Capital Appliance Repair Offers Efficient Repairs for Common Oven Issues

As the local appliance repair expert, Capital Appliance Repair has been offering affordable and efficient oven repair services for Ottawa residents.

The oven is one of the most unique and widely used kitchen appliances. It provides an oven-baked meal for your family. Also if you own a restaurant or bakery, ovens are often critical to produce sufficient food for customers as well.

But ovens also come with their set of risks and issues that may need oven repair services . For example, oven elements can be damaged by excessive heat exposure. The oven’s thermostat may fail after many years of use. If there is debris near the fan motor (just like how oil collects behind a running car), then that too might pose some issues.

Here are some common problems that oven owners face:

My oven won’t heat up!

A lot of oven owners complain about this issue – their oven just simply won’t start heating things up. If it was a pilot light concern (where there is no gas supply), then usually all they would have to do is call their local gas company and have them send over a technician to check the oven out. But when an oven doesn’t heat up at all, it could be due to any one of these reasons:

Element burned out

You’ll know it’s an oven element problem if the oven light still works. In this case, oven repair services might be more needed.

Oven thermostat needs to be replaced

Oven thermostats are one of the oven parts that typically need oven repair from time to time. It’s a good idea to have your oven serviced every year or two with oven repair in order to ensure optimal performance and no potential fire hazard risk in case of circuit board problems. A failed oven thermostat may cause your oven not to heat up at all, so if you experience this issue, call an oven technician immediately!

My oven is leaking water!

If your oven leaks or spills water while the oven is on, turn the oven off immediately to prevent scalding. Safety should come first! Also, always have the oven repaired to avoid leaking water into the oven’s electrical components that could cause fire hazard risk.

The oven light doesn’t work!

Oven light not working could be due to a faulty fuse, or it can also be caused by an oven element. If the oven light works again after you test the fuse, then replace your old oven bulb with a new one before calling an oven technician for further diagnosis; if your oven element needs replacement, call in your oven technician for oven element replacement immediately.

Self cleaning features

I am sure you have heard of ovens that offer self cleaning facilities, but do ovens that are designed to clean themselves really work? Well it depends on the oven. There are various features offered by oven brands that work enough like a traditional oven, but they might not last long.

For example, Whirlpool offers ovens with warming drawers and steam cleaning pans; however these ovens frequently come with mechanical issues or malfunctions which must be repaired frequently by the owner. Ovens like this also require additional attention during maintenance due to grease buildup problems which can cause fires if not properly taken care of. Often-times oven owners forget about the self-cleaning option altogether because it takes too much effort to maintain an oven like this.

Ovens that are less than five years old can be fixed relatively easily if they have mechanical problems which require oven repair. If your oven malfunctions or breaks down you should call an oven repair technician from Capital Appliance Repair right away for timely oven service.

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