Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach in Seaside Heights Launches New Rides in 2023

Seaside Heights, NJ, 6-21-23 – Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark located in Seaside Heights is planning to upgrade its rides and overall boardwalk experience for its guests visiting the amusement park.

The amusement park has been constantly evolving recently by upgrading their rides and removing the older ones.

Casino pier, originally built in 1932 on top of the Seaside Heights Boardwalk had sections of its amusement park demolished by hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Since then, adding new rides and attractions has become a top priority for Casino Pier. Their goal is to offer new and improved amusements in an effort of resurgence, not only for the boardwalk but for travel and tourism of the Township Seaside Heights.

Last year in 2022 Casino Pier launched the all-new Hydrus Roller Coaster which is A Gerstlauer manufactured Euro-Fighter roller coaster that boasts a 72-foot vertical lift.

Patricia McKenna, who is the marketing manager for Casino pier said “In the past Seaside Heights has been known for having somewhat of an antiquated boardwalk and amusement park experience. Many of the boardwalk games and rides were showing their age. It is our mission to upgrade the boardwalk piece by piece so that we can bring a strong following, while focusing on bringing travel and tourism back to flourish again in Seaside Heights New Jersey”.

“We want visitors to come to the boardwalk. It’s that simple”.

The newest rides that have just been added in the spring of 2023 , include their Crazy Cabs ride which spins the passengers clockwise, and counterclockwise on an angled motion. For the smaller tots the newest amusement park addition includes a ride named “Jump Around”. On this ride Kids enter a Baja Buggy which features random jumping and bouncing motions.

The newest addition of the 2023 season geared for family fun is the new big air coaster ride named “Xolo Loca”. On this ride passengers spin on oval-shaped open air cars on an oval shaped track.

Breakwater Beach Waterpark, which is adjacent to Casino Pier launched one new ride this year named “Salem’s Scream… Oh my God” which is a 50-foot-high speed slide.

Casino Pier is also focusing on improving all its game kiosks along the boardwalk. Old, outdated games are being removed and replaced with newer ones.

The last big resurrection project of the year is planned to happen between the end of July and mid-August of 2023. The project is the resurrection of the Seaside Heights iconic carousel. The merry-go-round was sent out to Ohio earlier this year where it is being restored by a company named Carousels and Carvings, who specializes in repairing carousels. The proposed date for the grand opening of the ride is targeted on July 25, 2023.

Keeping the amusement park new and up to date with new rides is a top priority especially after the damage incurred from Hurricane Sandy.

Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach Waterpark will continue to plan on improvements for the upcoming 2024 season.

Contact info:

Name: Patricia McKenna

Email: [email protected]

Organization: Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach

Address: 800 Ocean Terrace, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

Phone: 732-793-6488


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