Canyon State Law Answers Questions about Hiring a Criminal and DUI Attorney

Canyon State Law educates individuals accused of, arrested, or charged with crimes to find an attorney passionate about their interests.

Individuals arrested, accused, or charged with a crime in the United States are often confused, scared, and unsure of their rights and freedom, even if it’s not their first time on the wrong side of the justice system. Canyon State Law desires to let the accused know that the constitution guarantees certain rights that protect them from unfair treatment. They include the right to an attorney, not to incriminate oneself, to a speedy and public trial, and an appeal. Once contacted, a skilled criminal attorney develops a strong defense for the charges, which may result in a charge reduction, acquittal, or dismissal.

According to Attorney Thomas Hogle, individuals with lawyers by their side can avoid mistakes such as in-person/social media minor statements that can be used by law enforcement and negatively impact a case. A criminal defense attorney speaks on a client’s behalf, discusses case updates, and negotiates with the prosecutor regarding a plea bargain. However, if a plea bargain or possible punishment is inappropriate for a client’s specific situation, an attorney takes the case to trial. A judge and jury hear the prosecution’s and defense’s sides before understanding arguments and weighing the evidence. The jury then decides whether a person is guilty or not guilty of the charges made against them.

Since every case and set of circumstances differ, Canyon State Law advises individuals looking for a criminal defense lawyer to conduct research or consider referrals from friends/family. They can get an idea of which attorney would work best for their interests based on their legal fees, personality, experience in the industry, passion for client needs, and testimonials/reviews. Typically, criminal attorneys have an hourly fee structure, which can cost several thousand dollars after a case. However, some attorneys have flat fees/retainers and can adjust clients’ bills. Attorney Thomas Hogle connects his clients with services that provide financing for legal costs and attorney fees.

All initial consultations at Canyon State Law are free, and the attorney helps clients quickly determine what they should do with their pending criminal charges. The team is friendly, compassionate, and respectful of each client’s situation to offer extensive legal guidance, recommend solutions, and create personalized legal defenses. They represent individuals arrested and charged with DUI, domestic violence, assault/aggravated assault, indecent exposure, criminal trespass, theft, disorderly conduct, animal cruelty, harassment, drug crimes, and many more. Check out their website to learn more about Canyon State Law.

Individuals facing system-generated offenses such as failure to appear or probation violation can seek legal aid at the law firm, which has convenient locations throughout Arizona. Additionally, the team educates and empowers clients using well-researched and written articles. They have topics on how to deal with paraphernalia-related charges, bus accidents, criminal defense for ASU students, and many more.

Contact Canyon State Law for a free consultation by calling (480) 900-2220. The firm is at 1755 S Val Vista Dr Suite 205, Mesa, AZ, 85204, US.

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