Carmelo car mats caught our attention as premium car mats that will keep the floor of your vehicle protected and are custom built for your vehicle. With some cool designs to spice up your interior to go with it. We decided to make a secret purchase and this was our experience.

car mats

The car floor Mats arrived after about two weeks and I must say it blew our expectations away. From purchasing on their website to receiving the car mats and the unboxing experience. I decided to go for their brown crystal car mats despite the many options available as this is my favorite color and design. I was expecting the brown to look tacky and cheap but was instead deep and rich in color. This would match the brown of almost all car interiors if this was something you wanted.

Installation was a breeze and took only 5 minutes to fit it in my car as advertised. I didn’t even need to use instructions or require any help; it was pretty much that straight forward and simple. Which is one of Carmelo car mats key strengths if you ask me, as anyone can literally transform the look of their interior as they say without having to pay the crazy extortionate mechanic prices you would normally find at garages. The mats have definitely become my favorite car mats we have tested and beats all other car mats on the market by a long shot. They are a staple for all my vehicles moving forward. Gone are the days of traditional plain car mats.

The car mats are rich in features and detail that contain a long list of advantages and benefits compared to all the other car mats we have tried and tested to put through its paces. Cleaning was my biggest concern which most of them fail at, as I’m not the typical driver and like to go fishing almost every weekend. Resulting in me returning with muddy wet boots to the car almost every weekend, but they passed the test with flying colors (no pun intended). First of all, they are waterproof which meant that water lurking from my shoes were easy to deal with and not seep through like other car mats we have tested in the past. As for mud and much more challenging stains, they were also a piece of cake and a tissue was all it needed to get rid of the stains and still look good as new. From time to time I like to use a baby wipe just to give it that extra care and maintenance once in a while which is recommended for almost anything you buy these days. I have had them in my car for about almost 3 months now with daily continuous use and are still in great condition. It goes to show the quality of the car mats and will definitely last me for the next 5 years I reckon, before I’m back again looking to purchase a different color set or design. For the price you pay I am surprised at how cheap they are considering what you are getting and the fact that they’re a custom set for your vehicle. I am very tempted to try out their boot mats next and judging from this firsthand experience I won’t be disappointed in that department either

Customer Service

We decided to go ahead and order a second set for my wife but this time as a secret annoying trouble some customer with hundreds of questions that were already answered on their website if any normal person was to open their eyes and read their faq. Carmelo car mats provided great customer service and is what made the experience much more enjoyable. Helping customers to find the right product for their vehicle and resolving any issues they may have. They responded to all my emails within 1 day from the most basic of questions to the most troublesome and complex. They were always friendly, polite and reassuring no matter how many times I pretended to have the mindset of a child and ask the same questions in a different way. What really stood out to me was how far and beyond they were willing to go for their customers and helping my pretended persona who was stuck on what color choice to pick and was more than happy to see pictures of my car and include their personal opinions on what colors I should pick or would look good. 5 stars from me.