access is not given to every VPS server, and improper use can hurt your website. Therefore, if you’re interested in a VPS server, make sure you ask your hosting provider to give you the credentials.

Features, Business Benefits and Managed Services that help you to choose Best among all available Philippines VPS Provider. And same offered by TheServerHost

Choosing a VPS Server Hosting plan is important for a business website. Here are some features to consider.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is a great option for those with technical know-how and desire more control over their servers. These servers offer a range of advantages, including the ability to configure SSL certificates, DNS servers, Firewalls, and backup settings. They are also ideal for budget-conscious users.

The main difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is that managed VPS hosting provides technical support after installation. It is ideal for small businesses or webmasters who are unfamiliar with server management. With unmanaged VPS hosting, the business owner is responsible for server maintenance and updates. The web host will provide the physical server and initial operating system. However, the business owner is responsible for installing and managing software and running auto backups. This means that it is crucial to have technical know-how.

In addition to providing 24/7 support, managed VPS plans cost a lot. However, these companies also provide expert assistance and monitor the server for malicious threats. On the other hand, unmanaged VPS plans are cheaper and allow users to maintain their own server. This type of hosting allows root access to the server.

Choosing between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting is a tough decision. While the former option requires more technical knowledge and less expertise, managed VPS hosting offers many benefits. It allows you to save money and free up your time to focus on growing your site and running your business. However, managing a VPS server can be a full-time job. Therefore, hiring a hosting company can free up your time to focus on the business.

The differences between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting are often based on the way that your server is managed. Managed VPS hosting companies handle the hardware and operating system while unmanaged VPS hosting is entirely up to you. Moreover, managed VPS hosting companies offer security features and tools that make running your website easier.

Managed VPS hosting

Managed VPS server hosting is a great option for business owners who need a server but don’t have time or resources to maintain it. These packages can be managed 24 hours a day by the service provider and come with features such as server optimization and setup assistance. A managed hosting package can also include round-the-clock technical support and backups.

Choosing a managed VPS server hosting plan can help business owners increase the speed of their websites. With a faster website, you’ll be able to improve your search engine ranking and improve the overall performance of your website. Also, you’ll be able to get a unique IP address for your website, which is essential for security.

Managed VPS server hosting is the perfect bridge between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. You can choose from a wide variety of plans and upgrade as your website grows. The flexibility of Managed VPS plans also allows you to install advanced software and customize your virtual server. You can use Linux or Windows operating systems to manage your virtual server, depending on your needs.

Many managed hosting plans include domain registration. Some even include the first year of registration for free. Basic server maintenance is included with all managed hosting plans, and some include proactive monitoring and automated backups. In addition, some managed hosting plans include cPanel licenses and SysAdmin time.

Unmetered VPS hosting

Unmetered VPS hosting is a type of hosting that offers the ultimate control for a website owner. These servers allow users to customize the system and use as many resources as they need to create and host their website. Because these servers are unmetered, they are secure and are protected from spam and hacker attacks.

Before deciding on the best hosting for your site, you should understand what unmetered VPS hosting is. Some plans may be better for beginners than others, and you can choose a service that meets your needs. Also, you should be aware of how much control you have over your server. Some VPS hosts may be easier to use than others. If you need more power, you can use a cPanel or a vps manager to configure your server.

When choosing an unmetered VPS hosting plan, check for a high amount of RAM. The higher the RAM, the faster your site will run. You can also select a port speed limit. In addition to unmetered VPS plans, you should look for features that include automatic backups and centralized DDoS protection.


In VPS Server Hosting, you can use as much or as little resources as you need to run your website. Each VPS is based on powerful hardware servers, which allows it to run multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously, giving it more bandwidth and storage space. Each VM is allocated a specific amount of CPU, RAM, and storage space. It is important not to exceed this limit, as you will end up paying more for the resources that you don’t need.

The benefits of a VPS are many. It gives you access to advanced features comparable to dedicated hosting, at a lower price. You can also upgrade your VPS if you need more resources. Some hosting companies offer dedicated support for VPS, allowing you to reach them whenever you need help.

Another benefit of VPS Server Hosting is that it is scalable. If you decide to expand your business, you can expand your VPS to accommodate more traffic. It’s easy to add more resources to your VPS without disrupting the other accounts on the server. Most web hosting providers allow you to easily increase the size of your VPS through selectors or toggles. This enables you to scale your VPS in a matter of minutes.

Unlike shared hosting environments, a VPS does not share its system resources with other users, making it significantly more efficient. You’re also able to plan for future expansion, because your website can grow as your business does. Moreover, the flexibility of VPS servers also allows you to increase the capacity of your server without any downtime.

Another benefit of VPS Server Hosting is security. Because VPS uses isolated containers, your data is more secure. The security measures are more comprehensive than those of shared hosting, as VPS servers are managed and you can depend on the provider for your security.


One of the main benefits of VPS Server Hosting is its stability and reliability. Shared hosting is often affected by server failures and can significantly reduce website performance. On the other hand, VPS Server Hosting has more dedicated resources and is more stable and reliable. It can scale easily to meet growing needs without requiring migration to a more expensive hosting plan.

Another major advantage of VPS Server Hosting is increased performance. Your website will load more quickly on a visitor’s browser, which will improve engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, your SERP ranking will increase. Moreover, you will have greater control over the environment of your server, which means less downtime and more uptime.

Another important benefit of VPS Server Hosting is its cost-effectiveness. Many people think that VPS Server Hosting is too expensive, but thanks to the advances in virtualization technology, prices are starting to fall. It is still necessary to consider your budget and the needs of your business to determine whether this hosting solution is right for you.


There are many advantages of VPS server hosting, including the higher level of security that it provides. Unlike shared hosting, where you share the same server with many other users, a VPS has dedicated hardware. This makes it more reliable and efficient, and ensures that your site is safe from data breaches and spikes in traffic. In addition, a VPS also offers better performance and excellent controls to customize your site.

A managed VPS server can help you protect your data from breaches by providing daily backups. In addition, managed VPS server hosting providers keep your server up to date with patches. This can help you restore your server quickly if needed. A managed VPS also gives you access to an experienced team of professionals who know how to spot and fix security vulnerabilities.

A VPS server allows you to install and run any software you want. The VPS environment gives you the freedom to use resource-intensive applications without sacrificing your website’s performance. Additionally, you can choose the operating system that you’d like to run your website on. In contrast, shared server hosting requires you to settle for the operating system that the host uses.

The best way to protect your website from cyberattacks is to install an SSL certificate. A managed VPS server has the tools to automatically install an SSL certificate for your site. You should never run a website without an SSL certificate. Getting one is not easy.


The cost of VPS server hosting varies widely depending on the features you require. While most providers will provide the standard tools for managing websites, such as cPanel, you can pay extra for services such as server monitoring and automatic error repair. Prices can range anywhere from a few dollars a month to several hundred.

A VPS server lets you choose the type of operating system, memory, storage, and other components that are right for your website. It means you have complete control over the software you want to use, and your website won’t share resources with others. In addition, you’ll have more control over your website’s performance.

When choosing between VPS server hosting plans, consider the amount of bandwidth and CPU cores you need. A VPS server is cheaper than a dedicated server, and it offers more flexibility. If you need more power, you can easily upgrade your plan at any time. Moreover, you’ll never experience any downtime or interruptions because of server upgrades.

If you need a secure, reliable, and flexible IT environment, a VPS Server is the way to go. It offers more resources, better CPU, and more disk space. Additionally, it’s more customizable, which is important if you have a large website that needs to run fast and smoothly.

Access control

The VPS server hosting technology works by using a hypervisor to divide up a physical server into multiple compartments or virtual servers. This creates a dedicated environment for each user, and it also supports multiple virtualized operating systems. You can get the same level of performance and resources as with a dedicated server, and you can set up each compartment for different needs.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your information safe, a VPS server is a great choice. The virtualization technology used by a VPS allows you to keep your data secure from unwanted visitors. It also allows you to use tools like Web Application Firewalls and spam filters to further secure your server.

Access control is another benefit of VPS server hosting. This gives you greater control over your data and your server’s resources, without compromising on performance. Since you can customize the environment on your VPS, you can change the amount of RAM, CPU, storage, and network to meet your specific requirements.

Conclusion: VPS Server Hosting is a great option for businesses that are unsure how much traffic they will generate over a given period of time. Unlike shared hosting plans, VPS allows businesses to scale their operations without interruption. This means that if the traffic grows significantly, a server upgrade can be easily done without any downtime.

Data Center at and IP based at Manila 

For PHILIPPINES VPS Server visit

For PHILIPPINES Dedicated Server visit

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Address 1: 493, G.F., Sector -5, Vaishali, Ghaziabad 201010.

City: Delhi

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Country: India

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Niceone Keypad Produces Membrane Switch, Membrane Panel, Backlighting Solutions and Capacitive Switch

Niceone Keypad is a factory that produces Membrane switch, Membrane Panel, Backlighting Solutions and Capacitive Switch, new products with customized designs.

Dongguan, China, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, Niceone Keypad is a factory that manufactures the Membrane switch, Membrane Panel, Backlighting Solutions and Capacitive SwitchThe factory has launched new products with customized designs in the latest development.

The Niceone-Keypad-Customized Design Factory has been established for three years as a subsidiary of Nicke-tech. The factory has started customizing and producing Membrane Switches, Silicone rubber Keypads, Injection Plastic, and Graphic Overlay with world-class equipment, materials, and personnel.

Their newly customized products are as follows:

1. Membrane Panel: Their membrane panel consists of different layers of polyester printed and assembled. It lets users create a custom human-machine interface at a reasonable price. The membrane panel by Niceone Keypad offers:

  • Inexpensive control system
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Customizable Graphic Design

2. Backlighting Solution: The product brings its Light Source where Resin Dome design can be selected. People can choose Silicone Rubber Keypad as an Overlay material, and different colors of LEDs can be chosen to light up the illuminated area.

3. Capacitive Switch: It is a thermal switch and an electronic capacitor. Niceone Keypad provides an optional Backlight Solution with Capacitive Switch. Users can choose the following features:

  • A Thicker Panel
  • No Metal Dome Design
  • Polyester, Polycarbonate, Glass, PVC, Plastic as Covering Materials

4. Membrane Switch: It is a kind of HMI. The thickness is controlled between 0.5-1.2mm of Niceone Keypad’s Membrane Switch. It has prominent color matching, and the design can function as the operating system on many electronic controllers, medical accessories, and agricultural products.

Furthermore, the company focuses on Performance and Production; their accurate automated machines, equipped with servo motors and intelligent systems, help people enhance productivity. It also emphasizes Customization Solutions; the Niceone Keypad provides optional materials and equipment to manufacture personal injection molding machines or others according to their ideas and needs.

About Niceone Keypad

The Niceone-Keypad team provides customer’s product application direction and budget expenditure and gives the customer a suitable product draft design. To facilitate the understanding of customers, Niceone-Keypad has made a documentary on the influence of materials and design choices on the product.

Potential clients must visit the official website for further information.

Media Contact

Organization: Niceone-keypad

Contact Person: Peter Ren

Email: [email protected]


Address 1: No.88 Industrial Park, Tonggu 1st Street, Dalang Town, Dongguan City GuangDong

City: Dongguan

Country: China

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Science call attention to Athos Salome paranormal abilities

Divinopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire – Certain individuals have possessed abilities that science could not determine their existence or explain how possible it is to manifest such abilities. Paranormality, the science that studies psychic events, and supposed paranormal phenomena, which may seem supernatural are one of such abilities. While science could not wrap its hands around this phenomenon, some scholars claim that extrasensory perception can be developed through special techniques, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and more.

Athos Salome, prophetic and biblical name, compared to Nostradamus who was a French astrologer born in the early 16th century. He worked as a doctor and his recognition came through his supposed ability to predict the future. Researchers and interpreters point to his prophecies as the most remarkable in history, even if symbolic and without proof that they are clearly his sayings.

A recent study – carried out by researchers cited as an example the predictions of the Brazilian, Athos Salome. 
Despite the controversies surrounding paranormality and the perception of future events, Athos Salome has proven beyond doubt that psychic abilities can be cultivated, honed, and developed through practice. His accuracy and insightfulness are a testament to the fact that psychic abilities are not just reserved for those with a natural gift but can be cultivated by anyone who will put in the effort. These abilities, according to Athos, are latent faculties of the human mind but science tries to hide its mechanisms.

Colombian psychiatrist Ray Padridin, MD, based in Florida, USA, says:

“We have a very famous paranormal psychologist Athos Salome in Brazil, who deciphered 92% of his predictions. It seems to me that this is a very high number, which we cannot ignore. We should pay attention, whether it’s true or not, we should pay attention to what these people say. Because they can help us avoid problems and suffering, and they can help us make decisions in the future. Think about it,” he recommends.

“These people are called psychics or mediums. They have many names, but the interesting thing is that science doesn’t recognize this ability, and the reason is that it can’t be accurately measured. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention and care, as this can give us very important information”, adds Ray Padridin.

Thiago Luigi, a pioneering expert in Brazil who since 2013 has been working with behavioral analysis using the main behavioral protocols of verbal analysis such as (MRI Reality Monitoring, Statement Analysis, CBCA, etc.) together with his criminal lawyer partner, Dionisio Fabio Dalcin Mata, analyzed 14 statements by Athos Salome and found no evidence of the main behaviors that would refer to the category of “charlatans.” The most commonly used by the “false prophets” is the so-called ‘Barnum Statements’ and ‘The Forer effect’ which offer a quantity of general information to an audience (some of which are certainly correct, almost correct, or at least pro or evocative), which seem specific to the current context but are statements with a high generic content, which is seen by a hopeful perspective.

The Brazilian doctor Edmundo Ahouagi says in his social networks:

“There are more things between heaven and earth than your vain philosophy dreams of”

And I agree with Shakespeare.

As a doctor, he admits that science is limited, but the universe that exists beyond that limit is infinite.
To discover and know something beyond our limits, we need to be open to it. It is undeniable that gift, talent and ability make us special people, and all it takes is sensitivity to know that we all have something special.
The paranormality is something that fascinates me and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone within the limits of science and to know and understand what is outside of it.
I recognize Athos Salome for his talent and skill, for spreading this seed, from which a great tree will grow, where each fruit will be an open mind.

About Athos Salome

He is one of the most internationally known Brazilian psychics and has since broken out after several fulfilled prophecies and has not stopped since.

Furthermore, the clairvoyant predicted that World War III would start in the year 2022 and that there would be a collapse of stands that would lead to the death of many in a stadium. Impressively, his predictions came true in July 2022 during a bullfight in Tolima, Colombia. 

Athos also predicted a time when the world would experience mutation and animal extermination. This prediction came to pass after the extermination of several animals in some countries and the cloning of countless mammals. With the “Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot” project scheduled to be launched on September 30, it is now looking like the prediction that robots will replace human workers is coming true. 
Bizarre scenarios involving Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be responsible for the end of humanity.

The predictions of regarding the about various global events have been registered on several portals for over a year. The list of predictions includes the pandemic announced 8 years before it happened. The possible cure for the disease may be in the waters and first hand he revealed that the secret is in the algae.

Consequently, Athos Salome, with his proven credibility, predicts that the years 2023, 2024, and 2026 will be landmarks in world history.

Media Contact

Organization: Athos Salome

Contact Person: Athos Salome

Email: [email protected]


City: Divinopolis

State: Minas Gerais

Country: Brazil

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Finance News Network Vehement Media Network Launches Real-Time NFT API to Help Web3 Products Scale, an NFT data and trading aggregation platform, has launched the NFTGo Developers API with Real-time NFT Analytics, a new tool that provides real-time, stable, and user-friendly NFT data access with rich data granularity for their communities, developers, project partners, and research institutions.

Singapore, Singapore, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire –, an NFT data and trading aggregation platform, has launched the NFTGo Developers API with Real-time NFT Analytics, a new tool that provides real-time, stable, and user-friendly NFT data access with rich data granularity for their communities, developers, project partners, and research institutions.

The beta version of the Developers API was launched this August and has already onboarded thousands of customers. now offers both monthly and yearly subscription-based Developers API services including free, fixed-priced, and customized plans.

Cannot view this
image? Visit:

Figure 1

Since the platform launch on Aug 2021, has been striving to make its data aggregator a place to analyze the NFT market and facilitate ecosystem growth by making Web3 data accessible to everyone.

Their Developers platform and NFT API is one of the most anticipated features introduced by in Q3 2022, along with the real-time data, wash trading filter, and watchlist to empower the NFT community with quality data and informed decisions. has also recently announced the launch of the NFT Trading Aggregator at its 1st anniversary, providing a seamless NFT journey from discovering to buying NFTs, aided by real-time analytics.

As the number of Web3 users and applications has grown exponentially, delivering a comprehensive view of NFT performance and key metrics has become increasingly important.’s API serves as a tool to help the community retrieve, manage, and process real-time on-chain data with the following capabilities.

Real-time NFT Data

Up to date information about the current market is crucial to help investors make accurate and well-informed investment decisions. Users can call an API which tracks real-time market data across various NFT marketplaces without latency.

High-performance & Stable

Empowered by a high-performing data acquisition engine, ensures that their API delivers on-chain data with stability. NFTGo aims to help businesses to establish themselves and scale with reliable API tools & services, by providing trustworthy NFT Data services.

Powerful Address Tracker

Empowered by their data aggregator’s powerful address tracker, NFTGo’s API tracks every single address and portfolio for all NFT related information. Users can value and track any wallet, with detailed asset views across a wide range of metrics, including portfolio valuation, holdings, transaction history, related addresses etc. It helps you follow hot money like whales, blue chip holders & super blue chip holders, and how they manage their portfolios in a smart and sensible way.

Advanced NFT Metrics

The Developers API supports a wide range of advanced metrics to make NFT markets more transparent and better understood. Metrics include market performance, collection ranking, profit leaderboard, collections listed on NFTGo, rarity score, NFT holding information, etc. Users can build their products accordingly for a customized user experience.

“Any project, research institute or developer can now easily access real-time NFT data with stability, and customized user experience to scale their Web3 product by using Developers API hosted by The tool has undergone many tests and iterations through our beta period, we are very grateful to be supported by a great community who constantly provides feedback to help us deliver the best user-centric product,” said Lowes Yang, founder of Developers API is now available to the community, visit for more information.

About is an NFT data aggregator that enables users to analyze the NFT market by housing a wide range of analytic tools and features , including NFT market trend and analytics, NFT search engine, ranking, rarity, whale tracking, NFT drops, and many more tools to help users discover, purchase, and evaluate NFT assets. prides itself in making Web3 data accessible to the masses. Empowered by a high performing cross-chain data acquisition engine, delivers real-time accurate on-chain data and professional market insights to make a seamless experience for everyone who joins the NFT ecosystem.

Media Contact

Organization: NFTGo

Contact Person: Dan Tran

Email: [email protected]


Address 1: 3 Fraser Street, #05-25, DUO Tower

City: Singapore

Country: Singapore

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Get Best Deal with Leading Dedicated Server Hosting Provider on Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur based IP – TheServerHost

How to choose Best Malaysian Dedicated Server Hosting Provider among all in terms of Managed, Unmanaged, Linux, Windows, SSD, Unmetered or Unlimited Bandwidth, Bare Metal Server & Game Hosting

Delhi, Delhi, India, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, Malaysia Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of Internet hosting service. It is designed to give you and your website the best experience possible. It is often referred to as a managed or dedicated hosting service. While this type of hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, the benefits can be substantial. It can help you save time and money, and will ensure that your website is always up and running.

Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of Internet hosting service in which a hosting company leases out a specific server to a single customer. A dedicated server is isolated and is accessible to only one company, which keeps your data and information private and secure. Some hosting companies offer fully managed services, which include setup, management, and support.

Another benefit of dedicated server hosting is that you can customize it to meet your specific needs. Dedicated servers have higher resource capacity and can accommodate more traffic and products. This way, you can increase your website’s performance as your business grows. Additionally, you can have more control over your software, which helps you create the best experience for your website visitors. You can also customize the operating system and databases on a dedicated server. This means that your website will be up and running at a faster speed than with shared hosting.

In addition to speed, dedicated servers are safer than shared hosting options. Dedicated servers are not completely hacker-proof, but they are more secure than shared hosting. The best option is to opt for dedicated hosting that offers built-in security measures. These measures will protect your site against potential hackers. You should also look for a dedicated server hosting provider that offers advanced security features, such as firewalls and anti-malware protection.

Another advantage of Malaysia dedicated server hosting is that you can customize the security and features of the server to fit your needs. With a dedicated server, you can easily install and configure powerful spam filters, run web applications, and manage databases. You can also control and monitor your domains and database settings using automation tools. Of course, you may need some technical support for your website, but most dedicated hosting providers offer round-the-clock support to help you with your questions.

Dedicated server hosting is also easier to upgrade than shared hosting, as you don’t have to worry about installing new hardware, installing software, or addressing IT issues. Dedicated servers also offer more privacy. If you store sensitive information on your website, it needs to be protected from prying eyes. A dedicated server should have two-factor authentication, robust firewalls, and regular security updates.

Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared servers, but they offer more flexibility. Dedicated servers are scalable, which means they can grow with your business. They also offer a high level of uptime. This is particularly important if your website is receiving high traffic. You can also set the security levels according to your needs.

Dedicated server hosting is a great choice if you have a highly resource-intensive website. With the right configuration, you can have more control over the server and avoid any impact from other sites on the same server. Dedicated servers also offer better administrative control and operational flexibility. Dedicated server hosting will make it easier to scale your website and provide excellent support.

If you want a highly secure server, you should opt for managed dedicated server hosting. Such servers are designed with the best security and performance. Furthermore, they offer single-tenant and built-to-order configuration. In this way, you’ll be guaranteed the maximum level of performance and security. If you need to scale your website, you can easily find an option that works for your budget.

Dedicated server hosting is a popular choice for businesses that handle sensitive workloads, or operate in industries governed by strict data privacy regulations. However, multi-tenant hosting services from cloud providers are also becoming increasingly popular and certified for compliance with industry and privacy regulations. For example, TheServerHost provides high-performance computing capabilities and integrates bare metal servers into a single platform. The software and hardware are completely configured by the customer and provisioned in as little as 30 minutes.

High-speed networks are vital for websites that value user experience. These sites may need to process payment transactions or store sensitive information. With increased attention to user privacy and the security of visitors, it’s essential to ensure that these sites have reliable, high-speed connectivity.

About Best MALAYSIA Dedicated Server Hosting Provider – TheServerHost

Malaysia Dedicated servers are physical machines leased by a company and designed to serve one customer only. This means your site will not share resources with others and you can be sure that your data will be secure. Dedicated servers are typically billed by the minute and can be perfect for seasonal or short-term marketing campaigns. Make sure to choose a dedicated server that comes with plenty of memory and disk space.

TheServerHost is a dedicated server hosting provider

The company’s servers are based on Intel Xeon D processors, giving customers access to powerful performance. They also feature a 100Mbps vRack private network for connecting to other TheServerHost products. The servers are equipped with Windows and Linux distributions, along with Microsoft SQL Server and virtualisation tools.

TheServerHost is a global cloud service provider with a focus on delivering cost-effective and industry-leading cloud solutions. The company’s infrastructure enables it to customize and scale hosting plans easily to meet the needs of businesses and organizations. It also offers a comprehensive knowledge base and online FAQs. Customers can also find helpful guides for setting up a VPN.

The TheServerHost Malaysia dedicated server offers unmetered disk space and bandwidth. Its servers are equipped with powerful enterprise-grade equipment and are completely customizable. Customers can choose from a range of control panels and features, including private FTP tunnel. Dedicated servers also offer high bandwidth, which can be beneficial if you plan to run high-end video games or install custom applications.

TheServerHost offers unmetered bandwidth

TheServerHost offers dedicated servers powered by powerful enterprise-grade equipment. These servers are fully customizable, so customers can choose the control panel and features that best suit their needs. You can even choose a private FTP tunnel to avoid any bandwidth caps. Dedicated servers in Malaysia offer unmetered disk space and high bandwidth, making it ideal for installing custom applications and playing high-end video games.

TheServerHost Personal plan comes with 1vCPU and 2GB of RAM, and is more than adequate for most applications. It also includes free basic access to TheServerHost CDN. This plan is also cheaper than other entry-level cloud hosting plans, but comes with more features. 

TheServerHost has competitive prices, although they are billed monthly. Some of their packages come with setup fees. While they don’t offer refunds on their servers, they offer a payment extension policy. If you can’t pay on time, you can delay your bill by up to five days. TheServerHost also offers hardware RAID for better security.

TheServerHost offers a fully-managed support team

TheServerHost offers a range of dedicated servers designed to meet the needs of professionals. The range includes servers that offer more RAM, bigger storage space, and higher processing capacity. TheServerHost also offers support for a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Linux distributions. These servers can also support SQL Server and virtualisation tools.

Dedicated servers give clients complete control over their hosting environment. They have the power to upgrade hardware, modify operating systems, and install security software. Dedicated servers are better for high-volume websites because they are capable of handling significant volumes of traffic. They also provide the highest level of performance and reliability and can be easily upgraded. They are also ideal for seasonal businesses and marketing campaigns.

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses with high storage requirements. Dedicated servers come with unlimited space, bandwidth, and dedicated IP addresses. Additionally, dedicated servers provide dedicated DNS for domains. Additionally, they are highly customizable, so they can meet a variety of business requirements. TheServerHost provides dedicated servers in various sizes and capacities.

TheServerHost offers Windows and Linux platforms. Their server plans include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, enterprise-grade hardware, and a control panel that lets users customize their server and manage it from anywhere. TheServerHost also offers free technical support, which can be accessed through live chat or email.

TheServerHost offers free consultations to new clients

TheServerHost offers an array of different plans and is known for its excellent customer support. They have experienced technicians who are available to help with any problem a client may have. You can also contact them via telephone or live chat. Additionally, they offer free consultations to new clients.

TheServerHost is one of the leading providers in the industry. They offer a variety of features to support your web presence, such as unlimited bandwidth, a dedicated team of technicians, and free consultations. They also offer 24-hour live chat support. All new clients are eligible for a free consultation.

TheServerHost offers dedicated and VPS server accounts. Both of these options provide high-end security and uptime, making them an excellent choice for businesses that need more resources. Dedicated server plans come with unmetered bandwidth and disk space, and multiple high-speed network interfaces. They also offer solutions for energy management and data center optimization.

Features, Business Benefits and Managed Services that help choosing best MALAYSIA Dedicated Server Hosting Provider. And same offered by TheServerHost

Dedicated server hosting is a great option if you need to manage the performance of your website and are not interested in sharing the server with other users. This type of hosting provides you with unique IP address and maximum uptime. It also offers the ability to customize security settings to minimize the risks of spammers and malicious sites compromising sensitive data.

Dedicated server hosting gives you total control of your website’s performance

Dedicated server hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to have complete control over the performance of your website. This type of hosting is a great choice for large websites with high traffic levels. Dedicated servers have many advantages, including superior security, reliability, and scalability. They also allow you to customize the server and its resources to meet your specific needs.

Dedicated server hosting is ideal for large websites that require a large amount of processing power. Since you’ll have full root access to the server, you can install and remove applications as needed. You can also easily allocate server resources, install applications, and change configurations as needed.

The downside of dedicated server hosting is the price. While dedicated servers offer better performance and faster page load times, they’re often more expensive than shared hosting. For small businesses, dedicated server hosting may not be worth the cost. Furthermore, managing a dedicated server can become quite technical. If you’re not a computer-savvy person, it’s best to hire a website support team to handle any technical problems.

Another benefit of dedicated server hosting is the increased uptime. Dedicated server hosting plans typically include DDoS protection, which protects your website against DDoS attacks. A website that is down for even a few minutes will drive away visitors and leave a bad impression on your visitors. Dedicated server hosting can also help you recover your website quickly if it crashes for any reason.

If your website has a high number of visitors, you may want to consider upgrading to a dedicated server. This type of hosting is optimized for websites with more than a hundred thousand monthly visitors. It also offers protection against malware and DDoS attacks. A dedicated server also has superior security features, which is an important feature when your website has high traffic.

Dedicated server hosting is one of the most advanced server plans available today. This type of hosting allows you to scale your website without compromising performance. When you choose a dedicated server, you can add additional resources and servers as needed as your website grows. In addition, each element is priced at a fixed cost, which makes it easier to plan ahead. You can also benefit from 24/7 support from any dedicated server hosting provider.

It allows you to customize the hardware

Dedicated Server Hosting gives you the flexibility of customizing the hardware and software to meet your specific needs. Dedicated servers can run Windows or Linux and offer full customization. You can even upgrade your server hardware and RAM if your needs change. In addition, dedicated servers offer superior security and performance.

Dedicated Server Hosting is the best choice for those with high-traffic websites. You can even install your own operating system. These servers can handle up to 100GB of traffic, and you can customize the hardware to meet your needs. Dedicated servers can be configured with a RAID set-up to minimize the risk of data loss if a drive fails. 

Another major advantage of dedicated hosting is the ability to scale the hardware and software. You can easily add more RAM and storage space as your company grows. You can also scale up your network infrastructure as your company grows. Furthermore, you can expand the RAM and storage capacity of your dedicated server as needed.

It is more reliable than shared hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is a better choice for websites that experience heavy traffic. This type of hosting gives you complete control over the server and ensures maximum uptime. Shared hosting is often the best choice for websites with low to medium traffic but isn’t recommended for websites with high traffic. Dedicated servers give you the flexibility to grow as your website grows. They also offer more security and reliability for your website, so you can rest assured that your website will always be online and secure.

Another advantage of dedicated servers is the better security. Shared hosting uses the same hardware as many other websites, so there’s always the risk of a security breach. However, dedicated servers have complete control over the security of their server, making them less susceptible to viruses, malware, and spyware.

You can access the cPanel, which allows you to manage files, databases, and email accounts. You’ll also have access to server analytics, which will help you monitor your website’s performance. If there is a problem with your server, you can get it fixed immediately by contacting the server’s technical support staff.

With dedicated servers, you can control everything, including the operating environment and platform. Dedicated hosting also provides better security for your website, which is essential for companies handling sensitive transactions. Furthermore, dedicated servers can be customized to suit your specific needs. Shared hosting, on the other hand, limits you to the software already installed on the server and may not offer the features your website needs.

It offers scalability

Dedicated Server Hosting is a cost-effective way to host your website. It comes with an array of features that help you customize your server to meet your specific needs. You can customize your website with powerful spam filters, set up powerful email accounts, and manage web-based applications, databases, and files. Plus, dedicated servers provide 24/7 technical support.

Dedicated Server Hosting offers scalability because you can choose to customize the hardware and software on the server. Dedicated servers have their own IP address, which is helpful for websites that are prone to spamming. In addition, they are secure and private. You can easily upgrade your server to add more space and resources without compromising on security.

Dedicated Server Hosting is also more expensive than shared hosting, but it offers complete control over the hardware, network, and programming environment. For example, you can install your preferred operating system and programming languages. This is useful because some web applications require a specific operating system. In addition, you can customize your dedicated server to your software requirements, and optimize bandwidth and RAM.

Dedicated Server Hosting eliminates the need for virtualization, which can increase security vulnerabilities. Additionally, dedicated server hosting gives you exclusive access to your server. You can install any OS, tool, or application you want, configure any resource-control system, and customize the server to meet your specific needs. If you want to have root access to your server, you can do so, which gives you more control over its settings.

Dedicated Server Hosting is an excellent choice for businesses that depend on a high amount of traffic. Dedicated servers offer the fastest loading speeds possible, and you can add custom features without worrying about slow loading times. Moreover, you can use any OS, tool, or app with the server, without worrying about compatibility. Dedicated servers also give you the ability to configure a resource control system, which helps you deploy the best security measures. Dedicated hosting also gives you control over user interaction and allows you to customize your website to your specific needs.

It offers reliable uptime

Dedicated Server Hosting helps businesses maintain the optimal performance of critical business applications. Downtime can have serious implications for a business, and can affect many different areas, including efficiency, financials, productivity, and customer trust. The right host will offer reliable uptime so that your website remains accessible around the clock.

A quality dedicated server hosting provider will offer the flexibility you need to grow with your business. It should offer a wide variety of control panels, allowing you to install your choice of CMS and OS. It should also allow you to upgrade resources as needed. If you’d prefer to be able to administer your own server, you should look for a company that offers multiple control panels, including Plesk, cPanel, and WHM. You should also make sure that your provider offers root access, as this will enable you to access your server’s configuration.

It is flexible

The flexibility of dedicated server hosting usages is one of the major benefits. It gives you the opportunity to customize the server according to your needs. Unlike shared hosting, you won’t have to worry about sharing your server space with other users, and you can easily add applications and change configurations as you see fit. This flexibility gives you greater control over your website, and it also ensures optimal performance.

Dedicated server hosting offers complete root and network access. In fact, some organizations mandate their servers to be dedicated, especially those with mission-critical data. Dedicated server hosting services also use enterprise-grade data centers, which ensure that physical access to your server is limited to those you authorize. In addition, dedicated servers also provide better security and support, so you can rest assured that your data is secure.

It eliminates security issues

Dedicated server hosting eliminates the security concerns that come with shared hosting environments. It ensures your privacy and data integrity with strict access control and network monitoring. This contributes to better user experiences and increased brand reliability. Dedicated hosting is especially valuable for businesses that process sensitive transactions. These benefits are only a few of the many benefits of dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated servers allow you to choose the operating system and applications you want to run on them. You can choose from open source or commercial versions. Open source operating systems such as Linux are often included as standard. Some dedicated server hosting providers also offer Red Hat Enterprise, a commercial version of Linux with regular updates. You can also opt for Microsoft Windows Server. However, this will add to the cost. Dedicated server hosting is ideal for businesses that need maximum uptime and security.

Dedicated server hosting also offers complete security control. You can install a firewall, set custom permission rules, and install helpful plugins, allowing you to safeguard your data. These features are particularly useful for mission-critical websites. Dedicated server hosting also eliminates the need for sharing the same IP address.

Dedicated server hosting is the best option if you have a larger, complex IT infrastructure. This type of hosting provides full control over the hardware and software. In addition, dedicated servers eliminate security and compliance issues related to sharing the hardware with multiple companies.

Conclusions: Dedicated Server Hosting is a type of hosting that provides enterprise-grade hardware and network connectivity. In addition to offering reliable uptime, dedicated hosting is flexible and allows for customization of hardware components. Some organizations even mandate dedicated hosting, especially for mission-critical data. Dedicated hosting is a good option for organizations that need the highest level of security.

Data Center at and IP based at Kuala Lumpur, Teluk Intan, Cyberjaya

For MALAYSIA VPS Server visit

For MALAYSIA Dedicated Server visit

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City: Delhi

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OverviewFX Ltd Partners Overview Funding Program To Organize The Dubai Trading Event

Leading FX educational trading company, OverviewFX Ltd, announces plans to organize the Dubai Trading Event, a week-long educational trading program for all categories of traders.

London, United Kingdom, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, OverviewFX Ltd has grown to become a sought-after provider of Forex education and the company is set to take the learning experience to a whole new level, collaborating with Overview Funding Program (OFP) to organize the much-anticipated Dubai Trading Event. The coming together of two forward-thinking institutions will create an unprecedented experience for traders across all levels, including beginners and experts.

The popularity of FX trading has grown exponentially in recent times, to say the least, thanks to technological advancements and the emergence of a plethora of platforms to help millions of people earn from the movement of prices of currencies. However, the lack of resources, in terms of guides, tips, and educational programs has led to people burning their fingers in the market. Consequently, OverviewFX Ltd seeks to turn around the fortunes of traders by providing them with quality educational materials, a claim substantiated by the upcoming Dubai Trading Event.

The event is one of the several avenues adopted by OverviewFX to help people looking for ways of learning trading, as the company collaborates with the Overview Funding Program (OFP) to offer a blend of trading, leisure and entertainment. OFP is a relatively new prop firm, considered by many as the next third player in the industry due to the game-changing resources it offers to funded traders. The Dubai Trading Event will be held from 13 November to 21 November 2022 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. It is organized as an exceptional trading experience that comes to a fantastic climax watching the final F1 race live.

For further information about the Dubai Trading Event and other programs organized by OverviewFX Ltd., visit Overview FX Dubai Event. OverviewFX Ltd also enjoys a growing online community across social media, including, Instagram and Discord.

Media Contact

Organization: OverviewFX Ltd

Contact Person: Ruggero Catalano Rossi Danielli

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0203 866 1197


Address 1: 71-75 Shelton Street, London

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

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Reviewed a best VPS Server Hosting Provider with Indonesia and Jakarta based IP – TheServerHost

How to choose best Indonesian VPS Cloud Server Hosting Provider in terms of Managed Services Linux, Windows, RDP, SSD, KVM, Unmanaged & Unlimited Bandwidth?

Delhi, Delhi, India, 23rd Sep 2022, King NewsWire, Indonesia VPS hosting is a great way to increase website traffic. It is especially helpful for online ticket sales and event planning, but it can also be used for game servers and other sites that need a lot of resources. In addition, VPS hosting is very easy to use and upgrade. It also gives you the freedom to maintain your domain name and control the server’s resources.

VPS servers are typically run on a Windows host, but companies offer versions of Linux as well. You can choose the version you want depending on what your needs are. Choosing the right OS for your VPS is crucial. Some hosts offer newer versions of Windows, while others offer 2003 versions. It’s important to remember that each company defines “managed” differently, so ask your host about this.

A Indonesia VPS is basically a virtual machine that is sold by a hosting service provider. It’s a virtual server, which runs its own operating system, with the same features as a dedicated server. These servers are best for organisations that don’t need to share a physical server or lack the resources to run one. A VPS package offers all the features of a dedicated server, but it’s perfect for websites that are high-traffic and need high reliability.

VPS hosting is a great choice for any business. The servers are designed for maximum flexibility and are very customizable. If you need to add more features, you can easily do so by adding more RAM or disk space. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting plans are highly scalable, meaning you can increase the RAM, CPU, or disk space as your website grows.

Another great feature of a VPS is that you can easily scale up and down the amount of storage and bandwidth you need. In addition, you can also expand the resources you need if you find that your business needs grow significantly. For example, you may decide to run a new advertising campaign, which will increase traffic to your site. With a VPS, you can be sure your website will always have enough space and bandwidth to keep up with your needs.

Many companies now offer VPS hosting using cloud infrastructure. TheServerHost is an example of such a service. This service provides all the benefits of a VPS with the benefits of cloud technology.

About Best Indonesia VPS Server Hosting Provider – TheServerHost

Indonesia VPS server hosting is ideal for sites with a high traffic volume. These servers offer unmetered bandwidth and disk space. They also offer 24-hour emergency support. If you are a beginner or a business owner, a VPS will help you get your website up and running.

Unmetered bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth is an important consideration if you have a large website and plan to expand frequently. This type of plan allows you to increase your disk space and bandwidth without having to worry about hitting the limit of your plan. An unmetered VPS server hosting plan is great for businesses that frequently scale their websites. It also ensures optimal performance of your website.

Another important feature to look for in an unmetered VPS is the uplink speed. This is the speed at which data travels to and from your web server. Most VPS providers measure uplink speed in megabits per second (Mbps). You should aim for a connection speed of 100 Mbps or higher.

Unmetered bandwidth is also a major benefit for businesses. If your site experiences frequent traffic spikes, unmetered bandwidth is a great resource. This will protect you from DDoS attacks and slashdotting. Having unlimited bandwidth will also protect you from unexpected costs.

TheServerHost offers a range of plans at affordable prices. Its customer support is available around the clock. The team is experienced and knowledgeable and can help you with any technical questions you might have. You can also consult with them before deciding to purchase a hosting plan. Furthermore, the company offers free consultations for new customers.

Managed support

A Indonesia  VPS is a virtual private server, which allows you to control your website. It is the perfect solution for businesses that need robust services at a low cost, or for those that have high performance requirements. Indonesia VPS servers provide you with full control over your operating system, disk space, and network speed. These features help you keep your site running smoothly and maximize revenue. They also ensure fast website updates, which will encourage repeat visitors.

Linux is a powerful virtualization platform that can be easily customized and supports a variety of hardware. This OS is a great choice for those who don’t want to worry about installing and uninstalling programs. It also offers many customization options and is free to download. TheServerHost also provides a free domain name and 24/7 customer support. You can get the right plan for your needs and budget with a server from TheServerHost.

With VPS hosting, you have full root access to your server and can configure it the way you like. This means that you can install applications and customize the operating system without the involvement of your hosting provider. This is a great option for individuals or medium-sized businesses that need more flexibility. You can even customize your website settings with this server, which is great for customizing your online presence.

Another benefit of TheServerHost Managed support for VPS server hosting provider is the fact that it offers free technical consultation and monthly upgrades, which is very helpful if you don’t have any knowledge of web hosting. Plus, they provide a comprehensive set of software and control panel for easy website management. This control panel will let you add databases, configure FTP permissions, and secure the server from threats. Additionally, it also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space for your web presence.

24/7 emergency service

TheServerHost offer free website migration. You can even manage your server remotely.

TheServerHost has a number of server packages, including a basic plan that offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and dedicated IP addresses. These features are essential for large online businesses that depend on a large amount of storage space. They also offer dedicated servers with multiple high-bandwidth network interfaces. All of their VPS servers come with free technical support.

Dedicated server hosting is perfect for websites with high traffic and need high-level security and uptime. It’s also a great choice for companies that have business-critical applications, need more space and want to be more secure. Dedicated servers are faster and more reliable than shared servers, so your website can focus on its core operations.


If you need a private server with scalability and reliability, a VPS is the way to go. Unlike a dedicated server, which is typically more expensive, a VPS is inexpensive and can be deployed on a wide variety of hardware. It also provides an extremely reliable and secure environment.

Indonesia VPS server hosting is a great option for businesses that require robust services with affordable pricing. These hosting plans give you complete control of your website’s operating system and disk space, and ensure maximum revenue potential. Furthermore, these plans come with the highest level of support. There are a number of Indonesia VPS server hosting providers, so make sure to compare their policies and compare prices before you make your decision.

For large file hosting, an Indonesia VPS server is ideal. You can choose from two operating systems, Windows and Linux, depending on the needs of your website. Both platforms allow you full control of your server, which makes it easy to manage your website.


If you’re a business owner in Indonesia, you may be interested in finding an Indonesia VPS Server Hosting provider that offers reliable security and unmetered bandwidth. These VPS solutions are scalable and reliable and offer more flexibility than dedicated servers. Best of all, they’ll migrate your existing data for free.

TheServerHost offers a variety of plans for all types of businesses. The flexibility of its plans allows customers to customize their servers and software applications to fit their needs. TheServerHost uses the latest technology to ensure optimum performance and security. You can install your own software, monitor your email, and manage all of your domains from a single location.

Security is a primary concern for many business owners, and TheServerHost offers a reliable and secure VPS Server Hosting service. In addition to unmetered bandwidth and disk space, its unmetered servers also come with excellent control panels, daily backups, email, and management tools. Clients can also sign up for a free trial account to ensure their site is safe.

Features, Business Benefits and Managed Services that help you to choose Best among all available Indonesia VPS Provider. And same offered by TheServerHost

VPS hosting is a way to host a website on a dedicated server. It allocates a certain amount of storage and bandwidth to each instance. This means that your website will not be affected by the usage of other companies on the same server.

Pre-configured OS

A VPS is a virtual server that is pre-configured with an operating system, or OS. Linux is the most widely-used OS for web hosting servers. Linux is cost-effective and versatile. Using it will save you from having to purchase expensive hardware. You can buy a pre-configured server or build your own server from scratch. 

Pre-configured WHM

When you first set up your VPS hosting account, you’ll be asked to enter your login information. This includes your domain name, username, and password. You can change these later if you want. You will also be required to enter your nameservers, so make sure you choose the correct ones!

WHM is a powerful software tool that allows you to manage individual accounts on your server. It is designed to allow you to configure IP addresses, create user accounts, email users, and limit bandwidth. It also allows you to transfer and terminate accounts. You can also configure Addon Domains, which are extra domains that you want to host for others.

In addition to managing your VPS hosting account, WHM also includes a range of options to help you increase the security of your server. For example, WHM can configure pages with SSL certificates to use HTTPS. It also has an AutoSSL feature that can obtain and manage SSL certificates for websites. You can configure your AutoSSL settings for each user on your VPS by clicking on Manage AutoSSL.

When using WHM, you’ll need to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) to use the software. You’ll also need to enter an e-mail address to contact the server if something goes wrong. You can also enter SMS, ICQ, and AIM contact information if you’d like. In addition to your e-mail address, WHM will also pre-populate your Virtual Server hostname and password. You don’t have to change these details, though.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting allows you to scale up and down your server resources as needed. This means you can accommodate more visitors while preserving the same speed. In addition, you can increase your return on investment with VPS hosting.

License Software

When selecting a VPS hosting plan, check if it comes with licenses. Most managed plans come with licenses for Windows, Linux, Plesk, and CentOS operating systems. A managed VPS hosting server will also come with licenses for popular control panels like cPanel. Some managed VPS hosting plans also include the cost of the hardware in the data center.

Allocated storage

Allocated storage on a VPS Hosting server is the amount of disk space you can use to store your site’s files. Unlike shared hosting, where you’re limited by the amount of space you’re allotted, VPS and cloud hosting allows you to add more space to your account. Most hosts make this process easy, but if you have any questions, you should contact the support team.

The size of allocated storage depends on the needs of your website and the type of content you’re hosting. For example, you’ll need more RAM if you’re hosting a high-performance website. A simple website will do just fine with 1GB or 2GB of RAM, but if you’re running a larger e-commerce site, you’ll need 4GB of RAM.

TheServerHost plan is ideal for database applications and other processes that require a lot of memory and I/O. Additionally, SSDs add to the performance of memory optimized VPSs by allowing you to dump data in the event of an error.

Root access

While root access allows you to customize the system and create custom firewalls, it is not for the inexperienced. Even if you have a team of IT professionals, you still might not know how to properly use this privilege. As a result, you need to be sure you understand the ramifications of giving yourself this access.

Aside from enabling the sysadmin privileges, root access also gives you the ability to control the settings and configurations of your virtual private server. This means that you can make changes to your server and maximize its performance and security. Therefore, you should make sure you ask about the availability of root access when choosing a VPS hosting plan.

A root account allows you to install and uninstall software packages. In addition, it allows you to perform all of your administrative tasks. A root user account also provides you with a way to manage your virtual web server from a remote location. With a root account, you have complete control of your server. You can also assign additional IP addresses to your virtual server.

You can also install software, such as anti-virus software and other security tools on a VPS hosting server. Many VPS hosting companies include daily backups to protect the server and files on it. Root access on a VPS hosting server also means that you can customize your operating system to fit your needs.

You can also enable root access in the account’s settings. You can find this feature in your account’s settings under My Products, Manage, or account dashboard. In the Access section, click Enable Admin Access. After that, you will see a prompt asking for your root password.


One of the best features of VPS hosting is its scalability. This feature allows a business to purchase a VPS with lower resources and increase its capacity as the business grows. This is beneficial for businesses as it prevents server crash during heavy traffic pressure. Another feature is that a VPS server allows for customization.

This feature makes it easier to expand a VPS to more resources if the website requires additional resources. This process is simple and should take only a few minutes if you know how to use your cPanel dashboard. In most cases, a good hosting provider will provision additional resources for you almost instantly. To increase the size of a VPS, you can increase the RAM or raw storage.

A VPS hosting plan is an excellent choice for websites that are on a limited budget, but need a higher level of resource allocation. It offers more control than shared hosting and is a cheaper alternative for growing businesses. For example, VPS hosting is an ideal option if you want a dedicated website but cannot afford the cost of a dedicated server.


One of the most important security features of a VPS hosting server is the use of a firewall. This is the first line of defence against hackers. However, no firewall is completely infallible. Hackers can find ways to get past it. Therefore, you should install the latest version of the software and update it regularly.

In addition to firewalls, your VPS hosting server should also have regular security updates. This ensures that your data is not lost in the event of a hardware failure. For example, RAID, or redundant array of independent disks, should be upgraded regularly to ensure optimal storage performance. If the RAID fails, all your data could be deleted. A managed server has a dedicated team that monitors physical hardware risks and performs these upgrades.

While VPS hosting servers are generally more secure than shared hosting, they still have vulnerabilities. Hackers are able to get into the system and compromise your data, so it is important to consider the security features of your VPS hosting server. While the Linux operating system is relatively secure, there are still some risks. Misconfiguration, adding vulnerable software, and leaving applications unpatched can all introduce vulnerabilities. Additionally, system changes can also increase the risk.

Security is important for your website. The best way to ensure your data is secure is to get a VPS with security features and updates. Make sure you ask about security features and keep your server updated with security patches as often as possible.


The uptime of VPS hosting servers is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a hosting provider. This metric is important not only for your user experience but also for your site’s search engine rankings. While it’s important to choose a hosting provider that has a good uptime, you can also reduce your risk of downtime by taking precautions.

VPS hosting servers use virtualization technology, which creates many virtual machines on a single physical server. Each VM has its own operating system, storage space, and settings. They are also completely isolated from the rest of the server. As such, each VM can be easily scaled up or down, if necessary. This gives you more flexibility and more control over your online presence.

VPS hosting servers typically provide unlimited bandwidth, which is important if your site is popular and needs a lot of bandwidth. In addition, you can install additional software and applications on the server. In addition, many VPS hosting servers offer advanced technical support, such as root access and comprehensive documentation. In addition to this, you can access a control panel that gives you complete control of the server. With this control panel, you can configure DNS, install software, and change server settings.

Conclusion: VPS hosting servers give you the flexibility to run multiple operating systems and virtualization environments. This allows the client to scale resources as necessary, increasing their profitability. In addition, a VPS gives the client root access. This allows the client to install software, run multiple operating systems, and optimize bandwidth. These features are important for a variety of reasons.

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