Canada University Admission Help For STEM Students: Mentorship Service Launched

The experienced application management firm is now offering a full career counselling and admission advice service in order to help their participating students double their acceptance odds. With Canadian universities becoming more competitive and internationally in-demand every year, GrantMe believes that most local and international students need a leg-up in order to secure a place at their dream school.

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The admission and education consultants have updated their services for the start of the New Year. With the 2022 admission season reflecting the most competitive year for Canadian schools in history, GrantMe knows that the seniors of 2022/23 are likely feeling more stressed than ever about their university applications, as are the current crop of high school sophomores and juniors.

What has become clear in Canada, like in the neighboring United States, is that today’s high schoolers must have both a flawless Grade Point Average (GPA), a comprehensive resume of extra-curricular and charitable activities and an outstanding application essay; one which reflects their unique character and what they will bring to their dream school.

GrantMe can help students with all facets of their application, and can help them apply to some of the country’s most reputable schools in some of the most in-demand cities, like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

The admission mentors can also help students create a clear road map and plan that will allow them to achieve their academic goals in their final year or years of high school. By doing so, they believe they can both help their students get into their dream school and reduce the stress and anxiety that surrounds the application process.

GrantMe has a comprehensive wealth of information for students and parents on their website and they have also launched a new series of educational advice videos on their YouTube channel.

A spokesperson for the university prep and support agency said, “We have helped over 20,000 students get into their dream schools. We do this by offering monthly webinars, essay editing help and templates, as well as networking opportunities through our partnerships with various universities. We’ve been featured countless times all over Canadian and global media, and our founder Madison Guy was included in Forbes 30 Under 30.”

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