Caribbean Islands Digital Nomads Travel & Tourism Attractions Guide Launched

Created for adventurous digital nomads who are living and working in the Caribbean, the latest guide was written by Ashely Wells, an expert in freelancing abroad. The guide contains a breakdown of each Caribbean island, with details on its accessibility and what visitors can expect to see and do while there.

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In the new guide, Crucial Constructs has provided comprehensive information on four islands, with each location having been given a score according to its climate, opportunity for adventure, internet speed, cost of living, and more. Wells has also provided a pros and cons list for each destination. Islands featured include the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Curacao, and the British Virgin Islands.

Readers will discover what attractions there are to visit on each island: Wells offers a roundup of the beaches, nature parks, and museums on the islands, as well as details of the local food scene. In the Caribbean, they can sample many kinds of cuisine, such as American, French, and Mexican, and can also visit many seafood restaurants.

The guide helps digital nomads who are planning to visit the islands create an itinerary of the main sites of interest. In addition, they will learn the visa requirements for all four of the islands and the typical accommodation costs they can expect when they arrive there.

Explaining the attraction of the Caribbean for digital nomads, Wells says, “The Caribbean is known for honeymoon couples but it’s also a great location for people working abroad, with impressive hotels where you can drink, eat, and sunbathe. With beautiful scenery and great internet connectivity, you can have a pleasant vacation and handle some work with ease. You won’t be short of things to do between projects, with rainforests, historical monoliths, nature reserves, and marine life galore.”

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