Canada University Consulting: Application & Essay Prep For Top Schools Expanded

Since its initial launch in 2017, GrantMe has expanded beyond Vancouver to make high-quality university consultations and coaching available to students throughout Canada. Its program guides students through the application process, strengthening their writing and matching them to the funding they need.

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In the midst of rising prices and steep competition for highly ranked universities, parents and teachers are not always equipped to help students navigate the labyrinthine paperwork and assessments required to secure acceptance and funding, which is why GrantMe is making its network of consultants available to students countrywide.

Applications can be an overwhelming experience for students, whose days are already dominated by school, each taking upwards of seven hours of work on average. When taking into consideration the time spent on scholarship applications and student loans, which still leave the average Canadian university graduate with $26,000 dollars in debt, the process begins to look like a full-time job that doesn’t even pay.

GrantMe is organized towards the goal of relieving this pressure from students in grades 9-12, saving them time and money by guiding them through every aspect of applying to universities. The program also removes much of the uncertainty from the process by providing consistent feedback on applications, as well as a wealth of information on universities and scholarships. An overview of the program can be found here:

Through workshops and mentorship programs with current university students, GrantMe offers applicants all of the information that they need to find out which universities are the best fit for their interests. A team of editors is then available 24/7 to review and provide feedback on applications and essays, so students can be confident that they are submitting the strongest work possible.

GrantMe’s scholarship support also helps students to secure the best funding options available and graduate debt-free. With an average funding amount of nearly $12,000 per student, these programs have brought value to students throughout Canada. Testimonials from parents and students can be found at &

A spokesperson for GrantMe shared on the obstacles facing students today, saying that “a confusing system, unclear guidelines, and a lack of clear information are constraining the potential of ambitious students who want to make an impact. We want to help students apply to top schools & major awards with more conviction than ever.”

Interested parties can also hear from Jillian, a student who got accepted to university & received $22,000 in scholarships on YouTube

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