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Their new Student Success System is designed to both improve a student’s admission odds and to help them save a considerable amount of time when it comes to preparing and lodging their application. As a dedicated application management and education consulting firm, GrantMe is confident that they can help Canadian school-leavers put their best foot forward in their university applications.

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The launch of their new comprehensive admission planning and execution service coincides with the New Year. With the school year half complete, GrantMe believes that one resolution high school sophomores, juniors and seniors should all be making is to begin thinking about their future plans and how they will get into the university of their dreams.

What GrantMe understands is that university admissions are increasingly competitive across Canada, with some universities having acceptance rates as low as 13%. They also understand that while having a high GPA–in some cases 3.9 or higher–is essential, for many schools it is no longer enough. As they explain, many Canadian schools now judge applicants as a whole candidate on the basis of what they can offer to the school.

GrantMe knows that, from the outside, these facts are stress and anxiety-inducing, which is why they mentor students from the first session. They are committed to providing personalized career counselling and mentoring rather than just basic application help and will assist students with all facets of the process, including the all-important application essay.

This ensures that their students both increase their chances of acceptance and enjoy a stress and hassle-free process. GrantMe believes that with their new Student Success System, they will also halve the application time for their students.

GrantMe is based in Vancouver but they work with students all across the country and have connections at Canada’s most sought-after universities.

A spokesperson for the experienced admissions agency said, “Whether you want to be an astronaut, doctor, entrepreneur or TikTok Star–our Student Success System helps you decide, then helps you get there. You’ll know exactly what you need to do 1 week, 1 month, or 5 years down the road to succeed with your goals. We ensure you find the perfect university program, and get you accepted.”

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