Cartoon Cartel: The New Solana Based NFT Project Innovating the Utility Behind NFTs

Introduction Into NFTs

In 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have surged in prominence with leading brands, musicians, artists, as well as others offering exclusive content through the crypto assets. NFTs have turned into a twenty-seven billion dollar industry during 2021. With that has come many notable NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, which were ahead of the curve in the NFT space and are known as some of the earliest projects to gain popularity. Now as we enter the start of 2022, hundreds of NFT projects are being released every week. But what separates these projects and makes them unique or different from each other? That is what Cartoon Cartel sets out to change and strives to innovate new utilities beyond artwork to help lead the way for other NFT projects!

NFT Utility and The Monetary Value Proposition

Investors and buyers attribute NFTs with a monetary value because they are unique – thus the term “non-fungible.” They are indivisible and non-replicable as one-of-a-kind digital representations of art to which people can assign a monetary value to. However, there is a growing movement to make NFTs more usable in a variety of ways. This trend toward added functionality creates a new type of value proposition for NFTs, in addition to scarcity and collectability. This functionality and use of the digital asset is commonly known as “utility”.

A utility NFT offers the investors access to specific benefits and perks for owning the digital asset. Utility can come in a variety of forms, from digital rights, private access, airdrops, merch, royalties, and beyond. As this technology is in its infancy stages, the possibilities are endless and innovation in this industry will continue to elevate in the years to come. The main issue currently stems from projects not including enough or any utility behind their NFTs to improve the monetary value proposition for their investors! The Cartoon Cartels utility proposal helps pave the path for other projects as to what an NFT refers to.

Upcoming NFT Project Innovating Utility Beyond Digital Art

Cartoon Cartel is a community driven NFT project that aims to become a leader in the space. The project is more than art. It’s an entire digital & physical experience which investors can gain access to through owning the NFTs. With almost a year of behind-the-scenes technical work, art creation, and strategic planning, the team has begun unveiling its plans to the world! This isn’t just a NFT project, it’s a futuristic brand being built using disruptive technology.The Cartoon Cartel is a collection of 9,999 NFTs built on the Solana blockchain. The base collection consists of 3 factions, The Turned, the Mechs, and the Surf each containing 3,333 NFTs randomly distributed throughout. These factions play an incremental role in the development of the Cartoon Cartel storyline and universe.

The project is set to launch on January 30th, 2022, and will mint at a price of 1.5 $SOL per NFT.

Utility Behind the Cartoon Cartel NFTs

When the public sale opens, investors who own any 3 NFTs from the base collection will unlock the “Alien Tech” NFT for free. The Alien Tech NFT is considered the utility token in the digital universe for the Cartoon Cartel. The Alien Tech NFTs act as utility tokens by earning $TOON tokens, which are a cryptocurrency that powers the Cartel project. The Alien Tech NFT also makes owners eligible for free airdrops of other NFTs and more rewards in the future.

Beyond the Alien Tech Utility NFT, all holders of any NFT from the base collection will be airdropped 7 other NFT collections over the next 12 months, completely free. This means that by purchasing just 1 Cartoon Cartel NFT, owners will receive 7 other NFTs in the next 12 months for free!

Holders also receive airdrops of NFT trading cards that will be used in their play-to-earn game. The Cartoon Cartel P2E game will allow users to earn and spend the $TOON tokens they have!

Creating a Brand Around NFTs

Although society is at the forefront of a digital ownership revolution, the team believes bridging utility into the real world with a line of physical products will help expand the Cartoon Cartel brand beyond just NFTs.

The project is releasing a comprehensive line of physical products. They plan on releasing a comic book, as well as physical trading cards, a board game, professional playing cards, members-only store, and much more. The end goal with these products is to have them reach mainstream outlets. Cartoon Cartel wants to be an emerging leader in the NFT space, while becoming a recognizable brand and household name. The physical utility they are creating is the key to innovation in this industry and something other projects should take note of.

The project will also release a “Holders Showcase” where one Cartoon Cartel NFT owner will be chosen weekly to display their creativity on their platform. This also extends into their “Creators Fund” where every month there will be a community vote in the holder’s forum, and the winner of this vote will receive a portion of the secondary sales royalties to help them fund their dream project. The Cartoon Cartel teams wants to position their platform to help those who invested into the brand.


As the NFT industry continues to develop, projects need to become more and more innovative, and Cartoon Cartel is taking major steps to lead others down this road! There is a magnitude of variables that go into a successful NFT project, and Cartoon Cartel shows an NFT doesn’t have to just be artwork, it can become an entire brand on its own. Cartoon Cartel NFT is a project to keep your eye on in early 2022.

This is just a small overview of the utility and roadmap behind this innovative NFT project. More information and details can be found on their website:

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